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Operations Strategy and Planning Manager

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We are looking for a smart and energetic Operations Strategy & Planning Manager to help us develop and roll out strategic initiatives to ensure we deliver customers orders in a fast and cost effective way with perfect customer experience. The Manager will report to the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and will be responsible for:
● Monitor all Key Performance Metrics of continuous improvement projects across Lazada operations (customer service, order fulfillment, last mile delivery, vendor management, after sales)
● Identify ideas and lead projects to drive operations performance and cost improvements across departments
● Perform analyses to support the management team to make critical business decisions
● Develop models to optimize operational costs and performance
● Prepare ad-hoc analyses and presentations for the COO and the regional operations team (based in Singapore)
● Take lead on the strategic planning, resource management and vendor negotiation processes
● Coordinate with regional and local teams to manage the roll-out of new features

Desired Skills and Experience
● 5+ years of experience in Cost Controlling, Financial Analysis and/or Performance Management or comparable analytical positions
● Strong problem-solving, analytical skills and knowledge of Microsoft Excel
● Ability to take initiatives in a constantly-changing work environment, flexible “can do” attitude
● Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks, to prioritize those tasks and meet deadlines
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English and preferably also Vietnamese)
● SQL knowledge a strong plus

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Operations Strategy and Planning Manager

  1. 1. Operations Strategy & Planning Manager (Lazada Vietnam) About Lazada Lazada is pioneeringe-Commerce acrossSoutheastAsia.Launchedin2012, Lazada has grownrapidlyto include over7,000 employeesinthe region,withoperationsinHongKong,Indonesia,Malaysia, Philippines,Thailand,VietnamandSingapore.Lazadahasearnedthe trustand financial backingof key investorsTesco,J.P.Morgan,Verlinvest,InvestmentABKinnevikandRocketInternet. Revolutionizingthe waywe shop,andperformonlinetransactionsacrossthe region,Lazadahasan online footprintof +4.5 milliondailyvisitstoitswebsites,+20,000 active sellers,+60fulfillmentcenters and lastmile hubs,andthe largestFacebookfollowinginSoutheastAsiawithover19millionfans. Givenourtremendousgrowth,we are searchingfordynamic,entrepreneurial,broad-mindedindividuals to be part of our rapidlyexpandingteam!Joinourdiverseandmotivatedteamtohone inonyour creativityaswell asimplementnewinitiativeswithinanurturing,equal opportunityenvironment! Job Description We are lookingfora smart and energeticOperationsStrategy&PlanningManagertohelpusdevelop and roll outstrategicinitiativestoensure we delivercustomersordersinafastand cost effectiveway withperfectcustomerexperience.The Managerwill reporttothe COO(Chief OperatingOfficer) andwill be responsiblefor: ● Monitoringall KeyPerformance Metricsof continuousimprovementprojectsacrossLazada operations(customerservice,order fulfillment,lastmile delivery,vendormanagement,after sales) ● Identifyingideasandleadprojectstodrive operationsperformanceandcostimprovements across departments ● Performinganalysestosupportthe managementteamtomake critical businessdecisions ● Developingmodelstooptimizeoperational costsandperformance ● Preparingadhoc analysesandpresentationsforthe COOand the regional operationsteam (basedinSingapore) ● Takingleadon the strategicplanning,resource managementandvendornegotiationprocesses ● Coordinatingwithregional andlocal teamstomanage the roll-outof new features DesiredSkillsand Experience ● 5+ yearsof experience in CostControlling,FinancialAnalysisand/orPerformance Management or comparable analytical positions ● Strongproblem-solving,analytical skillsandknowledge of MicrosoftExcel ● Abilitytotake initiativesinaconstantly-changingworkenvironment,flexible “cando”attitude ● Demonstratedabilitytohandle multipletasks,toprioritizethose tasksandmeetdeadlines
  2. 2. ● Excellentwrittenandverbal communicationskills(EnglishandpreferablyalsoVietnamese) ● SQL knowledge astrongplus Please sendyourCV includingyourearlieststartingdate withjobtitleinthe subjecttonam.tran- hoai@lazada.vn