Aboutsip - intro to transactions and dialogs

Jonas Borjesson il y a 11 ans

Deep C

Olve Maudal il y a 12 ans

Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services (AES)

Motty Ben Atia il y a 9 ans

Monitoring and observability

Theo Schlossnagle il y a 10 ans


Reed Hastings il y a 14 ans

Using Wildcards with rsyslog's File Monitor imfile

Rainer Gerhards il y a 9 ans

The Open-Source Monitoring Landscape

Mike Merideth il y a 8 ans

Participate in SIPit

Olle E Johansson il y a 10 ans

Sipforum SIP & IPv6 discussion slides

Olle E Johansson il y a 10 ans

Conferencia 1-sinologic2012 voip2day

Andres Gorostidi Pulgar il y a 11 ans

WebRTC DataChannels demystified

Victor Pascual Ávila il y a 9 ans

Time to get serious about realtime communication

Olle E Johansson il y a 10 ans

WebRTC & Asterisk 11

Sanjay Willie il y a 10 ans

HTML5 WebSocket Introduction

Marcelo Jabali il y a 11 ans

Ss7 Introduction Li In

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Técnicas de CDN para la mitigación de ataques distribuídos

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