28 May 2023
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11th Board of Studies Presentation -   R.D.Sivakumar11th Board of Studies Presentation -   R.D.Sivakumar
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Chartered presentation by Austin Witney and Alex GarrardChartered presentation by Austin Witney and Alex Garrard
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Tracking and Assessing Vocational QualificationsTracking and Assessing Vocational Qualifications
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Pathways to become a Chartered Project ProfessionalPathways to become a Chartered Project Professional
Pathways to become a Chartered Project ProfessionalAssociation for Project Management
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International Medical university Almaty  International Medical university Almaty
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  1. As you can see, there are multiple pathways to joining PwC. We have our School and College Leaver programmes across our lines of services. Our Flying Start Degree apprenticeships, are in Accountancy, Technology and most recently, we introduced Business Management and we also have our internships and business placements for those looking for opportunities while studying at university. Whatever you decide is the best pathway for you, all of these opportunities will provide you with valuable work experience, a salary, learning and development to help lead a successful career with progression right to the top.
  2. Talk through the recruitment process in high level - note that number 1 is for Flying Start only Insight week is only 2&3 SCL 2-6 FS/TDA 1-6 1min Talk through the recruitment process - note that number 1 is for Flying Start only
  3. 2 mins Through the application process we described on the last slide, we will be looking for your skills in a number of areas which we call The PwC Professional. This is how all new joiners and experienced staff get reviewed every year so this is very important to be able to highlight in the application process. It’s playing a significant role in changing the way our people think, learn and develop together during their time with us. It describes the capabilities we need - who we need to be and the behaviours we need to adopt - in order to meet the expectations of our clients, colleagues and communities in today’s changing global marketplace. As PwC professionals, it is important that we influence others constructively within and beyond the workplace, by demonstrating different forms of leadership at various stages of our careers. Within the PwC Professional framework, there are five attributes: Whole leadership, the ability to lead, to make a difference and deliver results The ability to build genuine, trust-based relationships; Business acumen, the ability to bring business knowledge and awareness Technical capabilities, which create value for clients and PwC Global acumen, transcending boundaries of geography, politics, race and culture Whole Leadership: The ability to lead yourself and others to make a difference and create a positive impact in a responsible, authentic, resilient, inclusive and passionate manner. Business Acumen: The ability to bring business knowledge, innovation and insight to create distinctive value for clients and PwC. Technical and Digital: The ability to apply a range of technical, digital and other professional capabilities to deliver quality and value. Global and Inclusive: The ability to operate and collaborate effectively with a mindset that transcends boundaries and embraces diverse perspectives. Relationships: The ability to build relationships of high value which is genuine and meaningful. The combination of these attributes helps our people bring their best self to work and to inspire their colleagues and clients to do the same. It also means that PwC people will be strongly and uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the future wherever their careers might lead them.
  4. Employability skills toolkit Back to Schools clips: Teacher Talent Network: Parent Talent Network: Employability Hub: