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Multicom's Brochure

English version of our brand-new brochure.

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Multicom's Brochure

  1. 1. Multicom right to the CORE
  2. 2. Multicom is a concept obtained by a commercial experience developed in composites world since 1984. Our passion for a dynamic and continuously evolving world like the composites one, brought us to create an institution that plays an active role into distribution field, focusing our core business into core materials trade. Customer orientation, quality of service and reliability are the guidelines that characterize our modus operandi, directed to create strong relationships with our customers, to allow us to become their prepositive and permanent partners. We deal with Wind energy, Marine, Aerospace, Transports and Automotive. ...Don’t miss your target, aim to the CORE.
  3. 3. What if your composite were... Lighter... Stronger... Stiffer... more-Durable... Cost-Effective... Eco-susteinable… Mycell is high-performance rigid PVC foam used as core material for composite sandwich structures. This kind of PVC foam is a closed cell cross-linked polymer foam, which contains no CFC, and it’s supplied in panels. CoreLite® Board is a high quality, cost-effective closed-cell PVC foam specially formulated to posses high physical properties and to be recyclable. Mainly used in substitution of wood and plywood, it’s 27% lighter than Plywood. It was engineered to meet the physical demands needed in transom boards, attachment points, floors, bulkheads, stringers, local reinforcement, molds and tooling. CoreLite® PET is the next-generation foam core material. It is a 100% recyclable polymer foam with excellent performance. Resistance to fatigue is superior, as well as its chemically stability and UV resistance. Our CoreLite PET can handle processing temperatures upto150°C(302°F).Duringhightemperatureprocessingitisthermally stable and no outgassing or expansion after post- cure occurs. In the event of fire, no toxic gases are generated. BALSASUD® Core is a high quality End-Grain Balsa Core that has remarkable mechanical properties, like outstanding shear and compression strength, Heat Deflection Temperature of over 160 degrees Celsius, but also it’s a completely organic, sustainable and renewable resource. The Balsasud S.A. facilty in Ecuador is certified for Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) Chain of Custody by the Rainforest Alliance to FSC™ standards.
  4. 4. Multicom aims to be the essential link between composites customers and manufacturers. Our partners are the proof: Head Quarters: Multicom s.r.l. Via Brunelli, 90 46011 - Acquanegra s/C (MN) - Italy Warehouse / Logistic: M.T.L. s.r.l. Via Anzani, 16 25018 - Montichiari (BS) - Italy CoreLiteInc.isaUScorematerialsspecialist.Managingabilitywiththemostadvancedcomposite technologies, experience gained ( in composite industry ), commitment to the customer and a natural aptitude to the innovation brought CoreLite to be the Number 1 in quality. CoreLite is owned by the same family that owns the renowned Balsasud S.A. company in Ecuador, since 1939. Starting from January 2016, Multicom Srl is CoreLite’s Exclusive Sales Agent for Europe and Distributor. MARICELL Srl is an Italian company and a world leading producer of PVC foam cores thanks to the founder Dr. Lucio Della Mora’s business vision and more than 50 years long experience. Multicom Srl carries on a more than 20 years business relationship, commercializing Maricell’s products. www.multicomsrl.it info@multicomsrl.it