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Aariz dad

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Aariz dad

  1. 1. Table of contents • What he is like • Job • Family
  2. 2. What he is like WHAT IS HE LIKE I love my dad I am very sad his parents died when he was in fouth grade the has been wroking in dawn news paper for 30 years. He was born in 07-14. The franch revalutlon day.I never knew his life was so hard for him that he never really saw his mom or dad too mach. I am vary vary …sad I LOVE MY DAD
  3. 3. Job Where does my dad work where is dawn new paper lokcaked when did you he start his job my dad has been working in dawn news paper for 30 years. He was a famous guy back in the day when he made the front of the news paper he got what he wanted the most. Dawn is lokcaked in Pakistan me and my dad have been inside dawn office. It looked luxurious my dad started his job in 1908 30 years ago he has been on many of news papers.I LOVE MY DAD
  4. 4. About the Author The Author of this book is Aariz. He is in third grade. The Author picked this topic because I LOVE my DAD