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Neighboring Food Co-op Association Annual Meeting 2015

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On March 21, 2015, the Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) held its Fourth Annual Meeting, hosted by the Putney Food Co-op in Putney, VT. The gathering was attended by nearly 100 co-operators from more than 35 food co-ops and start-up initiatives from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, and over 10 regional and national partner organizations.

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Neighboring Food Co-op Association Annual Meeting 2015

  1. 1. THANK YOU! Thank you to the co-­‐operative community for your partnership & support. NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015
  2. 2. ! Welcome & President’s Report ! Glenn Lower, President, NFCA Board of Directors ! Staff Report ! Erbin Crowell & Bonnie Hudspeth ! Keynote Speaker ! Jerry McGeorge, Organic Valley ! Small Group Dialog: Elevating Member Engagement ! Lunch // Peer Networking Tables ! Afternoon Workshops ! Appreciations, Evaluations & Raffle! NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 AGENDA FOR THE DAY
  3. 3. 1)  Brattleboro Food Co-­‐op (VT) 2)  Buffalo Mountain Food Co-­‐ op (VT) 3)  City Market / Onion River Co-­‐ op (VT) 4)  Co-­‐op Food Stores (NH & VT) 5)  Fiddleheads Food Co-­‐op (CT) 6)  Franklin Community Co-­‐op (MA) 7)  Hunger Mountain Co-­‐op (VT) 8)  Leverett Village Co-­‐op (MA) 9)  Littleton Food Co-­‐op (NH) 10)  Middlebury Natural Foods Co-­‐op (VT) 11)  Monadnock Food Co-­‐op (NH) 12)  Old Creamery Co-­‐op (MA) 13)  Plainfield Food Co-­‐op (VT) 14)  Putney Food Co-­‐op (VT) 15)  River Valley Co-­‐op Market (MA) 16)  South County Food Co-­‐op (RI) 17)  Springfield Food Co-­‐op (VT) 18)  St. J Food Co-­‐op (VT) 19)  Stone Valley Community Co-­‐ op Market (VT) 20)  Upper Valley Food Co-­‐op (VT) 21)  Wild Oats Co-­‐op Market (MA) 22)  Willimantic Food Co-­‐op (CT) NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 MEMBER CO-­‐OPS IN ATTENDANCE!
  4. 4. 1)  Amherst Community Co-­‐op (MA) 2)  Assabet Village Food Co-­‐op (MA) 3)  Dorchester Community Food Co-­‐ op (MA) 4)  Granite City Co-­‐op Grocery (VT) 5)  Great River Co-­‐op (NH) 7)  Holyoke Community Co-­‐op Market (MA) 8)  Manchester Food Co-­‐op (NH) 9)  Merrimack Valley Food Co-­‐op (MA) 10)  Morrisville Food Co-­‐ op (VT) 11)  Souhegan Valley Food Co-­‐op (NH) 12)  Urban Greens Food Co-­‐op (RI) NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 START-­‐UPS IN ATTENDANCE!
  5. 5. 1)  Artisan Beverage Co-­‐op 2)  Associated Buyers 3)  Cabot 4)  CDS Consulting Co-­‐ op 5)  Cooperative Fund of New England 6)  Food Co-­‐op Initiative 7)  Valley Alliance of Worker Co-­‐ops 8)  NCB (National Co-­‐ operative Bank) 9)  National Co-­‐op Grocers 10) New England Farmers Union 11)  Organic Valley NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 WELCOME, PARTNERS & GUESTS!
  6. 6. ! Network partnerships ! Increasing our impact, accessing resources ! Regional sourcing ! Collaboration with Deep Root and NEFU on research grant ! Peer to peer collaboration ! Member trainings, HFA and partner support ! Marketing & education ! Regional conferences, UMASS program ! Financially sustainable organization ! Member dues and supplemental grant support NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 PRIORITIES FOR 2014
  7. 7. ! Education & Outreach. Formalization of UMASS Amherst Co-­‐operative Program. ! Peer Network Development. Two Peer Training events in 2015. ! Sourcing. Associated Buyers collaboration, Natural Value, re-­‐launch of Farm to Freezer. ! Organizational Development. Strategic agreements; explore expansion of membership area into Maine. NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 2015 PRIORITIES
  8. 8. Connec&ng our Coopera&ves Jerry McGeorge Vice President Coopera0ve Affairs, CROPP Coopera0ve NFCA 4th Annual Mee0ng ~ March 21, 2015NFCA Annual Mee0ng, 2015
  9. 9. NFCA Annual Mee0ng, 2015
  10. 10. NFCA Annual Mee0ng, 2015
  11. 11. Elevate participation within membership and governance to a new level by focusing on practical opportunities: ! Strengthening relationships with young people ! Innovation & best practices in member participation ! Membership development as a strategic goal ! Innovative models (e.g. multistakeholder co-­‐ops) ! Engaging participation of employees through co-­‐ operative management practices & membership ! Engaging capital in a way that supports co-­‐op identity NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 OVERALL GOALS
  12. 12. 1)  Do you have a powerful example of Member Participation that has supported your co-­‐op’s success? Share it with the co-­‐ops at your table. 2)  What is the one thing each of our co-­‐ops could do in 2015 to facilitate effective Member Participation that will contribute to our success and help make the ICA’s Vision a reality? 3)  And, what could our co-­‐ops do collectively through the NFCA over the next five years to advance Member Participation and support the success of the Co-­‐operative Decade? NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION
  13. 13. THANK YOU! Thank you to the co-­‐operative community for your partnership & support. NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015
  14. 14. 1)  Operations Grab Bag 2)  Board of Directors Grab Bag 3)  Successful Capital Campaigns 4)  Communicating the Co-­‐op Difference 5)  Successful Loan Campaigns 6)  Healthy Food Access Programs 7)  Responding to New Competition 8)  “Building Co-­‐ operative Power” 9)  GMO Labeling 10) Organic Valley: Growing Food Co-­‐ ops NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 PEER NETWORKING TABLES
  15. 15. Thanks to our candidates… ! Kari Bradley (GM, Hunger Mountain Co-­‐op, VT) ! Faye Conte (BoD, City Market/Onion River Co-­‐ op, VT) ! Glenn Lower (GM, Middlebury Natural Foods Co-­‐op, VT) ! Sue Miller (GM, Upper Valley Food Co-­‐op, VT) ! Mike Peabody (Mgmt Collective, Plainfield Food Co-­‐op, VT) ! Michael Wells (BOD, Putney Food Co-­‐op, VT) NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015 BOARD ELECTIONS RESULTS
  16. 16. THANK YOU! Thank you to the co-­‐operative community for your partnership & support. NFCA Annual Meeting, 2015