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How near eastside indy works

Presentation on the Quality of Life Plan and how those who live, work, and/or worship in the Near Eastside can add items to the plan. Includes updates on work of the Near Eastside Community Builder.

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How near eastside indy works

  1. 1. HOW NEAR EASTSIDEINDY WORKSNear Eastside Indy is:Twenty-One neighborhoodswith shared challenges and opportunitiesworking together.
  2. 2. Near Eastside Neighborhoods“the collectionofneighborhoodsthat make upthe NearEastside hasbecome theenvy ofIndianapolis’urban core.Residents onthe Northsideand Westsideare so inspiredby what hastranspired onthe Eastsidethat they haveset the barhigher forrevitalization intheir ownneighborhoods.
  3. 3. Near Eastside Quality of Life Plan(QLP) A plan which began in 2006 and has been revisedrepeatedly. The plan outlines significant concerns about andstrategies to improve the quality of life in the NearEastside of Indy. The Plan addresses these focus areas: Affordable Housing Business and Economic Development Education Family Strengthening Leadership and Neighborhood Connections Livability Public Safety
  4. 4. Accomplishments
  5. 5. St. Clair Place Sr. ApartmentsQLP Plan Item:1.3. C (complete) Pursue new SeniorHousing options (both subsidized and unsubsidized).
  6. 6. QLP Plan Item: 1.4.5 Strengthen programming at JeffersonApartments, or similar apartments, to serve as a "Home OwnershipIncubator"Jefferson Apartments
  7. 7. Community Gardens QLP Plan Item: 2.5.C (Complete) - Support andpromote local sustainable food initiatives (ex. Victory Acres, IndyFood Cooperative, Basic Roots, community gardens, etc.
  8. 8.  Uniform Pantry – NESCO/Centenary Church Citizens WIN (Weed Inspector Network) – KIB& Emerson Heights Washington Street Vision Plan – EnglewoodCDC Urban 4-H program – Legacy Center/PurdueExtension NESCO Notes – Community Builder Near Eastside Notes (http://neareastnotes.wordpress.com)In Progress
  9. 9. Near Eastside NeighborhoodSummitA quarterlygathering ofneighborhoodresidents andstakeholdersto celebratesuccesses,identifyfailures,addressemergingconcerns, andwork on theNear EastsideQuality of LifePlan.
  10. 10. How to add to the QLP Any person living or invested in the Near Eastsideof Indy can attend. All attenders can speak and vote. (Three minutetime limit per meeting) Anyone can bring a concern to the Summit.Please let the Community Builder know aboutyour concerns 2 weeks before the meeting. The Summit decides whether the concernwarrants neighborhood collaboration by a 50%vote. If so, the Summit creates a task force to study theconcern and bring back recommendations. All decisions require 75% approval.
  11. 11. Near Eastside Task ForcesThere are nocurrent taskforces. Small groups of neighborhoodresidents and stakeholders whowork on a specific issue,developing and implementingstrategies adopted by theSummit. Can be standing task forces orshort term.
  12. 12. Near Eastside CommunityBuilder A paid staff person who assists theneighborhood associations, the Summits, andthe task forces in implementing the goals ofthe Near Eastside Quality of Life Plan. Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)has funded this position in the past. The JohnH. Boner Community Center funds thisposition moving forward. Joe Bowling has served in this position in thepast. Megan Fetter is the current CommunityBuilder.
  13. 13. Near Eastside Resident EngagementTeamNew in 2013 The Community Builder is recommending thecreation of a Resident Engagement Team. They would meet with neighbors, spread theword about Neighborhood Summits, and workwith the Community Builder. They will meet with the Community Builder ona regular basis to go over what they’ve learnedin the neighborhood.
  14. 14. Our RequestHow eachneighborhoodresident andgroup cansupport thisimportant work.Questions:Megan Fetter,Near EastsideCommunityBuildermfetter@jhbcc.org317.808.2336 Attend a Summit! Volunteer for a task force. Find residents/students who wish tojoin the Resident Engagement Team Sign up to receive importantneighborhood updates by e-mail. Check out http://neareastplan.orgNext Near Eastside QuarterlyNeighborhood Summit: June 8thBetter Block Indy – EastWashington Street