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NFCA Fifth Annual Meeting Morning Presentation, March 5, 2016

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The Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA) held its Fifth Annual Meeting on March 5 at the Arts Block in downtown Greenfield, MA. The meeting brought together over 100 co-operators from 35 food co-ops, start-up initiatives and partner organizations from across our region for networking, strategic dialog and workshops.

Judy Ziewacz, President and CEO of the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA) set the tone as keynote speaker, reflecting on NCBA CLUSA’s past 100 years and vision moving forward.

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NFCA Fifth Annual Meeting Morning Presentation, March 5, 2016

  1. 1.     FIFTH  ANNUAL   MEETING     “Reflecting  on   the  Middlebury   Manifesto”     5t h  March  2016     The  Arts  Block   Greenfield,  MA   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   NEIGHBORING   FOOD  CO-­‐OP   ASSOCIATION  
  2. 2. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSORS  
  3. 3. SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSORS   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016  
  4. 4. Kari  Bradley   !  President  &  Chair,   NFCA  Board  of   Directors   !  General  Manager,   Hunger  Mountain   Co-­‐op   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   WELCOME  TO  OUR  5TH  ANNUAL  MEETING!  
  5. 5. !  Brattleboro  Food  Co-­‐op  (VT)   !  Buffalo  Mountain  Food  Co-­‐ op  (VT)   !  City  Market  /  Onion  River   Co-­‐op  (VT)   !  Co-­‐op  Food  Stores  /  Hanover   Consumer  Co-­‐op  (NH  &  VT)   !  Fiddleheads  Food  Co-­‐op  (CT)   !  Franklin  Community  Co-­‐op   (MA)   !  Hunger  Mountain  Co-­‐op  (VT)   !  Leverett  Village  Co-­‐op  (MA)   !  Littleton  Food  Co-­‐op  (NH)   !  Middlebury  Natural  Foods   Co-­‐op  (VT)   !  Plainfield  Food  Co-­‐op  (VT)   !  Putney  Food  Co-­‐op  (VT)   !  Quabbin  Harvest  Co-­‐op  (MA)   !  River  Valley  Co-­‐op  (MA)   !  Rutland  Area  Food  Co-­‐op   (VT)   !  Stone  Valley  Community  Co-­‐ op  Market  (VT)   !  Upper  Valley  Food  Co-­‐op   (VT)   !  Wild  Oats  Co-­‐op  Market   (MA)   !  Willimantic  Food  Co-­‐op  (CT)   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   WELCOME,  MEMBER  CO-­‐OPS!    
  6. 6. ! Amherst  Community   Co-­‐op  (MA)   ! Assabet  Village  Food   Co-­‐op  (MA)   ! Dorchester  Community   Food  Co-­‐op  (MA)   ! Granite  City  Grocery   Co-­‐op  (VT)   ! Great  River  Co-­‐op  (NH)     ! Manchester  Food  Co-­‐ op  (NH)   ! Merrimack  Valley  Food   Co-­‐op  (MA)   ! Morrisville  Food  Co-­‐op   (VT)   ! Souhegan  Valley  Food   Co-­‐op  (NH)   ! Urban  Greens  Food             Co-­‐op  (RI)   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   WELCOME,  MEMBER  START-­‐UPS!    
  7. 7. ! Artisan  Beverage  Co-­‐op   ! Associated  Buyers   ! Berkshire  Co-­‐op  Market   (MA)   ! CDS  Consulting  Co-­‐op   ! Coös  County  Co-­‐op  (NH,   Start-­‐Up)   ! GreenStar  Co-­‐op  Market   (NY)   ! Harvest  Co-­‐op  (MA)   !  Mansfield  Community  Co-­‐op   (VT,  Start-­‐Up)   ! National  Cooperative   Business  Association  /   CLUSA  International   ! National  Co+op  Grocers     ! National  Cooperative   Bank  (NCB)   ! New  England  Farmers   Union  (NEFU)   ! Office  of  Consumer   Advocate  (NH)   ! Valley  Alliance  of  Worker   Co-­‐ops  (VAWC)   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016Cooperative  Fund  of   New  England  (CFNE)     WELCOME,  GUESTS!  
  8. 8. !  Kari  Bradley,  President  (General   Manager,  Hunger  Mountain  Co-­‐ op,  VT)   !  Ed  King,  Vice  President  (General   Manager,  Littleton  Food  Co-­‐op,   NH)   !  Kay  Litten,  Secretary  (Board   Member,  Co-­‐op  Food  Stores  /   Hanover  Co-­‐op,  NH  &  VT)   !  Suzette  Snow  Cobb,  Treasurer   (Marketing  &  Membership,   Franklin  Community  Co-­‐op,  MA)   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   NOTES  FROM  THE  BOARD  OF  DIRECTORS   !  Faye  Conte  (Board  Member,  City   Market  /  Onion  River  Co-­‐op,  VT)   !  Glenn  Lower  (General  Manager,   Middlebury  Natural  Foods  Co-­‐op,   VT)   !  Sue  Miller  (General  Manager,   Upper  Valley  Food  Co-­‐op,  VT)   !  Joanne  Todd  (Board  Member,   Willimantic  Food  Co-­‐op,  CT)   !  Michael  Wells  (Board  Member,   Putney  Food  Co-­‐op,  VT)  
  9. 9. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   INCOME  2015   Member   Dues   60%   Other   Income   15%   Frozen   Foods   25%  
  10. 10. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   EXPENSE   Programs   11%   Cost  of   Goods  Sold   26%   Operations   5%  Other  Expense   3%   People   55%  
  11. 11. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   TOTAL  EQUITY    $-­‐      $10,000      $20,000      $30,000      $40,000      $50,000      $60,000      $70,000      $80,000     2011   2012   2013   2014   2015  
  12. 12. ! Keynote  Speaker   ! Judy  Ziewacz,  President  &  CEO  of  NCBA  CLUSA   ! Staff  Report   ! Erbin  Crowell  &  Bonnie  Hudspeth   ! Small  Group  Dialog:  The  Middlebury  Manifesto   ! Lunch  //  Peer  Networking  Tables   ! Afternoon  Workshops   ! Elections,  Appreciations,  Evaluations  &  Raffle   ! Co-­‐op  Happy  Hour!   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   AGENDA  FOR  THE  DAY  
  13. 13. Keynote:   Judy  Ziewacz   THE  NEXT  100  YEARS  OF   CO-­‐OPERATION  IN  THE   UNITED  STATES   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016  
  14. 14. Judy  Ziewacz   !  President  &  CEO,  NCBA  CLUSA   !  Advocate  for  USDA’s  Rural   Cooperative  Development   Grant  Program  (1990).   !  Executive  Director  of  the   Cooperative  Development   Foundation  (1996)   !  Advocate  for  “dotCoop”  as  a   Top  Level  Domain  (TLD).     !  Boards  of  the  National   Cooperative  Bank  (NCB),   Capital  Impact  Partners  &   Group  Heath  Cooperative  of   South  Central  Wisconsin.   !  Co-­‐op  Hall  of  Fame  2014   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   OUR  KEYNOTE  SPEAKER  
  15. 15. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   THRIVING FORCEThat Builds a Better World Judy Ziewacz President & CEO National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International Cooperatives are the
  16. 16. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   We’re Celebrating… •  Our 1916 incorporation in Illinois as Cooperative League of the USA (CLUSA) •  Our uniqueness as the only national cross- sector co-op association in the US •  Our decades of promoting the cooperative business model •  Our successful history of assembling coalitions, advocating for the business model, uniting all sectors 100 years of Supporting Cooperatives that build a better world! •  Member highlights •  Monthly Themes •  PBS Visionaries Doc •  Co-ops Village on the National Mall •  Smithsonian Exhibit www.ncbaclusa100.coop
  17. 17. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Our Past… •  Incorporated in 1916 in Illinois as Cooperative League of the USA (CLUSA). •  1944, helped establish Cooperatives for Assistance and Remittances to Europe (CARE) •  Expanded internationally in 1953 helping to build the IFFCO cooperative in India •  1960’s members were primary advocates for Food for Peace and USAID funding •  1980’s helped create the National Consumer Cooperative Bank (now: NCB) •  1990’s lobbied for and created RCDG grant program at the USDA •  2000 successfully created the .coop domain
  18. 18. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Just 3 things… 1 2 3 When & Why do co-ops THRIVE? What do co-ops look like TODAY? What’s NEXT?
  19. 19. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Why Co-op’s Thrive… Use innovation to fill a social need Focused on people over profit Insure access to all community members
  20. 20. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Quote… “You cooperatives brought credit when it seemed unobtainable. You brought light and power to rural Americans when it appeared out of reach. You brought modern telephone service to tens of thousands and lowered the price of gas and fertilizer to many thousands more.! ! You did all of these things, and more, because you believed that the strength of the fortunate many should be used to help the unfortunate few.” ! –Lyndon B. Johnson! 36th President of the United States of America!
  21. 21. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Where we are today… 40,000 + co-ops 1 in 3 people have ownership in a co-op Electric co-ops power 18 million homes, schools and businesses •  U.S. co-ops provide nearly 2 million jobs and create more than $74 billion in annual wages with a revenue of $650 billion •  Food co-ops reinvest in their communities an average of 14% more than conventional grocers •  Nearly a million of the nations farmers belong to a co-op, accounting for 55% of total US agriculture sales
  22. 22. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Can you see your co-op?
  23. 23. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Economic Diversification…. Top 100 Cooperatives in the United States represent $234.5 billion of the nations economy2: Agriculture $148 Grocery $ 33 Energy & Comm. $ 19 Finance $ 12 Hardware $ 9 Healthcare $ 9 Other sectors $ 4 (revenue measured in billions) 2National Cooperative Bank – 2014 Coop 100
  24. 24. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Where we are today… TRENDS Increase in Worker Co-op formation Conversion Solution Increase desire for greater ownership And one more thing…
  25. 25. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   TRUSTTrust in cooperatives is at an all-time high with increasing numbers of consumers looking for businesses that share their values.
  26. 26. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   73% of Americans polled TRUST CO-OPS over traditional businesses.** ** Data based on 2015 Independent poll *Results from 2015 Gallup poll Organized Religion U.S. Congress Banks 28% 42% 8%
  27. 27. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   What are you doing with that TRUST?
  28. 28. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Next 100 years… Creating awareness through core messaging of values and principles Shaping public policy through advocacy NCBA CLUSA is meeting that challenge and pivoting to the next 100 years of supporting cooperative business by:
  29. 29. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Awareness… Media Engagement Op-Eds placement with targeted print and online media Member profiles to showcase cooperatives to broadcast media High level editorial boards
  30. 30. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Advocacy… Public Policy Engagement Bi-partisan Cooperative Business Caucus Interagency Working Group on Cooperative Development Cooperative Council of Economic Advisors
  31. 31. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   “By contributing to human dignity and global solidarity, cooperatives truly do build a better world.” -Ban Ki Moon Secretary General of the United Nations
  32. 32. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Q&A
  33. 33. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   Thank You! Judy Ziewacz President & CEO
  34. 34. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSORS  
  35. 35. Erbin  Crowell  &   Bonnie  Hudspeth  STAFF  REPORT   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016  
  36. 36. Supporting  shared   success  through…   ! Education  &   Outreach   ! Peer-­‐to-­‐Peer   Collaboration   ! Regional  Sourcing   ! Network   Partnerships   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   OUR  ACTIVITIES  
  37. 37. ! Education  &  Outreach   ! Formalization  of  UMASS  Program   ! Peer  Network  Development     ! Two  Peer  Training  events  in  2015   ! Regional  Sourcing     ! Associated  Buyers,  Farm  to  Freezer,  Natural  Value     ! Organizational  Development     ! Strategic  partnerships,  explore  expansion   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   PRIORITIES  FOR  2015  
  38. 38. Raising  awareness  of   the  co-­‐op  difference…   !  Ads  &  Press   !  Slow  Living   Conference   !  NOFA  Conferences   !  Co-­‐op  Track   !  “Go  Co-­‐op”   initiative   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   EDUCATION  &  OUTREACH  
  39. 39. !  UMASS  Co-­‐op   Enterprise   Collaborative   !  NFCA   !  Valley  Alliance  of   Worker  Co-­‐ops     !  UMASS  Amherst   Economics  Department   !  Association  of   Cooperative   Educators  Institute   !  2016  –  Expanded   internships     NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   UMASS  CO-­‐OP  ENTERPRISE  CERTIFICATE  
  40. 40. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   PEER  NETWORK  DEVELOPMENT   Linking  our  members   for  shared  success…   ! Member  Gatherings   ! Monthly    Coordinated   Start-­‐Up  Calls   ! Healthy  Food  Access   Collaboration   ! Peer  Networking   Events  
  41. 41. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   MARKETING  &  MEMBERSHIP  TRAINING  
  42. 42. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   ORGANIC  VALLEY  FARM  TOUR  
  43. 43. Harnessing  our  shared   purchasing  power…   ! Value  added  producer   grant  with  NEFU,  Deep   Root  Organic  Co-­‐op   ! Associated  Buyers   Partnership   ! Affordability:  Natural   Value  Products   ! Innovation:  Relaunch  of   Farm  to  Freezer   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   REGIONAL  SOURCING  
  44. 44. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   RELAUNCH  OF  FARM  TO  FREEZER  
  45. 45. Increasing  our  impact   through  collaboration…   ! Cooperative  Fund  of   New  England   ! Valley  Alliance  of   Worker  Co-­‐ops   ! New  England  Farmers   Union   ! Associated  Buyers   ! Food  Co-­‐op  Initiative   ! Welcome  Food  Co-­‐ops   from  ME  &  NY,  today!   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   ORGANIZATIONAL  DEVELOPMENT  
  46. 46. Organizational  Development     !  Open  membership  to  ME   and  Upstate  NY   !  Exploration  of  opportunities   for  alignment  with  NCG   Marketing  &  Education     !  Update  impact  statistics     !  Develop  UMASS  certificate   program,  internships   Regional  Sourcing   !  Associated  Buyers   !  Farm  to  Freezer  &  Natural   Value  projects   !  Explore  future  product  and   staffing  opportunities   Peer  Networking   !  Regional  start-­‐up   conference   !  Peer  networking  event  for   HR  staff   !  And…   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   2016  PRIORITIES  
  47. 47. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   60TH  CCMA  IN  NEW  ENGLAND!   www.ncba.coop/ccma-­‐2016-­‐conference  
  48. 48. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   YOUR  FEEDBACK  &  QUESTIONS  
  49. 49. Small  Group   Tables   REFLECTING  ON  THE   MIDDLEBURY   MANIFESTO   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016  
  50. 50. 1.  Common   Commercial   Activities   2.  Sharing  operational   &  organizational   insights   3.  Collective  action  for   a  co-­‐operative   economy   4.  Leadership  &   management   capacity   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   THE  MIDDLEBURY  MANIFESTO   5.  Advance  the  state  of   co-­‐operative   knowledge   6.  Gatherings  to  build   human  connections   7.  Engender  joy,   enthusiasm  and   optimism   8.  Devotion  of   resources  to   advance  our  values   and  secure  our  ends  
  51. 51. 1)  What  activities  of  the  NFCA  have  been   most  effective  in  advancing  the  your   goal?   2)  What  are  some  key  opportunities  we   have  for  advancing  this  goal  in  the   future?   3) What  is  the  ONE  opportunity  that  your   group  would  recommend  that  the  NFCA   consider  moving  forward?   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SMALL  GROUP  DISCUSSION  
  52. 52. In  60  seconds  or   less,  summarize   your  group’s   NUMBER  ONE   opportunity  for   the  future  of   the  NFCA.   NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SMALL  GROUPS  REPORT  OUT  
  53. 53. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   LUNCH     THANK  YOU,     FRANKLIN  COMMUNITY  CO-­‐OP   &  OUR  CO-­‐OP  COMMUNITY   SPONSORS!  
  54. 54. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSORS  
  55. 55. NFCA  Fifth  Annual  Meeting  2016   SPECIAL  THANKS  TO  OUR  SPONSORS