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Gaze Tracker

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Winner of the Exhibition Media or Experience: In-Gallery Interactive Category at the 2018 MW GLAMi Awards

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Gaze Tracker

  1. 1. Museums and the Web Vancouver, Canada, April 2018 The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) GAZE TRACKER Finalist: Exhibition Media or Experience
  2. 2. • The interactive games were developed by a cross- collaborative museum team, centered around four key themes: COMPOSITION SYMBOLS GESTURE AND EMOTION PURPOSE • Every artwork is now associated with at least two themes ArtLens Exhibition: Pedagogy
  3. 3. Gaze Tracker
  4. 4. “An average viewer goes up to a painting, looks at it for less than 2 seconds, reads the wall text for another 10 seconds, glances at the painting to verify something in the text, and moves on.” “The Louvre found that people looked at the Mona Lisa an average of 15 seconds." —James Elkins, Art Critic and Historian School of the Art Institute of Chicago ‘Looking’ in a Museum
  5. 5. • Understand how composition influences how we look at art • Explore artists’ compositional choices and intent • Introduce different types of composition such as geometric, all-over or mutli- focus • Provide an entry point into understanding the impact of composition • Encourage visitors to look longer and closer at works of art • Propel visitors into the galleries to locate the artworks explored art in- person • Apply these toolsets to other artworks throughout the museum and beyond Gaze Tracker Goals
  6. 6. CMA ARTLENS Exhibition Cleveland, OH
  7. 7. Gaze Tracker Analytics 3,969 artworks viewed ~76 sec of engagement per artwork Google Analytics, 24 Aug – 31 Oct 2017