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  1. EMPOWERMENT:-It refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational or gender strength of individual and community. OR Increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities and often involves developing confidence in one’s own capacities. INTRODUCTION
  2.  It is ability of women to exercise full control over one’s action.  Women empowerment is to empowering the women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors.
  3.  Welfare  Access to resource  Conscientization  Mobilization  Control
  4. 1)Welfare:- Welfare means an improvement in social economic status, such as improved nutritional status, shelter & income. Here it is a Zero level of empowerment. 2)Access to resource:- Access to resource & services stands for the first level of empowerment. Since women improve their own status by their own work & organisation.
  5. 3) Conscientization:- It is define as the process by which women collectively urge to act to remove one or more discriminatory practice that impact their access to resources. Here women form groups to understand the cause of their problem & to identify strategy for action for gender equality.
  6. 4) Mobilization:- It is the action level of empowerment by forming links with large women’s movement & to connect with wider network.
  7. 5) Control:- It is the level of empowerment when women have taken action so that there is gender equality in decision making over access of resources, so the women achieve direct control over their resources.
  8. Social & economical development. Capacity building Income generating activities. Microfinance Vocational training programme Skill developing programme E-Governance activities
  9.  International women day (IWD),originally called international working women’s day. It is celebrated on 8 March (1914) . The main aim behind this international women’s day is to empower the women. This day is an official holiday in Afghanistan, Angola and Armenia and some other countries but not in India.
  12. Government has passed many laws so as to empower the women. The rules have empowered them socially, economically, legally, politically. Not only the Government but various non Government organisation have done a lot so as to improve the status of women in our society.
  13. 1) Education:- Mahatma Gandhi gives statement “ If you educate a men you educate an individual but if you educate a women you educate an entire family”. Girls should be motivated to take up higher education. Universal education for all below 14years should be strictly implemented.
  14. 2) STOP EVIL PRACTICES:- A. Child marriage
  15. B. Dowry system:- Still remaining the measure reason for all discrimination. Dowry has always been an important part of Hindu marriages.
  16. Not only among the Hindus, its are now spreading to other religion’s also. Although Dowry was legally prohibited in 1961.
  17. C. Jogini system:- In Andhra Pradesh is another social evil that requires to be eliminated. In this system Women are forced to leave their houses & follow the temple system.
  18. D. Bride burning:-The burning of Women whose dowries were not considered sufficient by their husband & in-laws.
  19. E. Domestic violence:- is also have to be eliminated.
  20. 3)Occupation:- Women should be allowed to work & should be provided enough safety & support to work. 4)Political:- Increased the participation of Women in the political system. In Panchayat Raj system where Women have been given representation as a sign of political empowerment.
  21. 5) Tamil Nadu GOVERNMENT:- Mahalir Thittam is based on self health groups (SHG) approach & is implemented in partnership with non Government organization & community based organizations.
  22. TOP NINE INTERVENTION FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT 1) Gender analysis:- Women should be allowed only to do work that enable her to develop her skill, power & income. No extra burden should be put on Women that she cant handle & increase anxiety.
  23. 2) Rights awareness:- Many of world’s most improverished Women’s are confined their household. They lack mobility & freedom of association & have no opportunity for learning their rights, so appropriate action is taken to improve their life. 3) Leadership:- The best way to transform previous condition is to uncompromisingly require that at least 50% of leadership position be reserved for Women.
  24. 4) Organization:- “In unity, there is strength” (economical, political & social). So involvement of Women in various organization provide Women platforms. 5) Financial services:- Women need to credit not only for starting or supporting small enterprises but also for coping with great seasonal fluctuation in family income.
  25. 6) Adult literacy:- Hundreds of millions of women have never had the opportunity of formal education. Women are twice as likely to be non literate as men. It means they can be avoided being cheated in the market place, learn for more rapidly & contact them self in a great currents of human discovery.
  26. 7)Health services:- Affordable health services is a fundamental human right for Women & their children’s. 8)Stop child marriages:- Many before age 18 is a profound violence of human rights.
  27. 9)Prosecuting gender based violence:- In many culture, domestic violence (including rape, murder etc) is endemic. Women’s faces are burned with acids. Owner killing occur if Women fall in love. In now a days Women can act collectively demand justice from police. Women are connected to network that can draw pubic attention to cases.
  28. A. Systemic reinforcement of traditional & male dominent. B. Attitude by most of sub system of society, education, law. C. Men are only one who can earn a living for the family. D. Women have unequal access to basic health resources & lack of adequate counselling.