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Contents analysis

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Contents analysis

  1. 1. Contents Page Analysis<br />
  2. 2. COLOUR<br />IMAGE<br />HIP HOP CONNECTION<br />The main colours on this page are red and white, the white being relevant to the colour scheme presented on the first page whereas the red is a new colour introduced into the theme. However the colour red is relevant to the genre of the music as the colour red signifies connotations such as danger, dominance and love and Hip Hop artists express freely the topic of love such as the love for the rap game and the love for another person. Nevertheless they express the dangers that they may have experienced in their life and how they have overcome it or ask the audience themselves how to overcome it. It also expresses dominance as every rapper wants to become successful within the music industry. However white is used on the contents page which shows continuity and the white is maybe to soften the dominance of the red colour. The colour white usually signifies innocence and purity so it contrasts against the red colour stereotypes. Both colours are used effectively on the page however most text is used in white which shows that white is dominating the red which can be seen as unusual.<br />LAYOUT<br />TEXT<br />