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Marketing Management

  2. INTRODUCTION & HISTORY • A family-owned company, Dawn understands the importance of nutrition and taste, and is committed to providing the highest quality bread products to Pakistan. • Dawn set out on the road to create awareness of and demand for bread products with its first plant commissioned in Karachi in October 1981. It wasn’t long before the name became synonymous with delicious nutrition, and a second plant was commissioned in Islamabad in 1985. • Dawn has simply gone from strength to strength ever since: it managed to capture 35 per cent of the consolidated market share of all bread products in Pakistan within a decade of inception, and today, consumers can access Dawn’s superior products from the southern tip of Pakistan to Peshawar in the north.
  3. MISSION • “To provide our customers with bread that actually looks and tastes good.” VISION • Our vision is to become Pakistan's favorite bread this is underpinned by our dedication to continued improvement across all areas of the business. GOAL • Our goal is to ensure that important values such as quality, freshness, and service are delivered to our consumers in the 21st Century.
  4. PRODUCTION • Associated with FMBRA (United Kingdom) since 1990, all our processes, technology, machinery and formulation are in line with international standards. • Dawn Bread plants across the country are equipped with cutting -edge bread production technology, and are managed by seasoned senior food technologists.
  5. DISTRIBUTION • Spread across Pakistan, Dawn Bread’s network is one of the largest in the country, reaching almost all metropolitan and rural areas. • Our distribution channels in country are: Bakeries Supper stores Departmental stores Marts and edible market stores. • We mainly focus on the retailers & Bakeries because they are the only source which delivers our product to the final consumer.
  6. QUALITY  Dawn bread is manufactured under strict environmental and hygiene conditions.  All their plants are regularly sterilized and washed.  Their quality standards are ISO-9000 certified.  Staff is forced to remain neat and clean.  The ingredients used are of extreme high quality.  They have 8 food technologists which keep a check on the quality of ingredients and make sure that quality standards are met.
  7. INGREDIENTS Flour Water Salt Yeast Sugar Cooking Oil Vegetable Vitamins PRESERVATIVES Calcium propionate Calcium acetate
  8. BENEFITS & FEATURES Strong bones 8 hours energy Vitamin A & D Quite notorious Repair the dead tissues of the body Source of creating blood Enriched with vitamin A & D Glow the body & skin Reduce fat & Carbohydrates
  9. MARKET SEGMENTATION • Effort to increase a company’s precision marketing. We have done the segmentation on the basis of the following variables: Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioral
  10. Country Pakistan. Country Region Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi. City or metro size 1,000,000-4,000,000; 4,000,000+ Density Urban, suburban. Climate Southern. GEOGRAPHIC • Divide whole country in different segments according to areas, states, regions and markets.
  11. Age 6-11, 12-19, 20-34, 35-49, 50-64, 65+ Gender Male, Female. Family-size 1-2, 3-4, 5+ Family life-cycle Young, single; young, married, no children; married with children; older, married with children; older, married, under18; other. Income 15000+ Occupation Professionals; managers, officials and proprietors; students; home-makers. Religion Any. Race Asian. Nationality Pakistani. DEMOGRAPHIC • Divide people according to Age, Income, Social Class, Occupation and their life cycle.
  12. Social class Middle class, upper middles, lower uppers, upper uppers. Life-style Achievers, strivers. Personality Gregarious, ambitious, fast-pacers. PSYCHOGRAPHIC • To analyze the psyche of the people we divide them in social class, life style and personality .
  13. Occasions Regular occasion. Benefits Quality, service, convenience, availability. User-status Regular user. User -rates Medium user, heavy user Loyalty Status Strong Readiness Stage Informed, interested, desirous, intending to buy. Attitude towards product Enthusiastic, positive. BEHAVIORAL • Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitude, uses or responses to products. We see the behaviors of people with the help of the questionnaire.
  14. TARGETING • After segmenting the market we are targeting the following segments: Income Group Youth: Travelers: Income Group • We will be targeting all income groups who should afford easily. • It will not discriminate between income groups.
  15. Youth: • A huge potential market for this bread it lies with youth whom we will be Specifically targeting road shows to be held as part of the ‘Add Color’ campaign. Travelers: • It is also available in mini-size factor, so it will be highly convenient to carry along during large journeys or trips.
  16. PRODUCTS Enriched with nutrients for a daily healthy diet, this freshly baked bread is perfect for all meals.  Vitamin Enriched  Milky Bread Wholesome and delicious, Dawn’s Milky Bread is fresh-baked, with a rich texture and aroma.
  17. Eat healthy with Dawn’s Bran Bread. Each slice is packed with calcium and dietary fiber to keep you moving throughout the day, every day!  Bran Bread  Hot Dog Buns Any light, quick snack is incomplete without our fresh hot dog buns. High quality and appetizing, Dawn’s Hot Dog Bun is the freshest in the market
  18. The fact that we are the official bakers in Pakistan for the largest fast food chain in the world should speak volumes of how great our burger buns must be. Fresh, made with the finest ingredients, Dawn Burger Buns are a tasty snack by themselves too!  Burger Buns  Dawn Cupcake Bite into a delectable Dawn Cupcake anytime to sweeten up your day!
  19. Enjoy your evening tea with Dawn Rusk – crisp and tasty, Pakistan’s first packaged rusk is produced most hygienically, and the packaging ensures that each slice remains fresh to the end.  Dawn Rusk  Lacha Paratha Layered parathas that melt in your mouth, made with the finest whole wheat flour for that crisp,fresh taste.
  20. Tease your taste buds with this spring-onion-stuffed paratha, infused with aromatic spices.  Onion Paratha  Aloo Paratha Parathas are taken to the next level with a hearty potato mix.
  21. Our melt-in-your-mouth parathas, the perfect accompaniment to any meal, are made with the finest wheat flour.  Plain Paratha  Frozen Puri Make an ordinary meal extraordinary with our light, crisp wheat puris
  22. POSITIONING STRATEGIES Positioning is what the customer believes about your product’s value, features, and benefits. By Benefits • Through positioning we will tell our customer how many benefits they can get from our product.
  23.  By User: • Every one who wants to have a “different taste” may have it. By Product or Service Class: • It is positioned as a lower cost and healthier alternative to the ordinary bread, while it provides better taste and healthy ingredients.
  24. By Price or Quality: • Dawn wants you to believe that their bread is of the highest quality Positioning is what the customer believes By Values: • We will also position our product on the basis of customer values. Like this, if you want to look healthy then use Dawn bread.
  25. COMPETITORS Indirect Competitors: Different cakes Biscuits Cookies Pastries
  26. Substitute Competitors: • A substitute competitor is any competitor that fills the same buyer need you fill but fills it in a different way. The substitute competitor of Bread is: Grainy Bread Bake Parlour Cakes and Bakes Different Bakery Breads Vita Bread
  27. PRICING STRATEGIES We will adopt the following pricing strategies to set the price of our product: Marketing Skimming: • Dawn is using Price skimming strategy. It is a pricing strategy in which a marketer sets a relatively high price for a product or service at first, and then lowers the price over time. Cost-plus pricing Method: • A pricing method used by Dawn because it is easy to calculate & requires little information. This method determines the cost of the product that used direct cost, in-direct cost and fixed cost whether related to the production OR sale of the product.
  28. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Right now dawn bread is facing its maturity stage where they have a huge amount of sales and profits. It’s almost about 3 decades from which dawn bread is advertising, selling and promoting their product. When we think of dawn bread, quality, freshness and availability comes in our mind. It has positioned so well the product in the minds of the customer that people demand dawn bread from retailers. Now they don’t need to push their product to the customer, the demand and sales are already very high.
  29. LEVELS OF PRODUCT CORE BENEFIT: • The core benefit of dawn fortified bread is that it’s an edible. It is used for eating purpose. It serves the purpose of an eating item in breakfast or as a snack in evening. ACTUAL PRODUCT: • Actual product includes its quality standards, design, features, brand name, and packaging. These are already explained in the beginning of product mix.
  30. AUGMENTED PRODUCT: • Following information make the product augmented: • “We appreciate your feedback. For comments or queries, please contact: • Golden Harvest Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. • 33, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial area, Karachi. • UAN: 111-111-999 • Email: • Website: • A unit of Dawn group of companies
  31. BCG MATRIX Star Question Mark Cash Cow Dog Market Share High Low High Market Growth Low
  32. DAWN FORTIFIED BREAD AS CASH COW:Dawn bread marks its fortified bread as cash cow in BCG MATRIX. They have 35 competitors in bread market and currently in spite of 35 competitors in market their market share is 35%. They have a huge share in bread industry. If we take the example of Pepsi in beverage industry, they have a huge market share but if we ask the general public what is your favorite drink 50% would have said Pepsi but other 50% have some other choices as their drinks. But in case of Dawn bread major population would just say Dawn bread. As far has market growth rate is concerned, bread industry does not have a high growth rate. And even if there is some growth so it is not that investment oriented.
  33. ANSOFF’S PRODUCT/MARKET EXPANSION GRID: They see their dawn fortified bread as the product development strategy because they haven’t changed their market segmentation before launching dawn fortified bread.They changed their product to fortified bread.
  34. MARKETING MIX FOR DAWN FORTIFIED BREAD  PRODUCT: As define in Slides # 16 to 21 The consumer price of medium size dawn bread is Rs.28, whereas the consumer price of the large dawn bread is Rs.50. Dawn Bread does come in small size, which is for Rs.10 but it is only distributed and sold in limited geographical areas, where there is demand for a small size.  PRICE:
  35.  PLACE: Place is the third most important element of the marketing mix. Dawn bread has put extensive efforts in making the decisions regarding the channel, distribution, location, inventory, transportation and logistics of their product. Channel is a layer of intermediaries that perform some work in bringing the product and its ownership closer to the final buyer. Dawn bread has used the channel from the producer to the retailer and then to the final consumer, that is, dawn bread being the consumer sells the product to the retailers who in return sell the product to the final buyer.
  36. When it comes to distribution, dawn bread has focused its placing efforts in intensive distribution, which involves setting the product in as many outlets as possible. Dawn has made sure that its bread it easily available at all retail shops, supermarkets, grocery stores, milk shops etc. They have adopted intensive distribution because bread is convenience product that is bought frequently and used in daily routine in break fast and for other purposes. Therefore, it is essential for dawn bread to supply fresh bread to all its retail outlets on a daily basis so that consumers are not disappointed and to stop consumers from buying any other bread brand incase dawn bread is not available.
  37. In inventory management, dawn bread does not have to face problems of managing too much or too little stock. Since, bread is a product that is perishable so it has to be produced and supplied fresh on a daily routine. It puts an end to the question of keeping stock because stocking bread would make it stale and the quality will fall as well as the reputation and brand name of dawn bread. Then, comes the transportation decision, which is also of extreme importance as it affects the pricing of products, delivery performance, and condition of the goods when they arrive at the destination. These factors have to be dealt with very carefully because they can seriously affect the customer satisfaction of dawn bread and dawn bread cannot afford to lose its market share at the hands of other competitors. Therefore, dawn makes sure that all of bakery items, that is, dawn fortified bread, dawn frozen parathas, dawn nans, dawn cupcakes, dawn rusks and dawn milk bread all are supplied to the retailers in trucks and carriers that have cooling and refrigeration systems which protect the perishable quality of dawn products.
  38.  PROMOTION: Promotion mix is the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations and sales promotion. For advertising, dawn bread uses remainder advertisements in order to remind its consumers about its existence that it is still available in the market. Persuasive and informative advertising would not be appropriate for dawn bread. The message execution style that dawn bread uses usually uses is lifestyle because in its advertisement it shows how dawn bread fits in the breakfast and family lifestyle as the advert shows breakfast lifestyle of a happy family.