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Pdhpe rationale

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Pdhpe rationale

  1. 1. Why teach PDHPE in Primaryschools?Personal Development, Health and Physical Education(PDHPE) is an important key learning area (KLA) with in theNSW primary school curriculum because it aims to teach anddevelop student skills, decision-making, communication, interaction, movement and problemsolving. It further increases knowledge, attitudes and valuesto increase personal wellbeing.Teaching PDHPE promotes physical activity, explains theimportance of personal development and discusses thehealthy choices available to maintain a healthy lifestyle…
  2. 2. Promotes physical activity!Physical activity provides the opportunity to be active, have fun, feel good, behealthy and express yourself. Active children are happy and healthy and morelikely to become active adults. Promoting physical activity and engaging withstudents ensures:• Emotional wellbeing• Psychological wellbeing• Learning & productivity• Social skills and• Increase in movement to reduce obesity and other major health issues.
  3. 3. Promotes making healthy lifestylechoicesBy teaching and guiding students towards appropriate healthybehaviours, healthy food options and attitudes, students are able to makepositive and healthy lifestyle decisions and choices ultimately resulting in animproved way of life.
  4. 4. Promotes safe livingSafe Living is concerned with the protection of students through the promotionof safe environments and practices. By teaching and promoting safeliving, students develop an ability to act in ways that will keep themselves andothers safe from harm. Students should be taught-• Personal safety• School & play safety• Road safety and more…
  5. 5. Promotes, maintains and developspositive social relationshipsInterpersonal Relationships is concerned with developing an understanding ofthe nature of relationships. By teaching students an understanding of their ownand others’ values and beliefs and how they are shaped, students developskills for building positive responsible relationships, and practice theirapplication so that they can use them effectively in their lives.