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NVIDIA GPU CLOUD - Deep Learning Everywhere

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Read through this Slideshare to learn more about the benefits of NVIDIA's NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).

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NVIDIA GPU CLOUD - Deep Learning Everywhere

  1. 1. Deep Learning Everywhere, for Everyone NVIDIA GPU CLOUD
  2. 2. Current DIY deep learning environments are complex and time consuming to build, test and maintain Development of frameworks by the community is moving very quickly Requires high level of expertise to manage driver, library, framework dependencies NVIDIA Libraries NVIDIA Docker NVIDIA Driver NVIDIA GPU Open Source Frameworks CHALLENGES WITH DEEP LEARNING
  3. 3. Innovate in minutes Removes all the DIY complexity Deep learning across platforms Runs locally on DGX or on AWS Always up to date Monthly releases for maximum performance Deep Learning Everywhere, For Everyone NVIDIA GPU CLOUD (NGC)
  4. 4. Simplify deployment of GPU-accelerated applications Isolate individual frameworks or applications Share, collaborate, and test applications across different environments 4 INNOVATE IN MINUTES LEARN MORE
  5. 5. TITAN X Available via retail in 200+ countries DGX-1 The appliance for instant productivity TESLA Servers in every shape and size CLOUD Everywhere NGC IS A HYBRID CLOUD STRATEGY
  6. 6. TF Tuned SW NVIDIA Docker CNTK Tuned SW NVIDIA Docker Caffe2 Tuned SW NVIDIA Docker PyTorch Tuned SW NVIDIA Docker CUDA RTCUDA RTCUDA RTCUDA RT Linux Kernel + CUDA Driver Tuned SW NVIDIA Docker CUDA RT Other Frameworks and Apps. . . Monthly Framework Releases with NVIDIA Optimizations ALWAYS UP TO DATE DOWNLOAD TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
  7. 7. Greater than 10x Performance on Volta vs K80 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 K80 V100 TC GPU Generational Training Scaling ResNet-152 Training, 8x K80 (16 GPUs total) compared with 8x V100 NVLink GPUs using NVIDIA 17.10 containers MAXIMIZING PERFORMANCE ON VOLTA
  8. 8. NGC container registry now available for 1 to 8 Volta GPUs on Amazon EC2 NVIDIA Volta Deep Learning AMI on AWS Marketplace AVAILABLE NOW WITH VOLTA ON AWS
  9. 9. Pull containerDeploy imageSign up To get an NGC account, go to: ngc.nvidia.com Pick your desired framework (TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, etc.), and pull the container into your P3 instance On Amazon EC2, choose a P3 instance and deploy the NVIDIA Volta Deep Learning AMI for NGC GETTING STARTED
  10. 10. NVIDIA GPU CLOUD FOR DEEP LEARNING Innovate In Minutes Deep Learning Across Platforms Always Up To Date
  11. 11. To learn more, watch a getting started video and download the NGC Deep Learning Technical Overview at: nvidia.com/cloud To sign up for an account at no charge, go to: ngc.nvidia.com Sign Up and Start a Deep Learning Job in Minutes GET STARTED NOW WITH NGC