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I helped write the articles published in this PsychTemps Spring 2009 Newsletter!

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Newsletter509 124214175197 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Spring • 2009 America’s Premier R E C R U I T I N G E X C E L L E N C E I N M E N TA L H E A LT H Executive Search And Staffing Firm B ehav ior al health goes gr een For The Behavioral Healthcare Field distributing company information. Consider are You issuing and receiving invoices for bills online green Yet? when possible. • Recycle office papers, envelopes, and Supplying Quality expired lobby magazines or newspapers. Professional shredding services are relatively Job Candidates: inexpensive, and you will be assured that you company’s paper will be safely recycled. EXECUTIVE STAFF • Place a recycling bin in break areas to Presidents/CEOs/COOs encourage recycling of cans, bottles and Executive Directors plastics. Recycle old equipment by donating Medical Directors it to community groups or watch for semi- annual community recycling drives for old CFOs & Accounting computers. Professionals • Purchase a set of reusable dishes, glass- Clinical Directors es and silverware for break areas to reduce Fundraising Executives “Going Green” is not just a personal style state- the waste (and expense) of paper products. ment anymore—it is a compelling dictate for the Ask employees to help keep the area clean VP & Departmental times we live in now. The increasing aware- and to pitch in by washing every dish they Supervisors ness and acceptance of global warming have use. propelled “going green” into a fundamental • Buy environmentally friendly cleaning value of contemporary American culture. Even CLINICAL STAFF products and office supplies. Look for the most resistant of us is beginning to slowly biodegradable, nontoxic products. Social Workers modify our behavior, one step at a time. Our work environment—where we spend the better • Promote a healthy office environment. Psychiatrists Plants add more oxygen to the air, absorb part of every day—is the perfect place to start Counselors conserving resources. Reduce, reuse, recy- indoor pollutants, and add a pleasing look Case Managers & cle—come join us! and feel to the office space. Care Managers • Aim to conserve and reduce energy. Going green at work minimizes environmental Psych RNs/LPNs This can be as simple as turning off lights in impact, and it gets employees involved, engaged offices that are not in use or office machines Psychologists and feeling good about the contributions they that are used sporadically. When you’re buy- Addictions Specialists are making. Plus, it saves money and resources ing new products and equipment, look for — which is something we all need. Residential Treatment Staff energy efficiency ratings. Behavioral healthcare organizations across the Psych Techs country are implementing green thinking. If your There are other work practices that can help Activities & Security Monitors company wants to go green, or if you want to be achieve reductions in energy and costs. These a change agent and begin a positive program at include: UR/QI Professionals work, consider these ideas to make an impact: • Cutting down on unnecessary traveling. Opt • Make paper reduction a priority. Print to schedule meetings via conference calls or ADMINISTRATIVE only what is necessary and use e-mail for web conferencing. STAFF CONTINUES ON PAGE 2 We offer a full range of administrative and clerical earning support staff — a “one stop shop” our stripes! for great employees! The staff at PsychPros Executive Search and PsychTemps has been hard at work gaining ac- certifica- creditation that will help us expand our services tions in the to you, our clients, throughout the U.S. We are nation for happy to announce that we recently received small businesses. This designation means that certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise we will be able to compete for larger contracts National Council (WBENC). The WBENC is one with community mental health, managed care of the most widely recognized and respected companies, and behavioral health systems CONTINUES ON PAGE 2 w w w. P s y c h P r o s . c o m | 8 8 8 . 6 5 1 . 8 3 6 7 | w w w. P s y c h Te m p s . c o m
  2. 2. Prestalk “ARE YOU GREEN YET?”— CONTINUED Our company has never had a dedicated representative to reach out to client com- • Carpooling among employees cuts down on panies, but in the last quarter of 2008, that expenses and boosts social interactions. changed for the better. We are pleased • Consider telecommuting for some to welcome Frank McGuire, our new employees (when their job duties will Business Development Director. Frank’s allow it) one or two days out of the background as a top administrator in the month. If employees have home behavioral healthcare field makes him computers, implement remote a perfect fit for this position. Having been a hiring executive in desktops so that telecommuters hospital settings, Frank used our company to fill his staffing and have access to the same informa- executive search needs over the past 10 years. He has experienced tion they do at work. first-hand the hiring issues decision makers face, and he knows • Send interested employees to that the related stress from those issues can be managed by “go green” networking events working with a specialized staffing agency. Frank understands the sponsored by city or county gov- importance of delegating this process to professionals whose en- ernments. They will come back with tire focus is hiring, “So that leaders can focus on the urgent things more ideas to help you save resources leaders need to focus on”, Frank says. and money, plus they will help keep This new development came on the heels of an even larger devel- others charged up. opment for the behavioral healthcare industry. The passing of the Mental Health Parity bill last fall gives us hope. Those of us who “Going green“ is a sign that you and your have been around since the 1970s, and who have seen nothing but organization are committed to reducing your budget cuts and inadequate funding for 30 years, share a common environmental impact. For more great ideas, excitement that this legislative change will put mental health and type “go green” into your Internet search bar addictions treatment on a par with healthcare treatment. and see what innovative suggestions you can come up with! n Just a few short months before the passing of the Mental Health Parity bill, a state-of-the-art research and treatment facility opened its doors in southwestern Ohio. The Lindner Center of Hope, now serving patients and their families from across the U.S., is located just north of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio. The center blends unique inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services with scientific research into cutting edge treatments and outcomes. Their vision is that “the Lindner Center of Hope will be a universally recognized “together, We Will!” leader in mental health care.” We extend our congratulations and support to the Lindner Center, Dr. Susan McElroy, MD (Medical Director), and Dr. Paul Keck, Jr., MD (President/CEO) in this en- That was the uplifting theme of the 39th National Mental Health deavor and wish them the best of success in realizing their vision. n and Addictions Conference of the National Council of Community Behavioral Healthcare Organizations. Together, we will create the change we need for behavioral healthcare. Held April 6-8 in sunny San Antonio, the conference was state-of- the-art in every way. From the keynote speakers (Craig Newmark Holly D. Dorna, MA, LPCC from craigslist.com, David Gergen – CNN political guru, author President/CEO Christopher Kennedy Lawford, to name a few) to the glass-enclosed Social Media Lab (where mental health-types learned to get Linke- dIn, Twittered, and Facebooked) to the paperless academic format that was spiced up with unusual offerings like Wii bowling, Bobbi “EARNING OUR STRIPES”— Brown make-overs and lessons in Southwestern cooking – San CONTINUED Antonio was the place to be for community mental health profes- that want to include woman-owned sionals. businesses in their partnerships and vendor selections. Main Themes In addition to being a small business Workshops highlighted three main themes: enterprise and a WBENC, 1) We must integrate mental health/addictions PsychPros and PsychTemps can now bid on state and federal govern- treatment with primary physical care — now! ment contracts in the areas of mental health, chemical dependency, 2) We must be more active with our legisla- psychiatric nursing, psychiatry, and related mental health and tors — go to Capitol Hill Day — because our addictions issues. We can submit proposals to supply personnel for mental health/addictions treatment agenda is Veterans Administration hospitals, federal prisons, and special not included in a major way yet. programs supporting troops returning from war. 3) Take training in social media networking “These efforts demonstrate our commitment to expanding our range (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and learn how they can of services to better serve our clients and job candidates,” says presi- benefit your business. dent Holly Dorna. “With the WBENC and federal bidding recognition, we will move to a larger platform for both top talent and positions to Mental Health Parity Primer be filled. Equally important, we are reaching out and extending our If you would like a synopsis of the recently-passed mental health services to new areas within the behavioral healthcare field.” parity rules, plus a look at the issues that are yet to be decided, Questions? Contact our federal business consultant, Bill Fioretti at drop Nancy Meyers an e-mail request (Nancy@PsychTemps.com), 513.368.5229. n and she will send you a concise “Mental Health Parity Primer”. n w w w. P s y c h P r o s . c o m | 888.651.8367 | w w w. P s y c h Te m p s . c o m
  3. 3. go green at home! Meet our staff: Brooke • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! Fill your recycle bins each week for collection. If your area does MacDonald not have a recycling program, find out where the nearest recycling center is and take a container of collected items there once or “I get such satisfaction from knowing that twice a month. I helped someone find the right position and also helped the client company fulfill • Donate toys, electronics and other items their desire for a great staff member.” around the house that you normally throw in the trash. These are the words that Brooke MacDonald uses to express the • Buy energy efficient appliances and value of her position as a PsychTemps/PsychPros Account Manager. compact fluorescent light bulbs when current Brooke has worked at PsychTemps since 2007 as a national recruiter, bulbs need replacing. placing independently licensed professionals. One of the things Brooke enjoys most is the variety of the people she talks to every • Conserve energy by raising the thermostat day. Since she places candidates nationally, her day consists of calls by 2 degrees in the summer and lowering it by to many people across the United States. On any given day, she may 2 degrees in the winter. Change furnace filters communicate with people in California, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado regularly to increase the air flow and efficiency and Washington, to name a few states. of your furnace. • Turn off lights when not in use, wash clothes Brooke earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from Indiana in cold water, hang clothes up to dry, and turn University, and she has continued her education at work by becom- off air conditioning and open the windows on ing a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) through the American nice day. Staffing Association (ASA). Before joining the team at PsychTemps, • Conserve water by taking shorter showers, Brooke worked for four years in the mental health field handling install a high-pressure, flow-restricted shower case management and job development for both welfare clients and head, use the dishwasher for full loads only, developmentally disabled adults. Her position at PsychTemps gives filter your tap water instead of buying bottled her a unique opportunity to combine her business knowledge and water. social work experiences in meeting the needs of her candidates and client companies. • Reduce your paper usage by taking advantage of e-bills, online banking, and on- Brooke recently ventured on a business trip to California. While there, line newspapers, publications, and magazines. she visited with client companies, providing information about E-mail information and announcements to PsychTemps, and she researched new client companies for the family and friends when possible to limit future. The trip resulted in improved relations with current clients and paper waste. solid leads on new companies Brooke hopes to represent this year. • Reduce your gas consumption. Make your “The trip could not have gone better,” she says. “Everyone I met with next vehicle purchase a hybrid. Walk or ride was very receptive and excited about what our company does.” your bike to work if you live close enough. If This has been an exciting year for Brooke outside of work as well. this is not an option, find out if any co-workers She purchased her first home and now spends much of her free time live in your area and would be interested in pursuing home improvement projects. She loves to play tennis, and carpooling. Telecommute when possible. she enjoys hiking and biking. Brooke’s favorite past-time is a popular • Use cloth shopping bags instead of plastic. card game called Euchre. She’s become proficient at it and loves the Cloth bags are inexpensive and can be kept in game so much that she is competing in a Euchre tournament later your car so that you have them anytime you this year. From business cards to playing cards, Brooke MacDonald stop to shop! Recycle plastic bags if you must brings experience, knowledge and fun to the table! use them. You can reach Brooke at 513.333.4787 or Brooke@PsychPros.com. n • Buy recycled products when possible. • Grow your own vegetables! Plant a vegetable garden with the veggies you enjoy the most. Save some of the seeds as you consume the vegetables and store them for planting in the next season. Make the garden a family project by assigning one vegetable to each family member for planting and care. • Create a compost pile in the farthest corner of your yard. Throw your food waste into the area (instead of the trash) and mix with dirt. Turn the pile once a week with a shovel to circulate air through the mixture. In a month or so you will have rich, fertile soil to spread throughout your vegetable garden, or flower garden. • Get involved and stay informed. Join organizations in your area that promote a green community. Stay informed of ways you can conserve and recycle. • Spread the word! n Recruiting excellence for the behavioral healthcare field w w w. P s y c h P r o s . c o m | 888.651.8367 | w w w. P s y c h Te m p s . c o m
  4. 4. What’s in a name… tid a $5 gift card for you? bits PsychTemps is conducting an informal poll, and you can “I haven’t failed. I’ve found receive a $5 Starbuck’s gift 10,000 ways that won’t work.” card by answering a couple - Benjamin Franklin The microwave was invented after a researcher walked past of questions that will have a a radar tube, and a chocolate tremendous impact on our bar melted in his pocket. organization. Alaska law says that you can’t look at a moose from For the past 14 years, our an airplane. corporate name has been “PsychTemps, Inc.” The addition of the “Humor is a rubber sword — name “PsychPros Executive Search” in 2000 was in response to it allows you to make a point behavioral healthcare clients who wanted upper-level executive Camels have three eyelids without drawing blood.” search services. This leaves us with a combination name: to protect themselves from - Mary Hirch n “PsychTemps and PsychPros Executive Search”. The question is: blowing sand. Should we keep the two names, or should we merge our staffing and executive recruiting services under one name, “PsychPros”? For example, PsychPros: Recruiting Excellence for the Behavioral Healthcare Field, or, PsychPros Search and Staffing? Business Which name, or names, would you choose? Why? Development What do you see are the pros and cons of the name change? Frank McGuire, a behavioral healthcare E-mail your answers to our Business Development Director, executive with 30-years experience, is now Frank McGuire, Frank@PsychTemps.com. Please be sure to steering the PsychPros Executive Search include your name and business or home address to ensure and PsychTemps efforts to reach out across the receipt of your $5 gift card. America. Thank you in advance for your response! n Welcome, Frank! n C i n c i n n at i, OH 45219 2 4 0 4 Aubur n Avenue Return S e r v i c e R e q u e s te d PERMIT NO.6940 CINCINNATI OH PAID U.S. Postage Presort Standard