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Prototyping in collaboration with university libraries

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Erin Canning (Aga Khan Museum) & Michael Carter-Arlt (Collaboratory, Ryerson University Library)

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Prototyping in collaboration with university libraries

  1. 1. Erin Canning, Aga Khan Museum Michael Carter-Arlt, Ryerson University Library Prototyping in collaboration with university libraries
  2. 2. Ryerson Collaboratory https://library.ryerson.ca/collab/
  3. 3. Research Ethics Board (REB) and User Testing ● Anything that involves testing with individuals (regardless of age) requires REB approval ● The only research this does not apply to is purely observational research (observing how individual interact or react to something) ● Depending on the research that is conducted, you can expect to be waiting for a response from the REB within 4 weeks ● This, however, does not mean all research studies are approved within this time, and generally take longer for approval to clarify specific details regarding the research that will be conducted
  4. 4. Thank You! Michael Carter, MDM UX Researcher Ryerson University Library michael.carterarlt@ryerson.ca Erin Canning Digital Platform Analyst Aga Khan Museum erin.canning@akdn.org