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Music as a Tool for Engagement | Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher, president and CEO of the Aspen Music Festival and School, speaks about how the educational portion of the festival has created an integrative experience for young students and the community alike.

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Music as a Tool for Engagement | Alan Fletcher

  1. 1. Alan Fletcher President and CEO, Aspen Music Festival and School COLORADO BRIEFS
  2. 2. Education and Community Outreach • Beginning Strings • Group instruction in violin, viola, and cello for elementary-aged students • 134 students in the Roaring Fork Valley (RFV) are participating this year • 56% of students are receiving an instrument scholarship from the AMFS • Lead Guitar • Classical guitar program, offered in-school and after-school in middle schools • 81 students in the RFV are participating in the after-school program this year • Maroon Bel Canto Choirs • Two choir programs for grades 3-8 • 151 students in the RFV are participating this year • 13 schools in the RFV are participating in these programs. • 23% of students are receiving full, half-, or quarter-tuition scholarships • Fun Fact: We expect our Beginning Strings students to consume 3,215 snacks during class this school year!
  3. 3. Education and Community Outreach