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Fairware for RPO

Recruitment is about communication. FairWare maximizes your employer brand by turning your offers into powerful communication devices, adding eye-catching graphics to your job descriptions and valorizing your company with animated slider photos. Social sharing buttons make your offers visible on all networks. The job description is focused on soft skills, hard skills and includes a customizable questionnaire. This approach assures a fair recruitment, and puts the motivation and the talent at the core of the process.

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Fairware for RPO

  1. 1. Thinked and designed especially for recruiters, FairWare is an advanced technology software made to simplify your recruitment process. Based on Referral, Matching and Branding assets, FairWare allows you to maximize your employer brand by transforming each employee and candidate into a social headhunter.
  2. 2. FairWare turns any Internet user into a social headhunter. Through an addictive referral program, employees and candidates become your ambassadors and open their network. The more they share your job offers, the more your talent pool increase. The average number of 1st degree contacts of an Internet user is 140. Through its 2nd degree contacts, an Internet user can reach up to 20.000 people by sharing job offers. The Recruitment success rate is 77% higher with a referral program than a jobboard. Referrals are the #1 source in hiring volume, in hiring quality and in talent retention.* * http://fr.slideshare.net/manishwisestep/making-employee-referral-programs-work 77% SHARE 1 share = Up to 20.000 VIEWS
  3. 3. Never miss a potential talent again thanks to the matching asset that filters the applications based on skills and personality which let you definitely know who could be a good recruitment and who could fit in another position. You are the one who define the referral rewards : Travels, Bitcoins, Dollars, you choose the device and the amount for each job offer. A traditional recruitment costs around 4000$ USD* A referral recruitment is 5 times less expensive, around 640$ USD* 86% SAVINGS * Ernst & Young referral review
  4. 4. Most candidates do not use any visible channel. The only way to reach them is through their friendly and professional network with referrals Improve your employer brand by making your job offers seen on all networks, social as Twitter or Facebook, professional as LinkedIn or more informal as Country club, Gym and everywhere else people meet. Spontaneous applications will grow as well as applicants interested in your clients company. Direct application6% Agencies9% Jobboards16% Referrals Candidates Referrals Cost per hire To the question "How did you find your last job" candidates answer: 69% 1.397 answered * MyJobCompany survey January 2014
  5. 5. 86% SAVINGS MyJobCompany Paris • London • Santiago de Chile +32 (0)485 317 341 sales@myjobcompany.com FairWare