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Booming, but Not Better (Yet) | Scott Wasserman

Scott Wasserman is the president of Bell Policy Center. His presentation focuses on the barriers and opportunities that must be considered to ensure that Colorado's economic mobility is sustainable and beneficial for all residents of the state.

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Booming, but Not Better (Yet) | Scott Wasserman

  1. 1. Scott Wasserman President, Bell Policy Center BOOMING, BUT NOT BETTER (YET):
  2. 2. Booming, but Not Better (Yet): A Look at Economic Mobility in Colorado Presented by: Scott Wasserman Barriers and Opportunities to Consider for Sustainable Growth in Colorado
  3. 3. Personal Experience But There’s So Much More in That Picture Stock Market? Unemployment? Growth & Productivity? Inequality Racial & Gender Equity Educational Attainment & Workforce Development Asset Building Family Economic Security Healthy Communities
  4. 4. Shifting Demographics Colorado is growing older
  5. 5. Shifting Demographics Colorado is growing more diverse
  6. 6. Lack of Investment in Communities & Coloradans Investment in public services is near an all-time low
  7. 7. General Fund revenue over time
  8. 8. Education is a prime example of public divestment
  9. 9. Growing Inequality The divide between Colorado’s top and bottom is widening
  10. 10. Colorado’s middle-income families are disappearing
  11. 11. Growth of low-wage jobs is part of the problem In 2004, 13% of Colorado workers were employed in jobs paying below 100% FPL. In 2016, the amount of Coloradans working in low-wage jobs was up to 22%.
  12. 12. Growth of low-wage jobs is part of the problem
  13. 13. The Bell’s look at Colorado’s middle class Two-Thirds Median Income: $68,800 Spending: $82,929 Deficit: $14,129 Median Income: $103,200 Spending: $115,450 Deficit: $12,250 Double Median Income: $206,400 Spending: $203,688 Surplus: $2,712
  14. 14. The Bell’s look at Colorado’s middle class From an aspirational perspective, substantially fewer families have incomes to support a middle class lifestyle in Colorado (Exercise is akin to a “self-sufficiency standard” for middle class aspirations) Our income-based definition finds nearly half of all Colorado families are in the middle class
  15. 15. Technology’s Effect on How We Work & Learn The future of work is here; our economy & learning systems must adapt
  16. 16. Social Insurance Systems in Need of Reform Health Care Paid Leave Lifelong Learning Retirement
  17. 17. The Issues for 2019 And Beyond Education • Full-day K • Preschool • Lower tuition • K-12 funding • Tax credits Economic Security • Paid family leave • Retirement security • Student debt Health Fiscal Policy • Public option • Reinsurance • Cost controls • Tax policy & TABOR • Gallagher • Transportation funding