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Call Center Management & KPI Metrics

Management & KPI Metrics

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Call Center Management & KPI Metrics

  1. 1. Call Center Management & Reporting Presented by: Nahid Mohammad Ishtiaq
  2. 2. Contents of Workshop  Overview of a Contact Center  Functions of a Contact Center  Contact Center Process Flow  Workforce Management  Contact Center Operation & KPI Matrices  Quality Management  Contact Center Reporting
  3. 3. Genex Infosys Limited, Private & Confidential Drive For Excellence……….
  4. 4. Contact Center Service A contact center is defined as a place where contacts are made and received
  5. 5. Contact Center Service
  6. 6. Contact Center Service
  7. 7. Contact Center Service
  8. 8. Functions of Contact Center  Workforce Management  Quality Management  Technology Management  Reporting and Communications  Financial Management
  9. 9. Contact Center Process Flow WFM Operation MIS Plan and Monitor Execution and Managed Track and Analysis
  10. 10. RosterForecast Review Staff Plan Recruit & Hire Conduct Training & Nesting Infrastructure & Capacity Validation Demand Driver Forecast Capacity Planning Scheduling Real-time Management and Service Level Monitoring Workforce management is the process of getting the “just right” number of staff in place every hour to maximize service and minimize cost and it's one of the most important planning and management functions in the call center. WFM Process Map Workforce Management
  11. 11. Inbound Call Center Operation & KPI Matrices
  12. 12. Customer wait time Customer wait time KPI Matrices Average Speed of Answer (ASA) Inbound Call Center Operation & KPI Matrices
  13. 13. KPI Matrices Average Handling Time (AHT) Occupancy (Agent/Process) Inbound Call Center Operation & KPI Matrices
  14. 14. Service level is usually defined as the percentage of calls answered within threshold. Inbound Operation and KPI Matrices Example: Abandon rate is the number of calls that hang-up before connecting to an agent. Calculation: Abandoned / Total Offered Answer level is the number of contacts that answered. Calculation: Answered / Total Offered
  15. 15.  Service Level  Answer Level  Abandon Rate  AHT (Talk Time + Hold Time + ACW Time)  ASA (Average speed of answer)  Service Quality (QA Score, C-Set, D-Set, FCR etc.)  Shrinkage  Adherence (Shift Adherence/Login Adherence)  Attrition Contact Center KPI Matrices
  16. 16. Contact Center Reporting
  17. 17. Real Time Report Contact Center Reporting
  18. 18. Historical Report Contact Center Reporting
  19. 19. I remain Nahid Mohammad Ishtiaq Any Question ?????? Any Question
  20. 20. We hope every individual’s performance increase continuously in terms of service and quality. Conclusion
  21. 21. Thank You