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Optimization From Within - Conversion Conference 2016

Think of your biggest goal in life – the one that you would give up everything to pursue. Maybe it’s something you want to achieve in your organization, or perhaps it’s a bigger life goal. Either way, achieving it could be life-changing. So why aren’t you doing it?

Excuses are what stand in the way of most people pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals. But excuses are just stories that we invent about people and circumstances to defend our behavior, avoid doing something, or just get out of thinking big. What if you could learn how to rewrite these stories so that you can overcome personal barriers – and the corporate blocks – that are holding you back? Don’t miss this inspiring keynote in which Mona Patel, CEO & Founder of Motivate Design, and author of the bestselling book “Reframe: Shift The Way You Work, Innovate and Think” will walk you through a process that any person or organization can use to unlock creative potential and get unstuck.

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