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Shopwise- Your Shopping Assistant

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A two day UX workshop to design an app to improve your shopping experience when in unfamiliar places. The key elements were understanding the ecosystem and what are the issues user faces even when there is so much technology available. The app relies on reviews generated by other shoppers been to the same area, auto suggestions etc.

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Shopwise- Your Shopping Assistant

  1. 1. Shopwise Your shopping assistant mobile app ! Now get rid of the helplessness you feel while shopping in unfamiliar places. By Namita Maheshwari CUA, M.Des, B. Arch
  2. 2. Executive intent and Suggested model Executive Intent : This will be a recommendation app, which will be based on the feedback given by other users, and the other trust factors generated by authorizations, certifications, images etc.. It will help the user to be directed to right shops in the chosen area, as per his need. The app will also have features which came as insights from the research- eg. Language barrier, safety, while shopping in unfamiliar places Suggested Model : Since this is a purely recommendation app, location based advertisements will be the capital generator. It could eventually become a hybrid app for other travel and shopping based apps. To get more registrations give shopping based incentives
  3. 3. Why I chose mobile ? Shopping as an activity is ‘unplanned’ and ‘on the go’ It has all the required features needed while shopping- GPS, Camera, sharing options etc. Phones are much more handy- imagine carrying a bigger device along with all the shopping bags. Are you kidding me!!! I have all those features and much more
  4. 4. Project Plan Activity Time required Experts Involved Research 5 days UX Designers, Ethnography researchers Research Analysis 2 days UX Designers, Ethnography researchers Presenting to Stakeholder 1 day Developers, designers, business Changes Implementation 1 day UX Designers Information Architecture 3 days UX Designers Review and changes 2 days UX designers, business, developers Design Concepts 5 days UX Designers Review and implementation 2 days UX Designers, business, developers Session with User 1 day UX Designers, users Visual Design + UX design 5 days UX Designers, Visual Designers Internal review 1 day UX Designers, Visual Designers Review with client 1 day Client, Visual team, UX team, Developers Development team 1 month Developers, UX Designers Note: Constant reviews and workshops helps bring all stakeholder on same page, so there are lesser changes later. Consider enough buffer time. Also the VD team and UX team will be working parallel once the key flows are identified ResearchDesignVDand Development
  5. 5. The Shopping Eco system EnvironmentConnected ServicesUsers BuyerSeller Crowded Unsafe Access to money Transportati on Artefacts Unfamiliar languages Things-Gifts, clothes etc. Stand and boards Furniture Haggler Research on eco system of shopping helps one understand the behavioral pattern of the App user
  6. 6. Persona 1 Supriya Nauriyal- Travelholic Shopoholic 30, Designer, Consultant Mumbai, Shanghai Smart Phone expert user Travelling is Supriya’s first love followed by shopping. She makes sure she travels at least once in a year and preferably a foreign location, or destinations which are very unfamiliar to her. Supriya keeps at least a day aside for shopping for herself and her folks back home. Though locals are helpful there is a major language barrier. She keeps looking at her phone for help but gets very fragmented information. She is also concerned about her data usage. Supriya has a travel blog where she writes about her experiences and hopes it will help other people travelling to the same place. “ Like in India, I know I can bargain and get good deals anywhere, but in an unfamiliar place communication and trust becomes a huge issue” Drives while shopping- Good deals, trust Blocks while shopping- Language and safety, helplessness, too much choice or no choice, trust, data usage Fundamental Needs- Freedom, safety, esteem, creative Culture imbibes- Economic traveler, Independent and organized
  7. 7. Persona 2 Neeraj Maheshwari-Hate to but Have to Shop 35, Senior Executive Pune, Mumbai Smart Phone expert user Neeraj is a senior executive in his company and his job takes him places. Though Neeraj hates to shop he likes to see his family happy when he gets gifts for them. Due to time constraint and basic impatience during shopping, he ends up going to the mall and spending too much money on things he knows he can get at half the price. He feels further bad about not buying anything special for his family. “ I shop like how men shop, just go pick and buy, but when I am outside I would really appreciate some help in terms of right places and right things to buy” Drives to shop- Proximity, quality and trust, Blocks to shop- Very high prices, don’t know the right places and also right things to buy Fundamental needs- Esteem, egoistic, love and care for family Cultural imbibes- Budget shopping, comparing
  8. 8. A loose plan: Plans a day for shopping in her itinerary Shallow Research: Does some basic research on local markets Decision making Feels lost once in the shopping space, doesn’t know where to begin Way Finding: Uses her GPS to reach the market Shopping language barrier: Finally decided to buy but not able to bargain due to language Takes help: Ask the locals but does not trust them Scenario, Task flow and opportunity points Recommendations Trust factors CommunicationEasy way findingTips and tricks
  9. 9. Why didn’t I buy anything special from this place Did I buy anything worth I am a terrible shopper, why don’t I have someone to help me? Why didn’t I do some research? Shopping just became an unhappy experience Did he charge me right? How do I bargain? What about the quality? Are there other places I could have gone to? An inconsistent and fragmented shopping experience Did they really enjoy the Shopping experience ?
  10. 10. Concept Evolution- Sketching out Ideas, Rapid paper prototypes, Brainstorming and feedback are some of the methods before the concept is conceived
  11. 11. Content Inventory and Information Architecture Shopwise mobile App- Select Location Select type of Item, by giving keywords Left Menu See the list view of the recommended shops Expand to see more View the map Add recommendation Download Add photoWrite a review Star rating Add a new recommendation What did you shop Shopping lingo Tips and tricks Safety alerts Notifications Help Centre Your account View menu Map View List view Mark coordinates, landmarks Call the shop View the cost Incentivize Incentivize Photo Gallery view
  12. 12. Wireframes- To find a shop and review it The home page Location based advertising to generate revenue Selecting the type of item, the tabs show the most popular items in the area Click on maps to get the direction Click on add comment to give your review The get direction function will work like GPS apps. Incase of download, it will jus show the map Gallery x
  13. 13. Wireframes- Home page content The right menu for selecting the available feature Read more to see the general shopping information about the place Download the information about the place to be able to use it in offline mode View Menu: Showing different type views Home Page Submit To add a new review. There will be an ‘genuine comment’ statement further to submit
  14. 14. 12:45 Type what you are looking for? clothes Jewelry Leather bags paper aroma dosa Jewelry Best deals at Casablanca.. Click f at Auroville, Pondicherry Read More SHOPWISE Paper craft Change location 12:45 Auroville, Pondicherry I recommend “Royal fashions” 1km away Cost Rs.300 to 2000 “One of the best places I have been to for shopping in Pondicherry. Best scarves and shoes” “I am coming back over here. Best prices and best quality” Clothes More reviews Your review “One of the best places I have been to for shopping in Pondicherry. Best scarves and shoes” 1km away Visual Design and UI Exploration The background picture- changes as per the location. Will slide up in case of all the other screens other than home page The tabs will shift as per the length of the word, but maximum two tabs in a row Dynamic advertisement band Home Page Expanded view of Shop
  15. 15. My Shopping assistant.. Thank you Shopwise! Is there more to come?? Work in Progress