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Don't Rage Against the Machine

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This is a story about how machine learning and AI are transforming the localization industry.

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Don't Rage Against the Machine

  1. 1. Don’t Rage Against the Machine Technology is revolutionizing localization – and it’s good https://www.rws.com/moravia
  2. 2. This is a story about how machine learning and AI are transforming the localization industry.
  3. 3. But it’s also a story about why these technologies alone are not the whole answer. And how there’s a model that’s far more powerful.
  4. 4. Humans Machinesvs.
  5. 5. is often presented as the big debate – a debate where humans always seem to come off worse. Humans Machinesvs.
  6. 6. Emotional Error-prone Slow Need coffee breaks Logical Accurate Super-fast Always on Humans Machines
  7. 7. That’s unfair to us.
  8. 8. In many areas, humans have some major advantages over machines.
  9. 9. We’re ambitious. We want to succeed. We care. We have talent and domain expertise.
  10. 10. And we get things that machines (at least for the foreseeable future) can’t get their motherboards around.
  11. 11. Things like: Nuance Empathy Context Cultural complexity Idiomatic language Colloquialisms
  12. 12. All pretty important for many localization tasks.
  13. 13. Humans have strengths and weaknesses.
  14. 14. Humans have strengths and weaknesses. Machines do too.
  15. 15. That’s why, really, it isn’t a battle between humans and machines at all. The best solutions to complex localization challenges are those that combine the best of human and artificial intelligence.
  16. 16. Artificial intelligence (think natural language processing and adaptive machine learning) means machines are starting to translate some kinds of content at lightning speeds, with total consistency, for much less than a team of human translators.
  17. 17. (And the more data we give them, the quicker and more accurate they get.)
  18. 18. That’s incredibly powerful.
  19. 19. But humans plus machines are almost always better than machines on their own.
  20. 20. Think chess: when Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov in 1997 that was big news.
  21. 21. But today, we know that the best ‘chess player’ is a human and a machine working together. (Some call them ‘centaurs’, after the mythical hybrid beast-men.)
  22. 22. Right now, the localization industry is having its Deep Blue moment. The best localization system is also a centaur – a combination of the best of human and artificial intelligence, in a setup that’s optimized for achieving business goals.
  23. 23. So, we automate wherever possible using machines for super-efficiency…
  24. 24. … while humans take care of the nuance and the context of global content.
  25. 25. Yes, machines are on the way (actually, they’ve already arrived). But the big news is this:
  26. 26. The best approach to the large, high-volume, complex, real-time challenges of global content is an intelligent blend of the best people and the best technology.
  27. 27. Combined, machines and humans can optimize for whatever you need: speed, efficiency, quality, consistency or the perfect mix of all of these.
  28. 28. A human that gets checked by a machine The idea is to design a strategy that lets you choose the best path for each stream of content… A machine acting on its own A human A machine reviewed by a human
  29. 29. Different paths for different kinds of content. In one strategy that optimizes for results.
  30. 30. That’s how we maximize the impact and value of global content programs and multiply the value of global localization campaigns. And it’s only possible when humans and machines work together in harmony.
  31. 31. The centaurs are here. And they’re awesome.
  32. 32. We help hundreds of global companies engineer bespoke language processes that make sure every piece of content works hard for their business, every time, everywhere. Let us do the same for you. Talk to us. Follow us We are RWS Moravia, your partner for global marketing content and performance operations.