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Iteration Made our Back End a Star!

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"Iteration made our back-end a Star!" Was presented at the MW20 conference on April 3, 2020. Jane Alexander, Chief Digital Information Officer at the CMA, and Ethan Holda, Director of Technology at the CMA, discuss the history of back-end iteration at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the history of the systems that made CMA's outward facing intitiatives, such as the ARTLENS Gallery (Gallery One) and our Open Access Initiative.

See the full presentation here: https://mw20.museweb.net/session/papers-1-from-headless-to-the-back-end/

To read more about the Cleveland Museum of Art's outward facing digital endeavors, visit clevelandart.org

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Iteration Made our Back End a Star!

  1. 1. tMW20 – April 3, 2020 Iteration made our Back-end a STAR ! Cleveland Museum of Art
  2. 2. t Jane Alexander Chief Digital Information Officer, The Cleveland Museum of Art @janecalexander Ethan Holda Director of Technology The Cleveland Museum of Art @GalleryOneEthan
  3. 3. t The (CMA) team has come to embrace digital as in perpetual beta, constantly reinventing itself, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s technically and humanly possible in a museum. This is a place of exciting discomfort and possibility. We don’t yet know what kind of innovation the future will bring but we will strive to meet everyone’s needs, For the Benefit of All the People, Forever.
  4. 4. t “We are Deeply Committed to the Use of Technology as an Interpretive Tool” — William Griswold, Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, MW Tour April 2017 Director Support!
  5. 5. t "Cleveland Museum of Art creates transformative experiences through art, for the benefit of all the people, forever." CMA Mission
  6. 6. t ArtLens Exhibition Open Access Initiative Collection Online ArtLens Appto add text ArtLens Wall AP IGaze Track er Photogrammetry CMA’s art-forward digital innovations
  7. 7. t One Source of Truth Having a back-end act as a single source of truth updates all outward facing interactives has always been a priority.
  8. 8. t New content updates automatically VS NO ONE OFF’s
  9. 9. t Making it easy: Fully Integrated Systems, API Driven, Content, Data… Updated Every 15 minutes & organic to the workflow of the museum
  10. 10. t Iterative Design “Iterative design is a design methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product or process. Based on the results of testing the most recent iteration of a design, changes and refinements are made.” You can apply this to your back-end too!
  11. 11. t 2010: The Road to Digitization • Renovation • Galleries closed on rotation ~ 7 years • Opportunity for digitization while galleries closed • Idea for a new space • Re-engineer back-end system • New Piction DAMS • New Website & Idea for a collection online
  12. 12. t Cataloguing at CMA circa 2010…
  13. 13. t 2012: ArtLens App & Collection Wall • Objects go on/off view, info changes • Needed to pull data from CMS and DAMS
  14. 14. t A New Digital Landscape: COVID-19
  15. 15. t Digital Divide While CMA's Digital & HR department work increased…..we also were challenged to bring the analogue departments to think and work digitally
  16. 16. t DATA OPPORTUNITY Increase in metadata added to our CCMS by staff in the last month The day CMA staff switched to remote work
  17. 17. t International trend
  18. 18. t Pivoting to a Digital Exhibition Space
  19. 19. t Thinking differently We're asking ourselves: • How have the needs of our audiences changed? • How can we offer new experiences? • During this time when our institution is temporarily closed, it’s important that we give visitors the tools they need to digitally interact with our collection For example, there are museums already out there with great video content – we don't want to be doing things they've been doing for years
  20. 20. t Can you create meaningful experiences weekly?
  21. 21. t
  22. 22. t How did we get here? A decade of iteration + “the perfect storm” of projects
  23. 23. t Original Gallery One 2012
  24. 24. t
  25. 25. t
  26. 26. t 2013
  27. 27. t 2015 - Athena CCMS
  28. 28. t
  29. 29. t 2016: Studio Play -> ArtLens Studio
  30. 30. t 2017: ArtLens App 2.0
  31. 31. 2012: Gallery One - LENSES Email Links to Live Content On Collection Online Stand Alone Kiosk
  32. 32. 2017: ArtLens Exhibition • Needed to be able to rotate artworks in the space • Adapt to updating content on the back-end • All updates happening for 16 different interactives • All games needed to be updated in-house by non-technical staff
  33. 33. t • Worked with different vendors for Studio, App 2.0, and Exhibition • Needed an easy way for our complicated back-end to plug into everyone's different front-end interfaces • Still did not have seamless integration between CCMS, DAM, and outward-facing apps
  34. 34. t STOPSometimes We Need to Go Backward Before We Can Move Forward
  35. 35. t …which brings us to today
  36. 36. t
  38. 38. t
  39. 39. t
  40. 40. t
  42. 42. t 2019: Open Access Initiative • Open API • Open CDN including high-resolution TIFFs • Github • Partner repositories • Launch of new collection online All constantly, dynamically updated!
  43. 43. t ArtLens Exhibition 2019 Photogrammetry
  44. 44. t CMA’s digital team: diving in head first • Thanks to our back-end infrastructure, we can easily implement new, innovative, and sustainable projects • Curators, Interpretation, Collections and Exhibitions can continue to work on the collection and share with our public via existing resources (app, collection online) • Working on analytics to monitor engagement with our virtual platforms, partner repositories
  45. 45. t Next: Innovate Together
  46. 46. t Our Challenge Together Many institutions have stepped up with physical resources, but what digital resources can we provide for those on the frontlines of this crisis?
  47. 47. t Cheers! @GalleryOneEthan @janecalexander