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Top 5 Deep Learning and AI Stories 3/9

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Get the latest announcements on Microsoft and NVIDIA's HGX-1 platform for artificial intelligence cloud computing, Facebook's new AI server, and the launch of Jetson TX2 for AI computing in cameras, sensors, and more.

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Top 5 Deep Learning and AI Stories 3/9

  1. 1. Weekly insights into the new computing model DEEP LEARNING TOP 5 Mar 9th, 2017
  3. 3. Accelerated computing in hyperscale data centers are required to power cloud AI workloads. It will fulfill the promise of IoT for manufacturing, industrial, and retail, by bringing intelligence to edge devices.
  4. 4. The world’s largest enterprises are using accelerated computing technology to successfully meet the demands of AI.
  5. 5. TOP 5 1. Microsoft and NVIDIA Announce HGX-1 Platform Standard for AI Cloud Computing 2. Facebook’s New AI Training Server is Nearly Twice as Fast 3. NVIDIA’s Jetson TX2 Makes AI Computing Possible Within Cameras, Sensors, and More 4. Fujitsu Builds New AI Supercomputer, Based on 24 NVIDIA DGX-1s 5. Machine Learning and Data Analysis are Critical for Google’s Success in the Cloud HERE ARE THE “TOP FIVE” STORIES HIGHLIGHTING HOW DEEP LEARNING AND AI ARE ACCELERATING ENTERPRISES THIS WEEK …
  6. 6. MICROSOFT AND NVIDIA ANNOUNCE HGX-1 PLATFORM STANDARD FOR AI CLOUD COMPUTING “NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Ingrasys announced today their plans for HGX-1, a hyperscale GPU accelerator for AI and cloud computing. This open-source design is being released in conjunction with Microsoft’s Project Olympus initiative at the OCP (Open Compute Project) conference and is designed to give hyperscale datacenters a high performance and flexible path for the machine learning industry.” 1 READ NOW For the full article from Forbes … “I don’t think there’s anything out there today that gets you that performance scalability.” - Kushagra Vaid, GM for Microsoft Azure
  7. 7. FACEBOOK’S NEW AI TRAINING SERVER IS NEARLY TWICE AS FAST “Facebook today announced a new server design it calls Big Basin … Big Basin can now train on learning models 30 percent larger than its predecessor, Facebook says. It can also crunch through the massive number sets used by an AI system to improve itself at nearly twice the speed, according to tests conducted on standardized neural network models..” 2 READ NOW For the full article from The Verge … “The aim is to provide a lot more compute power to train more and more complex AI models, creating a new server that will fit even better with our needs.” -Kevin Lee, Facebook, Technical Program Manager
  8. 8. NVIDIA’S JETSON TX2 MAKES AI COMPUTING POSSIBLE WITHIN CAMERAS, SENSORS, AND MORE “Nvidia has a new generation of its Jetson embedded computing platform for devices at the edge of a network, including things like traffic cameras, manufacturing robotics, smart sensors and more. The Jetson TX2 has twice the performance of its predecessor, the TX1, or it can also redirect efficiency to power savings, using less than half the power consumption of the original to achieve the same processing abilities.” 3 READ NOW For the full article from TechCrunch… "Jetson TX2 brings powerful AI capabilities at the edge, making possible a new class of intelligent machines.“ -Deepu Talla, VP and GM of Tegra
  9. 9. FUJITSU BUILDS NEW AI SUPERCOMPUTER, BASED ON 24 NVIDIA DGX-1S “Fujitsu announced today that it is using 24 NVIDIA DGX-1 AI systems to help build a supercomputer for RIKEN, Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution, for deep learning research. The largest customer installation of DGX-1 systems to date, the supercomputer will accelerate the application of AI to solve complex challenges in healthcare, manufacturing and public safety.” 4 READ NOW For the full article from NVIDIA … “We believe that the NVIDIA DGX-1-based system will accelerate real-world implementation of the latest AI technologies as well as research into next-generation AI algorithms,” -Arimichi Kunisawa, Fujitsu, Head of Technical Computing Solutions
  10. 10. MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA ANALYSIS ARE CRITICAL FOR GOOGLE’S SUCCESS IN THE CLOUD “After five months of suspense, yesterday Fei-Fei Li revealed the focus of her new role during her keynote address at Google’s cloud developer conference, Cloud Next 2017. She will apply her experience to democratize machine learning to the enterprise. Her task: Study the problems that machine learning could solve in a wide variety of industries and enable enterprises to adopt machine learning.” 5 READ NOW For the full article from Network World… “Cloud is the best vehicle to democratize AI. It can deliver the power of AI to so many people and businesses. ” -Fei-Fei Li, Google, Cloud Chief Scientist