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Public data can tell us a lot about the world. We can learn how many cars traveled through the Holland Tunnel in the last hour, what was in all those containers unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles this morning, and from whom our politicians are receiving money. At Enigma, we are committed to helping connect this data to the curious minds and hungry algorithms that need it to make better decisions and to understand the complex systems in which we are all living.

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  1. 1. What is Public Data? 2 Energy Oil and Gas Production by Well Pipelines and Storage Capacities Electricity Transactions Power Plant Locations and Sizes Real Estate Property Tax Assessments Foreclosures American Housing Survey Home Mortgage Origination Building Permits Healthcare Healthcare Providers Clinics and Look-a-likes Registry Medicare Reimbursements Adverse Event Reporting System Finance 10K and 10Q Filings Form D Filings IRS Form 5500 Filings FDIC Institutions And much more in Demographics, Government, Transportation, Environment, Economics & Commerce Government Federal and State Contracts Lobbying Records Federal and State Spending Government Employee Salaries Regulatory Liquor Licenses Professional Licenses Corporate Registrations Consumer Product Recalls Granted Patents FCC Licenses
  2. 2. PUBLIC DATA ACCESSIBLE DATA The public data paradox
  3. 3. 4 Absence of a global view At best, identifying data sources relevant to business problems remains a scattered process. Valuable content is hidden Performing a comprehensive search of these disconnected datasets is impossible. Extracting data is painful Leveraging data requires an immense investment of time, effort, budget, and expertise. Public data’s key usability problems
  4. 4. 5 Content Acquisition Enigma’s processes capture, maintain and curate a wide range of data sources in a scalable fashion. Relational Engine Enigma’s proprietary data storage infrastructure centralizes and links databases siloed in the real world. Web App Search and discover with context and clarity. API Build custom apps and integrate with systems. Enigma’s infrastructure for public data
  5. 5. Web Application 6