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c.v english

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c.v english

  1. 1. MOHAMMED I. AL-ODHAIBIRiyadh, 15th of Aug, 1974. GROWTH PATH EDUCATION Jan 2014 - Present Manager of Projects Management ORAK International Construction Company, Riyadh Steered multiple projects, reviewed designs/ drawings, prepared time, evaluated the same against actual costs to check variations. Verified adherence of construction work, structural works to project plan, reported progress to senior management. Coordinated closely with construction contractors/ sub-contractors to ensure quality and conformity with plans, client specifications and timely handover of villas to the utmost satisfaction of the client. Controlling project life-cycle, applying high-end project management concepts like CPM, material and human resource management to efficiently plan/organize site facilities and meet deadlines. Major Projects to Credit: Two towers for a hotel under construction in Al-Kharj. 128 Villas in Al-Kharj 51 Villas in Riyadh . Jun 2007 - Dec 2013 Specialist Transport Engineer Energy Sales Management,SCECO CO, Riyadh Provide commercial operation of electric power statistics, monetary adjustments to sales and purchases of electricity flowing inside and outside the network, and information management imbalance in these adjustments. Save weather and macroeconomic census database and data loads and electric power to the grid network and advanced network base, and sales of electric power to various consumer categories in addition to the curves loads and electric power. Establish work with agencies and regional and global power relations, so as to obtain information on the performance and efficiency of electric power and indicators of global economic indicators, and the prices and you know the global electric power. Apr 2002 - Dec 2007 Transport Engineer "B" Engineering Project Management,SCECO CO, Riyadh Supervision of civil projects and electrical projects. General supervision of the teams at the sites to make sure the workflow as required. Adoption of materials and samples submitted by the contractors / suppliers. Review and audit extracts executed projects. Apr 2001 - Apr 2002 Transport Engineer "C" Quality Department, SCECO CO, Riyadh 2001 BSc of Surveying Engineering King Saud University m.i.od@hotmail.com +966 - 50528- 6888 OBJECTIVE Over 15 years of experience working within the supervision of buildings at ORAK and SCECO CO I'm Still Seeking a position as project manager with leadership responsibilities. I would like to take advantage of every opportunity to develop my skills in order to be an effective team leader and a valuable community member. SKILLS Construction Projects Management. Innovative Thinking. Time Management. Project Planning ,Scheduling Cost Control. Change Leadership. Business Focus. Self-management and Time Management. Improve the Quality " Techniques and Tools of Continuous Improvement." Effective Communication Skills. QUALIFICATIONS " NPL"Neuro Linguistic Programming. IT Skills. Fluent both in Arabic and English.