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  1. BBC Three documentaries pitch Molly Brown
  2. My aims My aims for my documentary is for my audience to understand that a music artist is more than music. They can set up their own community and connect with their fans with music, personal experiences, social media and when they are touring. I also want people to realise that their music can be personal to them which can make some of their fans relate to the lyrics because they have either been going through the same situation or they could have been in that situation but have now healed and moved from it.
  3. My idea The type of documentary I want to produce is about a music artist that produces music that connects his fans with him, and how his fans can relate to lyrics and situation spoken in his music. I am also going to talk about how he connects with his fans through social media, messages, his community he has built and concerts. I want to create a documentary based on what he has built, made people feel confident and express themselves in a positive way and also in an individual way. I also want to talk about his personal experience that has made him become the person he is today, where he came from and the life he is currently living. The type of content I want to produce into this documentary is clips I have taken at his concert, information about him as a person, type of music he created which is genres and lyrically. I want to include some of the collaborations I like from him whether he is a feature on the song or he featured them. I want to include pictures based on what he has raised awareness of throughout the years, what he has personally gone through and sharing the support and situation that has come from that. I want my audience to understand from this documentary that even though he makes music, and it is a big part of his life and him, he has so much more to him than just music. I want people to realise how much he cares for his fans and people around the world. I want people to realise that he is not just Yungblud his own built community is Yungblud as people need him and he needs us.
  4. How my idea fits the requirements Even though I am going to be focusing on music and one artist I am also going to talk about how social media has an effect on music. I am going to talk about how he can connect with his fans through social media, and how this has helped build him a community as he can inform his fans on new music, tours, events and what he wants to post. This fits with the requirements as I am talking about music being a culture, but I am going into more depth about one artist and the genre their music goes under. As social media and the internet has changed music as people are streaming more than buying CD's and Vinyl's I am going to talk about the success he has gotten from platforms such as Spotify. I am going to talk about how this music genre is different compared to others which means that clothing and how people present themselves is part of this music genre and it is a culture. I am also going to mention how young people in the age bracket (16-24) listens to this genre of music and how it would have impacted on their life in different ways. Also, Yungblud becoming an artist that people found out about in 2019 (as this is when his debut album came out) would have made the younger generation more aware of his music and the type of genre he does and what relates to the genre he does.
  5. Research The way I am going to collect my research is by using information I already know about Yungblud and if I need anything else I am going to use different platforms to get information and I am going to link them. I know that I might not be able to use all of most of the content such as interviews because of copyright but I can mention some information he has said. Also linking the different content would mean that I have mentioned them in my documentary which means that it's unlikely I'll get copyright. I am also going to use some of my focus group answers as some of the questions are related to music, and I can use this information to see how the people in my focus group thinks of this type of music and what type of music they listen too. I am going to make this a "voice of god" and add relevant information on screen that relates to what my focus group is saying. I am going to use some clips I have gotten when I went to his concert. This is going to be some of the things he has said during the show in-between songs. This is because the information is important and can be awareness of certain situations. I am also going to include some clips that is not related to music or the topics he talks about during his concert, as I also want this documentary to be entertaining, factual, informative and pop punk. This means that I would have included my own content of Yungblud and it would be less likely to get copyrighted as I filmed the clips, and they would be unique compared to other fans clips and professional clips Yungblud crew would have been getting.
  6. Subject area While I was researching the subject area, I found out there is a lot of different cultures and 'culture' can mean anything you want it to mean. I also found out that there is different cultures from all around the world. We can see these cultures in the place we live such as food restaurant's, sports, shops and many other ways. The part of culture I am going to focus on is "music" this is because different genres of music have different culture. As this is the case this means that people express themselves differently from different music genres, and this makes them all differently. I am going to show this through the artist I have picked, whether this is music, clothing, lyrics and fan base.
  7. My schedule Monday - Getting information for my documentary Tuesday – (first part of the lesson) Getting information for my documentary (second part of the lesson) - Blogger Wednesday – starting the creative process of my documentary Friday – creative process and blogger
  8. Client research The BBC The BBC was founded in 1922 on the 18th October, by John Reith. They provide different entertainment such as TV shows and radio. They have 35 BBC channels which are available in 215 countries. All of these channels and radios provide different genres of entertainment. You can get all of the TV shows and series on BBC I player, and you can get all the different radio stations and podcasts on their BBC Sounds app. BBC Three Their schedule is 7am and finishes at 4pm. Their target audience is primarily younger because of the times. They used to be a streaming service until recently. They provide a lot of educational entertainment, and this could be because of their time schedule and their audience. They also provide entertainment shows, which is similar to the other BBC channels.
  9. Client research Northern voices Established in 2011 Northern voices is developing an "excellent reputation for quality performances and wonderfully varied programmed". They are made up of 45 singers with musical directors. They are working with the BBC and BBC Three, they are going to pick 10 different talented writers who will go to different 12 months of development programs. These 10 people will learn how to develop their writing skills and get into writing for the broadcast. They will do this by participating in different workshops.
  10. Researching into target audience My audience is aged 16–24-year- old, using my google forms meant that I could find out if my audience liked documentaries or not. I also found out more information about my audience, what their hobbies are, have they watched a documentary. This information helped me to construct an audience profile.
  11. Researching into my audience about music I have made a google forms about music. This is because I want to know what type of music my audience listen too, who they listen too and if they would watch a music documentary. This would help me understand if my audience would be interested in my documentary. From the results my audience listens to punk and rock which means they would be interested in my documentary.