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Twitter library talk

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Twitter library talk

  1. 1. #Connect Ideas The basic information and tips to show you the world of ideas on Twitter and show the world your ideas.Presented by Bryan Boettcher (@boettchersketch on Twitter.com)
  2. 2. Posting or "Tweeting"What might you tweet about?1. What do you want to say?2. Who is your audience?3. Is there a hashtag you could add to reach a wider audience?Example:
  3. 3. RetweetingYou can retweet someone elses tweet to yourfollowers by clicking the arrow cirlce under anytweet.Retweeting is a great way to show yourfollowers what are your interests.When I post it reaches 30+ followers.When someone "retweets" my post it will alsoreach all of their followers.
  4. 4. SearchHashtags: #The # symbol, called a hashtag, isused to mark keywords or topics ina Tweet. It was created organicallyby Twitter users as a way tocategorize messages -Twitter Help CenterLists and directories:● tagdef.com● hashtag.org● whatthetrend.com
  5. 5. Twitter Extras● Tweetdeck (web, Android, iOS/iPhone)● Twitteriffic (iOS/iPhone only)● HootSuite (all)● Selective Twitter on Facebook● There is always more (if interested)