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Dublin hot spots

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Dublin hot spots

  1. 1. Welcome to Dublin, OH The first place I would like to show you is the Dublin Visitor Center. Here you will find all the informationEvery June, Dublin holds a Frog you need for your journey Jumping Contest . through Dublin.
  2. 2. Dublin was founded in 1810, just 7 yearsafter Ohio became a state. Founded byJohn Sells when he purchased 400 acreson the Scioto River, Dublin soondeveloped into a fast growingcommunity.
  3. 3. Dublin Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan LibraryThis is the best place toget all your movies,books and CDs! Youcan also place morethan one book onreserve at a time.The Dublin branch wasvoted #1 branch for theamount of books itchecked out each year.
  4. 4. The Dublin City Schools arevery popular in CentralOhio. There are 19 schoolscurrently in operationserving approximately14,400 student s in the Fall.
  5. 5. Soccer is one of the mainsports in Dublin, OH. Tosign up, kids from age 5-12can just walk right in to theoffice and complete anapplication. Soccer isplayed in the Fall andSpring.
  6. 6. Some fun free time activities could include going to the Mall at Tuttle Crossing,visiting Ballantrae Park or relaxing at one of the two city pools.
  7. 7. Here at Sports Ohio and The Chiller you can play avariety of sports including: tennis, hockey, soccerboth indoor and outdoor, football, golf, go-karts,ice skating, and lacrosse.
  8. 8. A stop at the CommunityRecreation Center can be veryenjoyable.Right next to the DCRC, you canfind the Municipal Buildingwhere different city offices andmonthly City Council meetingsare held.
  9. 9. I hope you enjoyed thisbrief tour of Dublin, OH Where thegrass is always Greener! Photos taken by James D. Holman