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MOUG17: DBA 2.0 is Dead; Long Live DBA 3.0 (How to Prepare!)

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Midwest Oracle Users Group Training Day 2017 Presentation by Jim Czuprynski, Oracle Ace Director, ViON

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MOUG17: DBA 2.0 is Dead; Long Live DBA 3.0 (How to Prepare!)

  1. 1. DBA 2.0 Is Dead. Long Live DBA 3.0! Jim Czuprynski ViON Corporation October 24, 2017
  2. 2. My Credentials • 35+ years of database-centric IT experience • Oracle DBA since 2001 • Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c OCP • Oracle ACE Director • 100+ articles on databasejournal.com and IOUG SELECT • Co-author of 2+ Oracle books (new book: Fall 2017) • Oracle-centric blog (Generally, It Depends) • Regular speaker at Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG COLLABORATE, Hotsos Symposium, and Regional OUGs
  3. 3. Our Agenda: Five Key Trends for 2017 Ø Cloud: Caveat Nuba Emptor Ø Predictive Analytics: So If You See My Downeaster, Alexa Ø Security: 2017 - Year of the Levee (Lest Darkness Fall) Ø Data vs. Belief: Will Booleanists Trump Post-Truthiness? Ø Career Forecast: Outsourcing, Meet Insourcing
  4. 4. #1: Oracle Cloud Is Here. Get Used To It. Oracle came to the Cloud late … but never forget: “What counts is getting there best, not getting there first.” Oracle Cloud implementations grew by 82% in FY 2016 • Cloud is part of an inevitable, unstoppable shift from CAPEX to OPEX • This time around, business units - not IT - are driving the change • Who holds the PKI keys to securing your data kingdom? • Don’t neglect the cost of paying for data upload vs. paying only on download Oracle Cloud has definitely arrived and will likely become a consummate player in the Cloud marketspace
  5. 5. Know Your Cloud Provider (Or It Might Just Know You) Credit: Ray Wang, Constellation Research, ©2016 Some missing logos:
  6. 6. Future of DBAs : Fury Road, or Tomorrowland? Does Cloud Imply Dystopia? • Agile development means business units will pick the best database for the job • DBAs will no longer be necessary – pick your DB, click a few times, and voila! A new DevOps environment! … or Utopia? • At last, DBAs will be free to do what we’re supposed to be doing: helping to build better applications and systems • Application code is not getting any better (more on this later)
  7. 7. #2: Big Data, IoT, and Analytics Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Analytics have arrived for real … and human civilization is already impacted tremendously Some amazing statistics to consider: • Big Data: 4.4 ZettaBytes in 2013, 44 ZettaBytes by 2020 • IoT: 25 billion devices in 2015, 50 billion by 2020 • Analytics: Data is useless without interpretation and context • External tables for JSON (12.1) and HIVE (12.2) • CREATE ANALYTIC VIEW in 12.2 for fast DW/DSS schema creation • If you’ve got the robotics, you’ve got the venture capital! • 1970s: Machinery automation • 1990s: Factory automation • 2010s: Human automation (AI / Robotics)
  8. 8. WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! If you have an Amazon Echo or any other type of home AI that is currently active right now, please TURN DOWN THE VOLUME while listening to the next part of this presentation.
  9. 9. “Alexa Ordered Me a Dollhouse.” Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showing promise at long last … • 1997: IBM Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov • 2011: IBM Watson wins $1M on Jeopardy! • 2016: Google AI beats Go master Lee Sedol … but practical AI is still in its infancy, so - like any infant - there will be teething pain. News anchor sets off Alexa devices around San Diego ordering unwanted dollhouses - CW6 San Diego, January 5, 2017 [D]uring CW6 in the morning … Jim Patton and Lynda Martin were talking about a child who accidentally bought a dollhouse and four pounds of cookies. “I love the little girl, saying ‘Alexa ordered me a dollhouse,’” said Patton. As soon as Patton said that, viewers all over San Diego started complaining their [Amazon Echo] devices had tried to order doll houses.
  10. 10. #3: Security: Finally At the Forefront Application and Database Security has at last come to the fore … and perhaps just in time 2016 was the Year of the Breach ... • Ransomware attacks on the rise, especially against health care providers • Even Cloud computing providers were hacked (Sage in U.K.) • DDOS attacks spawned from IoT devices (baby monitors!?!) … so 2017 must become the Year of the Levee • Security must become a forethought instead of an afterthought • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is both wonderful … and frightening! • Almost every successful breach results from a lack of imagination • IoT devices must be made secure before our home’s intelligent smoke detectors that can talk to our home’s intelligent windows
  11. 11. No More Into the Breach! Application and Database Security has at last come to the fore … and perhaps just in time Why not just encrypt everything ... then make it public? • With Oracle 12cR2 there’s no need to take tablespaces offline to encrypt data anymore! • Improved redaction policies and deployment • Application Containers in Multitenant DBAs have always been at the forefront of data security • Provide honest risk assessment of not securing data • “Software in silicon” makes securing data intra-CPU simpler than ever • Exadata handles decryption of data within storage cells, thus improving query performance dramatically
  12. 12. #4: Data Has Replaced “Gut Instinct” Like it or not, “Well, that’s just common sense!” is finally being replaced by “Please show me your data.” Predictive Analytics are already driving social change in real time • Air Travel: Predicting flight delays due to maintenance via real-time IoT data • Transportation: Uber’s surge pricing strategies • Education: Ensuring college students nearing crisis points don’t drop out • Gaming: Casinos monitor EMGs to offer incentives to exhausted gamblers
  13. 13. The Signal and the Noise Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know. - Montaigne Recent data trends with profound impact: • Brookings Institution: 472 counties (15%) that voted Democratic in 2016 presidential election were responsible for 64% of US GDP • NASA: 2014 – 2016 climate science data shows hottest years on record • EPI: American manufacturing output is at near-record high, but employing one- third fewer workers than in 1984 Are we in a “post-truth” era? • 2009 vs. 2017 presidential inauguration attendance • Debate on accuracy of unemployment rates • Flat-Earther rapper B.o.B vs. astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson
  14. 14. #5: Outsourcing, Shifting to Insourcing 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 Database Complexity vs. Candidate Sufficiency Complexity Sufficiency 8i 10g 9i 12c 11g < 18% of Engineers Employable for Software Engineering Jobs - 2016 Engineers National Employability Report, Aspiring Minds Suitability ratings (employability) for various IT jobs: • Software Engineer – IT Services: 17.91% • Startup Ready – IT Services: 3.84% • Software Engineer – IT Product: 3.67% < 25% of Graduates Have Adequate Verbal English Skills - 2016 National Spoken English Skills (SES) Report, Aspiring Minds Of the 600,000 engineers that graduate annually, only 2.9% of candidates have spoken English skills (SES) for high-end jobs in corporate sales / business consulting. … Around 75% of the engineers do not have SES required for any job in knowledge economy. These estimates are anecdotal based on personal observation, interviews, and discussions with +2000 Oracle DBA students between 2005-2015 ... … but relatively recent data has shown there are horrific skills gaps among resources from some of the most popular offshoring destinations.
  15. 15. Mounting Pressure Against H-1B Visa Abuse The political and social backlash against outsourcing high-technology jobs in recent years may indicate a trend towards insourcing instead. Pink Slips at Disney. But First, Training Foreign Replacements. - New York Times, June 3, 2015 “I just couldn’t believe they could fly people in to sit at our desks and take over our jobs exactly,” said one former worker, an American in his 40s who remains unemployed since his last day at Disney on Jan. 30. “It was so humiliating to train somebody else to take over your job. I still can’t grasp it.” Laid-Off Americans, Required to Zip Lips on Way Out, Grow Bolder - New York Times, June 11, 2016 American corporations are under new scrutiny from federal lawmakers after well-publicized episodes in which the companies laid off American workers and gave the jobs to foreigners on temporary visas. … American workers who lost jobs to global outsourcing companies have been largely silent. Until recently. Now some of the workers who were displaced are starting to speak out, despite severance agreements prohibiting them from criticizing their former employers. Infosys, Tata Hit by U.S. Proposal to Restrict Skilled Visas - Bloomberg, January 6, 2017 [HR170] … is designed to address a loophole that lets employers replace U.S. workers with skilled foreign workers on temporary H-1B visas. While the current rules require heavy users of the H-1B program to attest that U.S. workers won’t be displaced by H-1B workers, unless the H-1B workers have a master’s degree or are being paid at least $60,000, the newly proposed bill would raise the salary threshold to $100,000, and eliminate the master’s degree exception. Indian Technology Workers Worry About a Job Threat: Technology NYT, June 25, 2017 Pune, India - Last month, Sudhakar Choudari took the company bus … to the suburban offices of Tech Mahindra. … Then a manager took him into a conference room and asked him to resign. “It was a terrible scene for me,” said Mr. Choudari, 41, who had been with the company for 11 years and most recently maintained software for a British client. … “I have an 11-year-old-child. My wife is not working. How to pay the home loans?” IT worker who trained H-1B-holding replacement aims for Congress NYT, May 19, 2017 Craig Diangelo was an IT worker at Northeast Utilities in Connecticut until he completed training his H-1B-visa-holding replacement. He was one of about 200 who lost their jobs in 2014 after two India-based IT offshore outsourcing firms took over their work at what is now called Eversource. … Now, Diangelo is running for Congress. offering up a first-hand perspective on IT outsourcing that resonates with many other workers in his state.
  16. 16. Summary: Disrupt, or Be Disrupted. Ø Oracle Cloud: Let’s get there best, not first. Ø Big Data + IoT + Analytics: Here, & doing humanity good. Ø Security: Must be forethought rather than afterthought. Ø Data vs. Gut Instinct: Trust your data, not common sense. Ø Outsourcing: It’s coming to an end as we’ve known it.
  17. 17. Thank You For Your Kind Attention! If you have any technical questions, feel free to: ØE-mail me at jczuprynski@vion.com ØFollow my blog (Generally, It Depends): http://jimczuprynski.wordpress.com ØFollow me on Twitter (@JimTheWhyGuy) ØConnect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jczuprynski