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Time management Short Presentation

  1. PRESENTER M U H A M M A D N A D E E M J A H A N G I R Time Management
  2. Project manager Abdullah Always Late Inbox (100+) Procrastination No time for family
  3. What is Time Management? The art of arranging, organizing, scheduling, and budgeting one’s time for the purpose of generating more effective work and productivity is known as Time Management. Why is Time Management?  Increase Productivity  Less Stress  Improved Self-esteem  Increase Confidence  Make you Proactive  Help you work Smart And many more …
  4. Principles of Time Management Develop a habit of eliminating at least one time waster from your life each week. Always have a great clarity of objectives Always work with a focus centered on achieving the set objectives Reserve large blocks of time for important activities Set priorities to achieve more in the same day Before beginning your work for the day, make a list of all your activities
  5. Styles of Time Management Time Management Achievement Management Casual Management Crisis Management Precision Management Social Management
  6. Achievement Management PROS CONS Others see such people as dependable and helpful. The lack of completion of projects.
  7. Casual Management PROS CONS Casual managers think with their “right brain” and hence tend to be more creative. A tendency to miss dead lines or to leave things unfinished.
  8. Crisis Management PROS CONS Tendency to work well under pressure. Getting easily stressed and distracted.
  9. Precision Management PROS CONS People are considered detail oriented and highly capable. A waste of time and energy due to spending of an outrageous amount of time and resources on a project.
  10. Social Management PROS CONS Such people tend to have excellent communication skills great contributors in brainstorming. Wasting of valuable time in meaningless conversations.
  11. Role of Technology Planners Calendar TODO List Telephone & Email
  12. Role of Technology - Example Project manager Abdullah No Time for Family Procrastination Full Inbox to check Always Late Planners TODO List View important emails using filters and/or make phone calls Alarm and schedulers
  13. Measuring PrioritiesEisenhower Matrix