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Mohammad CV

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Mohammad CV

  1. 1. Name: Mohammad Osama Mansour Mail: mohammadmansour92@hotmail.com Address:Amman – Jordan Gender: Male Nationality: Jordanian Mobile: +(962)796797311 Objectives Looking for a job that has the ability for creativity so I can do the best and express my ideas easily. Also to acquire knowledge and experience as much as I give. Finally, to achieve my company's objectives. Education  2015 - Advanced Accounting Systems courseset by International College in London. (Certified) - Trained in Talal Abu Ghazaleh University , JCPA course. (Certified)  2014 - Graduated from Amman Al Ahliya University, Bachelors in Accounting GPA : Good. - English coursein Pioneers Academy( Certified)  2010 - High SchoolAl Nommow Al Tarbawi School, IT.
  2. 2. Experience  2015-2016 June – January -Trained in Kittaneh Office (Tax Consulting Office).  2014-2015 May – May - Worked at Al Said Agency in Public Affairs. - Languages: -Arabic (fluent) -English ( Intermediate) Skills: - Communication skills. -Good team worker. References Available upon request. -IT and computer skills: Microsoft Office. -Able to work under pressure.