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NATIVE VML June Trends Report

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NATIVE VML June Trends Report

  1. 1. THETRENDSREPORT Proudly brought to you by NATIVE VML
  4. 4. Many brands and retailers are still adjusting to the way people consume content on their phones. The introduction of smart watches and wearable tech adds to the challenge of understanding content consumption. Google is already looking at advancing smaller screen devices beyond the notification and alert system functions to create content that is engaging and interactive. Human interactions with digital interfaces.
  5. 5. Making the body its own self-contained interface control Google’s Project Soli is focussed on the development of a new interaction sensor that is powered by radar technology. The sensor tracks micro movements or twitches of the human hand. The ability to track such movement in such minute detail and with great accuracy, means that it could possibly be used to interact with smart watches, smartphones, and tablets without touching the screen. The sensor fitted into a chip can easily be inserted into wearable tech and other devices.
  6. 6. Creating smart textiles The Google Project Jacquard aims to add the functionality of smartphone screens to everyday fabrics. The structures of Jacquard yarn combine thin, metallic alloys with natural and synthetic yarns like cotton, polyester, or silk. When woven into the fabric, it creates an interactive surface that is sensitive to touch and gestures. READ MORE
  7. 7. Advances in bionics. For many, bionic technology blurs the boundary between man and machine. Innovations in medical science are providing procedures that propel the human body far into the future.
  8. 8. Thought-controlled prosthetic limbs. Using a neuro-prosthetic device implanted in the brain, scientists have been able to decode cerebral intentions of a quadriplegic patient. By sending electrical impulses to the nerves in the limb, the patient is able to control a robotic limb using their thoughts. READ MORE
  9. 9. Bionic lenses that give super vision. The Ocumetics Bionic Lens is three times better than having 20/20 vision. It is designed to be implanted on a fully developed eye in an 8 minute procedure identical to cataract surgery. The lenses correct the eye beyond what we understand as perfect vision today, and because they never degrade, the lenses could replace the natural lenses in the eye.
  10. 10. INNOVATION
  11. 11. The proliferation of digital music has now completely disrupted the music industry. And while artists, record labels and streaming services may not see eye-to-eye, it can be agreed that the future of the music industry requires diverse and far more equitable business models. The music industry in the digital age.
  12. 12. Vying for the #1 music streaming spot. Spotify, the biggest brand in music streaming constantly need to add subscribers at a higher rate to cover their revenue gap. As a result they are now also looking at diversifying their offering. The brand announced a number of key changes including time and context specific playlists as well as podcast and video streaming services.
  13. 13. The Beats-powered Apple Music service will combine the existing Apple iTunes infrastructure and also boast a social feature that allows artists to share notes and photos with fans directly in the app.
  14. 14. Stock exchange for independent musicians. The Mutrs platform enables independent musicians to sell shares in their music via a digital exchange market. Artists release an IMO (initial music offer) that comes with a set amount of associated shares, each valued at a base rate. By buying their favourite music, consumers buy shares in that product which they can later trade on the Mutrs Independent Music Exchange.
  15. 15. Digital technology allows people to move beyond physical, social and cultural constraints. There are a growing number of unique apps and digital initiatives that aim to make life easier by providing assistance to those who need it most. Digitised Accessibility.
  16. 16. App that allows you to share your sight. Be My Eyes is a crowdsourced video chat service that connects someone visually impaired with someone able to see and willing to help. Users who sign up as a helper receive a notification to be someone's eyes. The app is designed to be used in short bursts at particularly difficult moments, such as reading an expiration date or reading signs in an unfamiliar location.
  17. 17. Teaching English through pizza orders. CNA Language School’s innovative Hello Pizza campaign intercepts calls from customers in the U.S. and asks them to spend a few minutes speaking to Brazilian students in English, in exchange for a discount on their pizza. Calls are transferred and students find themselves immersed in real-time conversations, that improve their grasp of the language. READ MORE
  19. 19. Citizen science projects that use the efforts of volunteers to help scientists collect valuable data are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it help researchers deal with the flood of data that confronts them - in some cases it allows scientists to gather research in areas difficult to reach. Crowd sourced science.
  20. 20. Turning surfers into citizen scientists. The near-shore zone is the hardest area of the ocean to collect data from and any equipment used is rendered useless when left in the turbulent water. The Smartphin enables surfers to collect vital information about the changing condition of the ocean’s near-shore zone. Integrated into the board is a chip that collects data on the pH, salinity, temperature and directional wave spectra. This is all done in real- time.
  21. 21. Smart beehives that gather data. Open Source Beehives is a platform that combines natural beekeeping, open source hardware and smart devices to combat Colony Collapse Disorder. Through their printable beehives and an open source sensor kit that monitors the condition of the colonies; citizen scientists, hobbyist beekeepers, and data scientists can share important data needed to prevent the CCD phenomenon. READ MORE
  22. 22. Beacon technology is still relatively new. However, we’re already seeing progress in location-based marketing beyond the store. Skincare giant, Nivea used beacons to give parents peace of mind in an innovative beach campaign. More and more marketers are seeing the potential application of the technology. Exploring beacon potential.
  23. 23. Real-time driver safety using beacons and the radio. Blackspot Beacons are short range targeted broadcast transmitters, designed to evoke immediate behaviour change to avoid hazards on the road. As cars pass, the beacons override the frequency that the car’s radio is tuned into, and delivers a short warning message. READ MORE
  25. 25. Kidult, describes the phenomenon of adults acting like kids and embracing entertainment, food and fashion that are typically geared towards children. There’s a growing trend among marketers encouraging adults to indulge in analogue activities that awaken their inner child. Bringing out the kidult in all of us.
  26. 26. The rise of adult colouring books. Published in 2013, Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford's Secret Garden continues to float among Amazon’s best-selling books. The books feature patterns and designs that are intricate and sophisticated enough to appeal to adults while not too intimidating to try.
  27. 27. Playing in the subway. Working off the insight that people spend too much time sitting and not enough time exercising, Reebok Pump Fusion created the Subway Pump Battle . The subway game chooses two opponents (seemingly without their knowledge) to see who can press the highest amount of pump buttons in a given time.
  28. 28. As one of the fastest growing social networks, Instagram presents huge marketing and branding opportunities. Innovative marketers are looking to move outside the platform’s ad offering with well-crafted and compelling content. Moving outside social media ad offering.
  29. 29. Bringing Whisky to digital. Ballantine created whisky magazine hosted exclusively on Instagram. @w_issueone employs traditional print thinking and design to create a unique and dynamic reading experience. Tuned into the cultural zeitgeist, the first issue explores women changing the face of modern whisky; the rise of bitter drinks; and asks whether Sims introduced the masses to mixology.
  31. 31. The notion of ‘beauty fatigue’ describes the dissatisfaction with the unrealistic representations of women and is gaining momentum among audiences. In an industry that’s all about ROI, marketers looking to attract this consumer face a daunting task. This is often the case because campaigns that aim to confront fears and shift stereotypes, often present metrics that are difficult to measure. Beauty Fatigue.
  32. 32. Presenting the unapologetic woman. In its most expansive women’s campaign to date, I WILL WHAT I WANT, fitness apparel brand Under Amour has partnered with model, Gisele Bündchen. The campaign was revealed in an interactive web experience that filmed Gisele in a workout, working up a sweat as she responded to both positive and negative real- time social commentary streaming in from all over the web.
  33. 33. Digital offers endless novelty, and while online interactions are just one part of the overall buying experience, albeit a key one, connected consumers are looking to curate and create unique and memorable brand experiences. Novel digital experiences.
  34. 34. Fusing AI with test drives For the online activation for the new BMW i3 electric car, NATIVE VML built Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a microsite. Once in the site, the BMW i3 will answer any question you have about ‘her’ various features; her voice guiding you through the embedded content. The digital experience humanises the innovative technology in an interactive way and makes the case for buying an electric car a lot more exciting.