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  1. Documentary I have watched Pain, passion and love
  2. Machine gun Kelly Life in pink → The storyline of the documentary is about Machine Gun Kelly and his life throughout the years. The slogan of the documentary is "pain, passion and love", get a look into the mind of Machine Gun Kelly". This documentary includes one-on-one interviews with his daughter Casie Barker, his band members such as Rook who is his drummer, Slim who is his best friend, and producer and director, Travis Barker and many others. There is appearances from music artists he has collaborated with such as iann dior, Halsey, Trippie Redd and Mod Sun. Travis, Casie and Slim talks about him from different perspective and who they are too him, they talk about some of the issues he has gone through such as
  3. Passion = music On March 25th, 2022 "Mainstream sellout" was released. He explains that he wanted to create this album to show what happened after Tickets to my downfall. He wanted this album to go to number 1 to prove that Tickets to my downfall was not luck. He proved this and even though it is a great achievement, him being obsessive to be number 1 again took a toal on his relationships. On April 9th, 2022, Mainstream sellout hits number 1 on Billboard 200, his second September 25th, 2020, Machine Gun Kelly released his first pop punk album "Tickets to my downfall". He wrote this album with Travis Barker and has features from iann dior, Trippie Redd, Halsey and Blackbear. People did not see him coming with this album as he has come from a rap background. On 4th October 2020 Tickets to my downfall hits number 1 on Billboard 100, his first ever number 1 album. Hotel Diablo is Machine Gun Kelly's first album to hit 1 billion streams. The media still chose to right me off". He released Hotel Diablo July 5th, 2019.
  4. Pain = lose and hate → Machine gun Kelly goes into the massive amount of hatred he gets online. He talks about the past and how that has affected his life, and he also talks about the loss of his father → He explains the struggles of family life and how he did not have a good relationship with his mam and his dad, and as he was reconnecting with his dad it was almost too late and he says, "I'm so sorry for how we lived this life together, and like we'll do it better on the next one". His father passed away 5th July 2020. → The type of hatred he gets ranges from his experience, genres he is going into, the success he is making as people never saw it coming and more. He gets a lot of hate that is so overpowering from the love his gets from his fans.
  5. Love = Relationships → Throughout this documentary Machine gun Kelly talks about being a father, a husband to be, a friend and a music artist. He talks about his father passing and how that made him spiral and almost ended his own life. He talks about how Megan Fox has been there for him. He talks about how much he loves his daughter Casie and how he wants to protect her. He also talks about how Megan and Casie are their for him during hard times.
  6. Outside of music = movies → Apart from music Machine gun Kelly also known as Colson Baker in the acting industry. He has stared in a lot of movies in his career, and he has also directed and produced his own movie "good mourning" with friend and artist Mod sun. → In the movie "Taurus" he has his own music featured and it tells a story that is similar in its own way to his own life. → Downfalls high is a movie that he created and includes
  7. Interviews Here are some screenshots from the documentary. These are either one on one interviews and they talk about the different situations they are in on the timeline of this documentary. The also talk about their relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and how different situations did not only affect him but they also affected them. These people are his friends that work with him with music, his daughter and collaborations with other artists.
  8. Code and conventions → "Different camera angles" had also been included and different type of shots, setting and type of information. → They have used "insert" where they have gotten clips throughout the two years of filming the documentary, they have gotten clips from his previous tours, studio moments with different artists that he has collaborated with throughout the years. They also added some clips from when he was starting music. → The documentary also included factual information, and these were presented with information the public and his fans would have known, or information that was kept private, and he has used his documentary to share this information about his life. "We kept the cameras rolling". → As this documentary is about a music artists there was background music of his that has been released. This fitted really well with the documentary as it is about him, and when they were going back through the past two years, they included songs that were produced then. Such as in 2019 he released "Hotel Diablo" and they were playing music from that era, and they continued that through 2020 with "Tickets to my downfall" and 2022 with his latest album "Mainstream sellout". → The documentary included a lot of "Synchronous sound", and this was when they were also going through different years of either creating music, places he was going too and when he was talking about different moments of his life that affected him and his fans and followers might not have known about.