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  2. 2. 1-She was not happy with the school, _____ she decided to move her children to another one. A- so B- that C- because D- yet
  3. 3. 2-Mohammed Salah is ______ football player in his team. A- the best B- better C- better than D- the most
  4. 4. 3- _____ she went to bed, Mariam said good night to her children. A- Before B- After C- Because D- Therefore
  5. 5. 4- _____ can I do to help? A- How B- What C- Why D- Where
  6. 6. 5- I opened the garage and noticed that someone _____ my car. A- will steal B- had stolen C- stole D- is stealing
  7. 7. 6- Your house is much bigger than _____ A- our B- mine C- my D- their
  8. 8. 7- How was your trip? Did you have ____ good time? A- that B- those C- a D- an
  9. 9. 7- There are so many teachers online. It’s easy ____ find one. A- will B- that C- to D- for
  10. 10. 8-I do not want to go to the movies _____ I hate the smell of popcorn. A- whenever B- because C- so that D- although
  11. 11. 9- ____ your father wake you up this morning? A- Is B- did C- Was D- Has
  12. 12. 10- Fatima is not as old ___ her cousin. 1- enough B- as C- more D- than
  13. 13. 11- When I fell right on my head, I was _______ unconscious and I then I felt ok. A- temporarily B- such C- permanently D- usually
  14. 14. 12- My sister knows how to drive, but she is still not old ____ to get a license. A- so B- more C- enough D- too much
  15. 15. 13-The wall was covered with Barcelone flags, whoever owned the room was a big fan of _____ A- their B- they C- there D- theirs
  16. 16. 14-She wondered where _____ left her phone, and then remembered that she had given it to her sister. A- she was having B- have she C- she had D- she was
  17. 17. 15- The doctor gave me some medicine, but I do not know how often I am _______ to take it. A- supposed B- supposing C- suppose D- on purpose
  18. 18. 16- I want to study the same subject in college _____ my brother did. A- what B- as C- to what D- whether
  19. 19. 17- Too much work _____ cause stress and heart problems. A- can B- sure C- probably D- maybe
  20. 20. 18- My grandmother’s house always seems _____ nothing has changed. A- which B- that C- for D- as if
  21. 21. 19- Most smartphones have GPS, _______ is great if you are driving somewhere new. A- where B- that C- who D- which
  22. 22. 20- _____ praised by your boss for your hard work makes it worthwhile. A- That B- Be C- Having D- Being
  23. 23. 22-I know that you like poetry,so I _____ you might like this new book of poems. A- thought B- will think C- thinking D- could think
  24. 24. 23- I strongly _____ that you do calculus if you want to study engineering. A- recommends B- recommending C- recommend D- to recommend
  25. 25. 24- As for disadvantages,in fact, I see ______ . A- none B- any C- that one D- is nothing
  26. 26. 25-In a large bowl, _____ together the flour, sugar,eggs, and salt. A- mix B- lie C- relax D- lose
  27. 27. 26- You have to write your name,age, ______, and address on the paper. A- mushroom B- occupation C- lunchtime D-circle
  28. 28. 27- It is easy to get to Rome because there are _____ flights from Abu Dhabi or Dubai. A- digital B- left-hand C- polite D- daily
  29. 29. 28- Can I ______ some money? I’ll give it back to you tomorrow! A- roast B- borrow C- contact D- prepare
  30. 30. 29- That was the _____ meal I’ve ever had. A- bad B- worst C- available D- square
  31. 31. 30- My little brother has a ____ arm. He fell while playing football. A- thirsty B- various C- negative D- broken
  32. 32. 31- Our teacher is always _____ with us. He is very funny. A- joking B- reducing C- protecting D- persuading
  33. 33. 32- I called the travel agency to _____ my flight. A- exist B- welcome C- attract D- confirm
  34. 34. 33- Thanks for the job offer. I will ______ consider it. A- define B- definite C- definitely D- definition
  35. 35. 34- One advantage of my job is that I ____ travel abroad. A- mistakenly B- frequently C- bitterly D- exactly
  36. 36. 35- Sara’s garden has a beautiful _____ fountain in the corner. A- stone B- stuff C- flag D- blame
  37. 37. 36- She is a ______ worker and she gets a lot of things done quickly. A- hard B- weak C- hidden D- light
  38. 38. 37- She is a _____ worker and she gets a lot of things done quickly. - Hard - Weak - Hidden - light
  39. 39. 38-If I work hard for few years,may be I will be ___ to manager. -formed -bended -operated -promoted
  40. 40. 39- People ____ speak Spanish in Mexico. -main -maintenance -mainly -maintain
  41. 41. 40- It’s difficult to understand the ____ of family until you move away from home. -cabinet -importance -journalist -emergency
  42. 42. 41- In what year did your brother graduate ___ university? -from -until -since -upon
  43. 43. 42-When he came out of the water,he was ____ with cold. -trembling -tapping Threatening -tricking
  44. 44. 43- My brother can easily eat ___ large pizza by himself! -a realistic -a smooth -an obvious -an entire
  45. 45. 44- The Queen is over 90 years old, so that explains the ____ over her health. -prefix -rehearsal -anxiety -insurance
  46. 46. 45-Saving money is a ______ that most people understand,but few put into practice. -concept -relief -individual -account
  47. 47. 46- The recent commercial from McDonalds for its new salad range is ______ people who want to eat more healthy. -settle down -aimed at -talking out -squeezing into