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Social Learning Innovation

  1. Speed time to competency by making mentors/experts more accessible
  2. Gain up to 30% productivity by blending formal and social learning
  3. Increase knowledge retention by addressing general learning styles
  4. 375 employees
  5. Over 125 sales people
  6. Many new employees (sales staff)
  7. No external social media presence
  8. Limited resource needs
  9. No policies, processes, and procedures
  10. New corporate Community Initiative launched while upgrading to OS2
  11. Teams of 10-15 people led by EVP working with each charity
  12. Roles
  13. Content
  14. Behaviors
  15. By role
  16. By industry
  17. By company size
  18. Competitive analysis
  19. Social graphing
  20. Radian6 provides a complete social media monitoring, measurement & engagement platform to engage with customers across the entire social web.
  21. A self-serve and real-time platform for monitoring, measuring and engaging in conversations online.
  22. Understand what influencers are saying and sharing about your brand.
  23. User engagement, influence, & trends
  24. Identify subject matter experts for incentives based on activities and growth
  25. Structured
  26. Top-down approach
  27. Passive recipient
  28. Limited voice
  29. Episodic
  30. SMEs drive content
  31. Unique skill sets required
  32. Mirrors how people really learn
  33. Learn from each other
  34. Focus on context & content
  35. Bite-sized & digestible
  36. Content as conversation
  37. Everyone’s an expert
  38. Everyone contributes

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. We now know that developing talent isnt only about the learning we as businesses want to provide, but the learning they need to do their jobs better. Yet, very few companies have made the shift to thinking of learning as a continual part of the employee workday…
  2. It costs real money for employees to not have efficient access to the information they need to do their jobs… $3,300 per person per year. There’s opportunity to make big efficiency gains there, but we need to think about learning differently to get there.
  3. But learning isnt just about employees either. Your customers, partners, etc. need to be knowledgeable about your business as well, and research shows that most companies don’t even know all of the concerns and challenges their customers are facing, much less being well prepared to help solve them.
  4. Social search takes many forms, ranging from simple shared bookmarks or tagging of content with descriptive labels to more sophisticated approaches that combine human intelligence with computer algorithms.[2][3]The search experience takes into account varying sources of metadata, such as collaborative discovery of web pages, tags, social ranking, commenting on bookmarks, news, images, videos, knowledge sharing, podcasts and other web pages. Example forms of user input include social bookmarking or direct interaction with the search results such as promoting or demoting results the user feels are more or less relevant to their query.[4]
  5. Notes:- Incentive/reward for participation in survey– If I participate, I will receive a free fiserv consultation & participation in their exclusive community
  6. For further detail: