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English 2 - Module 7 lesson 3

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module 7 lesson 3

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English 2 - Module 7 lesson 3

  1. 1. Module 7 Linking problems with solutions The first paragraph – the problem paragraph – explains the problem. The topic sentence of the second paragraph – the solution paragraph – introduces your solution or solutions. Information taken from: Academic Writing Paragraph to Essay
  2. 2. The supporting sentences of the second paragraph show how your solution(s) will solve the problem. Use these phrases: • In order to solve these problems, … • To meet this need, … • One answer is … • A second / third / final answer is … • In order to over come these problems, … • One solution is … • One thing we can do is …
  3. 3. Activity Identify the linking phrases in this paragraph
  4. 4. One solution to the problem of deforestation is to use less paper. If you use less paper, fewer trees will be cut for paper making. How can you use less paper? One answer is to reduce your paper use by using both sides of the paper when you photocopy, write a letter, or write a paper for school. A second answer is to reuse old paper when you can, rather than using a new sheet of paper. The backs of old envelopes are perfect for shopping lists or phone messages, and when you write a rough draft of an essay, write it on the back of something else. A final answer is to recycle used paper products instead of throwing them away. Most schools, offices, and neighborhoods have some kind of recycling center. If you follow the tree Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle – you can help save the world’s forests.
  5. 5. Answers The linking phrases in the paragraph are: • One solution to the problem of deforestation is to • One answer is to • A second answer is to • A final answer is to