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Brand Value chain

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Brand Value chain

  1. 1. Brand value chain Narendr Singh
  2. 2. Brand value chain • Brand value chain is a structured approach to assessing the sources and outcomes of brand equity and the manner by which marketing activities create brand value.
  3. 3. The Brand Value Chain
  4. 4. Value stages • Marketing programme help to develop of a brand value. It includes: • Advertising • Personal selling • Sponsorship • Publicity • Public relation
  5. 5. Marketing programme Sponsor different kind of national and international games and events. Building campaign to develop public relation like “Helth message campaign” Publicity through media, newspaper, magazines, signage and banner Telling brand story through media by relating it to any occassion Brand endorsement through various young and popular celebrity like Ranbir kapoor.
  6. 6. Program Multiplier Plan The ability of the marketing programme to affect the mind set of the customer depend on quality of marketing programme investment Like “Thunda matlab coco cola”to create the effect in customer mind in such away that whenever they think about cold drinks coca cola comes in the mind
  7. 7. The four features of program Quality 1) 2) 3) 4) Clarity Relevance Distinctiveness Consistency
  8. 8. Customer mind • Brand awareness-high level of awareness • Brand association-strong favourable, and unique brand awareness • Brand attitudes-positive brand attitudes • Brand attachment-intense brand attachment • Brand activity-a high degree of band activity.
  9. 9. Market performance Price premium Price elasticity Market share(Globly56%, in India 45.8%) Expansion succession profitability
  10. 10. Shareholder value • Stock price • Coca cola stock price is $38.33 • Price Earning Ratio p/e ratio of coca cola is 19.47 • Market capitalization of coca cola is $ 170.o1 billion
  11. 11. Market place condition • Soft Drink • Competitors reaction:reactve marketing programme of Pepsi • Channel support • Customer size and profile not define (for every one)