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Virtual child part 1

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Virtual child part 1

  1. 1. AssignmentA Critical Path for the Virtual Child Nasim Khan Student ID-300621777 Course code- ECEP- 103 Section-001 Date- November 08, 2011 Instructor- Chris Cadiewx
  2. 2. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 Table of content Sl. No. Description Page No. 1. Part – A 03 2. Part – B 10 3. Part – C 14 4. Bibliography 17 5. Self Evaluation 18 6. Reports of Virtual Child Annexure-1 2
  3. 3. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777Part A: The Infant Age (0-4 Months)My baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains of the developmental milestones patterns. Is it typical? Developmental Answer Proof Example Domain (My original thoughts) (Examples from my reports) (My references) I believe that even Sarah was born about four Normal birth weight is 6.6 to 7.9 though Sarah was a weeks earlier. Her birth weight pounds, and low birth weight is less premature baby, but was five pounds. Her APGAR than 5.5 pound). Normal APGAR Physical the Physical score was 6. She seemed score is 7. Typical 3-month babies developmental healthy otherwise. After five eat well. Body immune system progress is quite days, her APGAR score had develops during that time. They typical. increased from six to eight. For sleep 14-15 hours a day, and the the first week or so she wasn’t sleeping pattern is more very hungry and actually lost a manageable. They can follow the little weight. However, Sarah moving objects around them. (Kail & has started to suck more milk Zolner,2009:p101-107) from breast, and gained some weight back. At 3month, Sarah was often drowsy, and even when awoke, she spent a lot of time calmly examining objects or gazing quietly at people. I think the social/ She had a particularly piercing A basic cry starts softly then emotional cry. Sarah slept virtually most of gradually became more intense and developmental the time, only woke when usually occurred when she wasSocial / Emotional milestones of Sarah are hungry, cold or wet. I noticed hungry or tired. It may be either same as a typical baby. that Sarah’s crying was rhythmic mad cry, a more intense version of a and moderately loud when she basic cry, or a pain cry beginning was hungry. When she awoke with sudden, long burst of crying, she spent a lot of time calmly followed by a long pause, and examining objects or gazing gasping. (Kail & Zolner,2009:p101- quietly at people. Sarah smiled 107) at familiar people, laughed when saw funny things. 3
  4. 4. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 It seems that the Sarah has started to suck more They can respond to sounds of intellectual milk from breast, and gained voice, rattle and bell. Vision of development of Sarah some weight back. Sarah children goes through many changes Intellectual is almost perfect as a showed more intense interest in during the first months. At first she typical baby. her surroundings. She had a lot would see edges of things because of cute little habits. Sarah could center of her visual field is still focus her eyes on me. I noticed blurred. that Sarah could learn a thing or He would like to look at objects held two, so I showed her the toy, about 20-35 cm in front of him, just such as rattles mobiles. At that the right distance for watching the time she looked at those for face while feeding or holding. reaching of them. Baby focuses on faces of mother and other strangers. By one month she would be able to focus on things as far as 90cm (3 ft). http://www.effective-parenting- tips.com/intellectual-development- 1.html The Infant Age (5-8 Months)My baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains of the developmental milestones patterns. Is it typical?Developmental Answer Proof Example Domain (My original thoughts) (Examples from my reports) (My references) Sarah had some digestion Sarah had problems with The child at 4 month can rollback on problems, however her indigestion and diarrhoea, its tummy, and can move the eyes to development was seemed and seemed prone to follow a person. She can creep, sit Physical typical for her age catching colds. Naturally she upright without support, and can did not have much appetite, stand for a short period. and cried a lot during these illness periods. http://www.effective-parenting- She could crawl, sit, and tips.com/intellectual-development- standing up, but could not 1.html walk. To establish a regular bed time and sleep through the night, I put her well fed and with cleaned diapers at the same time every night, and ignored crying unless it went on more than ten minutes. She learnt to go to bed on time. 4
  5. 5. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 The features with Sarah Sarah cried sometimes when The baby can recognize her parents, indicate that she is I put her to bed at night even and becomes anxious of strangers. socially/ emotionally though she was obviously She would become much moreSocial / Emotional typical for age like any sleepy. She recognized me, clingy and anxious when separated other child. had preference on me than from mother. Reassure her with lots others, and was a little of love and attention and eventually reluctant to part me at she would realize that parents will daycare, and starts crying. come back. However, she got it over quickly after I left. http://www.effective-parenting- tips.com/intellectual-development- 1.html I found her developing Sarah showed signs of Her understanding of language cognitive skills typical for a independence. She seemed developed faster than her ability to child for her age. to have little goal that talk. Intellectual involved two steps planning The child is keen to communicate, ahead. I encouraged her to and try to make different sounds point to toys and keep trying with his mouth. to get those were out of The baby tries to concentrate on any reach. activity if demonstrated, and if encouraged. http://www.effective-parenting- tips.com/intellectual-development- 1.html The Infant Years (9-12 Months) My baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains of the developmental milestones patterns. Is it typical?Developmental Answer Proof Example Domain (My original thoughts) (Examples from my reports) (My references) Sarah’s development is Sarah was ill several times from By 9 months of age, many infants consistent with a typical colds or digestive upset. The get themselves into a sitting child of her age. doctor advised keeping her away position on their own, and can also Physical from sick people, and checking pull to a stand while holding onto out a new food for a few days to furniture- the obvious first step test for allergies. At the age of 12, towards walking. Sarah still had occasional Children’s growth is dramatic problems with indigestion, but during first year. They grow taller, could tolerate. and their heads get bigger. Sarah is an efficient crawler and http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/kb/co started stepping to walk. ntent/special/hw251065.html 5
  6. 6. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 I observed Sarah’s When Sarah became upset, it was Babies start to show their emotional development, difficult to soothe her down. emotions and how they feel about matched these with Sometimes she accepted her other people. They start to know Social / reliable references, and embraces and sometimes pushed that when mom goes away, sheEmotional found that Sarah is me away. will come back. growing as a typical child. They start to understand they are a She readily adapted to the new person, and can recognize people. She made eye contact, themselves in the mirror. smiled at them, and vocalized to them quite a bit. Sarah had They have developed some typical emotional reactions for definite ideas about likes and her age, such as fear of total dislikes- they may kick and resist strangers, separation anxiety and change or other restrictions to a quick, loud cry when upset or in their freedom. pain. They are clingy and wary of strangers. They smile and babble and try to engage others in conversation. http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/kb/co ntent/special/hw251065.html http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.a u/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Chil d_development_%284%29_nine_t o_12_months?open Sarah’s intellectual At the age 12, Sarah started to Babies try to find hidden objects. development is like a explore her environment eagerly. They try out new actions to reach typical child. She clearly understood a couple the same goal, or change oldIntellectual of dozen words. actions through trial and error. Sarah recently pronounced her They develop stronger memory first clear word and pointed at skills. Enjoy looking at pictures. the object in question. She was Point to the correct parts of the able to find the object even after body, and know that smaller long delays, and seemed to think objects fit into larger ones. that as a great game. http://www.bestchance.gov.bc.ca/ you-and-your-toddler-0- 36/toddler-development/ages-9- 12-months/cognitive- development.html 6
  7. 7. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 The Toddler Years (2 Years old)My baby’s physical, social/emotional and intellectual domains of the developmental milestones patterns. Is it typical?Developmental Answer Proof Example Domain (My original thoughts) (Examples from my reports) (My references) Sarah is physically like any At 18 month, Sarah had a Toddlers gain control and typical girl of her age. tremendous drive to use her coordination and become steady motor skills. She learned to walk. walkers, and then climbing, Physical I had to keep an eye on Sarah running, and jumping. They can because she might quickly toddle walk around obstacles and walk off into the crowd at public places more erect. They Squats for long or even into the street. Sarah periods while playing. usually preferred quiet activities Often achieves toilet training such as looking at her picture during this year although accidents books with an adult sitting in my should still be expected. The child lap and playing with toys, or will indicate readiness for toilet playing with objects such as training. puzzles, blocks, or other toys. I They throw large ball underhand went along with Sarah’s interests, without losing balance, and hold but also introduced some more small cup or tumbler in one hand. exciting games such as playing Stacks four to six objects on top of catch or climbing on the one another. equipment at the park. Uses feet to propel wheeled riding Sarah experienced a scary toys. accident in which she went off a curb in the park and got http://children.webmd.com/tc/gro scratched off. Since then she wth-and-development-ages-12-to- avoided riding her “Hot wheels” 24-months-overview tricycle. She was toilet trained by the age http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child 2 years. She rarely had accidents. _development_stages#Physical_5 I checked Sarah’s social/ Sarah sometimes talked to Toddlers form strong emotional emotional development herself or makes the dolls and toy attachments and often feel uneasy with other reliable figurines and talked to each when they are separated from Social/ reference sources, and I other. Sarah was very outgoing their loved ones. This sets the Emotional found a normal healthy and friendly with new people. stage for conflict, confusion, and social/ emotional Sarah’s communication skills occasional breakdowns. Continues development of Sarah grew very well, she could speak to use physical aggression if during this age period. mostly in three to four word frustrated or angry. sentences. Temper tantrums likely to peak Sarah has shown some during this year; extremely difficult interesting new behaviour. Some to reason with during a tantrum. 7
  8. 8. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 things I noticed her shy smiles Impatient. Enjoys "helping" with when asked to be in photographs, household chores; imitates looking guilty when she broke everyday activities: may try to something, and embarrassment toilet a stuffed animal, feed a doll. when she had a potty accident. "Bossy" with parents and She knew her gender at age 2 caregivers; orders them around, years, and preferred to categorize makes demands, expects behaviour and objects suited for immediate compliance from boys and girls. She preferred adults. playing with girls, but got along Watches and imitates the play of pretty well with boys. other children, but seldom Sarah was initially excited with interacts directly; plays near her move to new day care, but others, often choosing similar toys became clinging and excited and activities. within one week. Offers toys to other children, but is She often got frustrated, started usually possessive of playthings; whining and turned to me for still tends to hoard toys. help. Sometimes Sarah became Making choices is difficult; wants it resistant to my requests for both ways. cooperation. For example, she Often defiant; shouting "no" says “no”, or refuses things that becomes automatic. she accepted before such as food or bath time. I realized that these http://children.webmd.com/tc/gro new emotions are related to her wth-and-development-ages-12-to- developing self awareness. 24-months-overview http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child _development_stages#Physical_5 I found Sarah’s intellectual Sarah just turned 15 months of Children start at this age to think, development at this age age, and I noticed that she often learn, and remember recent typical for a girl child of studied things in her environment events and actions. They canIntellectual her age. and performed simple little understand symbols, imitate, "experiments" with them, almost imagine, and pretend. like a little scientist. For example, At 15 to 18 months, a typical she built a little mount of dirt and toddler understands 10 times then studied the effects of more words than he or she can pouring water on it. In 19 month, speak. By the second birthday, Sarah’s language skills developed most toddlers can say about 50 to rapidly. Sarah seemed to know 100 words. names of an unusual number for Children begin to use objects for things. Sometimes I heard her purposes other than intended. Can taking to herself as she played do simple classification tasks based alone in her room. In 19 month, on single dimension (separates toy Sarah was able to imitate actions dinosaurs from toy cars). or words that she had seen or Children can attend to self- 8
  9. 9. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 heard days before. Sarah also selected activities for longer seems to be aware of basic periods of time and can discover categories, such as big or little, cause and effect. and blue or red- I could tell They know where familiar persons because of the way she sorted should be, note their absence, and her toys. In 24 month, Sarah find a hidden object by looking in could remember recent last hiding place first. experiences, and provided simple descriptions of what happened. http://children.webmd.com/tc/gro Sarah’s communication skills wth-and-development-ages-12-to- were growing up. She could 24-months-overview speak three and four word sentences. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child _development_stages#Physical_5 9
  10. 10. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777Part B The Infant years (Birth to 12 Months Old)Identify specific health and safety considerations that you will have to consider during the infant years. How will you address these issues?Fall prevention: Sarah had a scary fall from her tricycle, and got scratched. It is a commonproblem with children. It is required to keep the infant’s nursery safe by removinghazards to minimize risk and installing safety devices. I always tried my level bestto make my house infant-friendly in respect of health and safety by using extrasafety devices. I have installed window guards and stops, and use children-safescreens keep bugs out. I secured safety gates at the top and bottom of every room. Ialways strap Sarah into high chairs, infant carriers, swings and strollers.http://www.safekids.org/safety-basics/babies/at-home/ retrieved on Nov 03, 2011Choking and suffocation prevention: I attentively learnt from children safety books and videos that there aresimple things around the house that increase the risk of choking, suffocation andstrangulation for infants. I found Sarah always crawled around on the floor,grabbed cords that were within reach and constantly put things in her mouth. Ialways removed pillow, and soft blanket from her crib, because those can cover herface that cause choking, and suffocation.http://www.safekids.org/safety-basics/babies/at-home/ retrieved on Nov 03, 2011 10
  11. 11. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777Poison Prevention: Poisoning is a serious illness. Poisoning can occurs when someone eats ordrinks a hazardous product. Younger children, especially infants, are at greatestrisk for domestic accidental poisoning by medicines, cosmetics, cleaning supplies,art supplies, and pesticides. Nearly 64% of poisoning incident occur in the age 1to4 months age children. I was always careful to protect those things beyond Sarah’spotential reach.(Pimento & Kernested, 2010:p 230)http://www.safekids.org/safety-basics/babies/at-home/ retrieved on Nov 03, 2011Car Seat Safety: Car accident is a very important cause of child death. I followed theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations (March 2011) to keepSarah rear facing up to at least the second birthday for the best possible protection.Some parents argued with me with the old rule of “12 months and 20 pounds"when turning their child forward-facing in the car. I travel always keeping Sarah ina rear-facing child safety seat in a back seat for as long as possible. I was alwayscareful to protect my baby from the car accident. (SafeKids website)http://www.safekids.org/safety-basics/babies/on-the-way/ retrieved on Nov 03,2011Prevent Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea and other infections are common killers for infants. In children, itis the commonest symptom of gastroenteritis. My doctor gave me counseling afterSarah’s birth about it. Breast feeding boost children’s defense against diseases,prevents diarrhoea, increases ties with mother and helps to develop the chewingmuscles. For this reason, I practiced exclusive breast feeding to Sarah up to 4-6months. (Pimento & Kernested, 2010:p 173) 11
  12. 12. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 The Toddler Years (2 Years Old) Have there been any environmental events that you think might have influenced your child’s development? Does this create any health or safety concerns for your toddler?Proper Nutrition: In the second year of life, most infants make a transition from breast milk orformula to cow’s milk. At this age children should drink homogenized milk.Children at that age need the fat from whole milk for brain development. I wasvery cautious to provide proper nutrition for my baby. (Pimento & Kernested,2010:p 230)Drowning: Drowning is the second highest causes of childhood mortality and morbidity.Toddlers can unbelievably be drowned in tiny water pool. Outdoor drowning on abody of water is possible if a child falls through thin and melting ice during winter.Another possible hazard is an open door that leaves to the play room to thewashroom. (Pimento & Kernested, 2010:p369) For this reason a secured the doorsin childproof manner when Sarah was a toddler.Burns: Childs are not mini-adults. Their skin is thinner and softer than skin ofadults. Toddlers are susceptible to scald from hot tap water, and drinking soups orhot beverages as they cannot realize the danger of hot liquids and other burnshazards. (Pimento & Kernested, 2010:p369) For this reason, I was alert whenSarah was of two years old. 12
  13. 13. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777Falls and slips: Falls are the commonest cause of childhood injury in different settings. Fallsat the playground are common and can be serious and life threatening. Sarah onceslipped from her “hot wheels” tricycle, and got scarred. From that incidence Ibecame very careful about her playing and any possibility of falls. (Pimento &Kernested, 2010:p371) Toddlers also slip on wet surfaces, and get injured. That iswhy, I always keep my floors dry where Sarah can move and play.Immunization: Toddlers are very susceptible to respiratory, skin and other infections.Immunization support toddler’s health and safety. I completed Sarah’simmunization schedule in due time, however I checked with her family doctorabout availability and necessity for any new and emerging immunization (Pimento& Kernested, 2010:p123). 13
  14. 14. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777Part C The Pre-School and School Age My prediction about what might happen to my virtual child, Sarah, in the preschool and school age years. Why do I think these things might happen?Developmental Evidence (Why I Predict) Prediction References Domain I have reared her up from My prediction for the upcoming years is Pimento, B., & birth to twenty four that she will continue to grow with her Kernested, D. (2010). months, and experienced typical gross motor skills in running, Healthy Foundation in Physical her physical, social, climbing, and jumping. She will get back Early Childhood emotional, and on the tricycle, and eventually ride a Settings. Toronto: intellectual development bicycle, without the fear of falling off and Nelson, pxv at different age levels. I hurting herself. can now gaze that what In regards to fine motor, she will get the Kail, Z., & Zolner, T. might happen to my hang of building replicated block towers, (2009). Children: A virtual child in the colour within the lines, and copy shapes Chronological preschool and school age making the objects available to her. Approach. 2nd Can Ed. years. By age 5, she could go to the toilet alone, New Jersey: Pearson, managing all aspects of dressing, p229-230. In spite of her premature undressing, wiping, and hand washing birth, occasional bouts of though , about 30% of healthy 4-year-old http://www.merckma indigestion, and cold, my children and 10% of 6-year-old children nuals.com/home/child child had normal physical have not yet achieved regular nighttime rens_health_issues/pr development, specifically bladder control. eschool_and_school- with gross and fine Doubling the childs height at age 24 aged_children/physica motor, during the infant months fairly accurately predicts adult l_development.html and toddler years. height. While her fine motor skills continue to improve during the school year ages, I http://www.nlm.nih. predict my child will be able to tie up her gov/medlineplus/en laces, and cut with scissors. cy/article/002017.ht There can also be a big difference in the m. Page last updated: age at which children begin to develop 02 November 2011. secondary sexual characteristics. For Retrieved on Sarah, secondary sex characteristics November 04, 2011 include: • Breast development • Underarm and pubic hair growth She readily engaged with Sarah would be very outgoing and http://urbanext.illinois visitors with smiles, and friendly with others. She would share her .edu/babysitting/age- Social / good eye contact. She belongings with friends. Peer acceptance school.html. © 2011 Emotional showed immediate signs becomes more important during the University of Illinois 14
  15. 15. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 of wanting to get down school-age years. She would like to join Board of Trustees and approach or beheld. organized groups of her own sex, and She seemed at ease with take part in certain group behaviours and the examiner throughout activities. http://www.nlm.nih.g the session. Children are increasingly able to ov/medlineplus/ency/ She was cheerful understand another persons perspective article/002017.htm. throughout the play and so learn the essentials of taking turns Page last updated: 02 sessions and the in games or conversations. November 2011. examinations sessions She might have a strong need to feel Retrieved on with the child specialist, accepted and worthwhile. She might November 04, 2011 and rarely became tense prefer individual achievements over or emotional during the competition. She may like Kail, Z., & Zolner, T. period of observation. encouragement and suggestions over (2009). Children: A She felt shy when broke competition. She would begin to take Chronological anything. responsibility for her own actions. Approach. 2nd Can Ed. Sarah played freely with New Jersey: Pearson, other children, and p107-110 shared her toys. Intellectual development For cognitive/intellectual development, I of Sarah is almost perfect predict my child will be more as a typical baby. experimental in her environment, and http://www.merckmaIntellectual with the objects in her surroundings. nuals.com/home/child At 2 years of age, she I predict that Sarah will grow and be able rens_health_issues/pr scored in the above to speak at the normal range of a eschool_and_school- average range on the preschool child. I believe this will occur aged_children/intellec tests of language with my help and also by continuous tual_development.ht comprehension and listening and using the available tools ml. Last full production, and provided (picture books with limited words, review/revision May complete and storytelling time, and other children’s 2006 by Eve R. Colson, grammatically mature communication skills). I also predict she MD retrieved on sentences in a will be able to write her name by the time November 04, 2011 conversation about a she enrolls in kindergarten. Kail, Z., & Zolner, T. picture. By age 4, she might have a more (2009). Children: A Sarah showed more complicated understanding of time, and Chronological intense interest in her the difference between fantasy and Approach. 2nd Can Ed. surroundings. She had a reality. She might realize that the day is New Jersey: Pearson lot of cute little habits. divided into morning, afternoon, and http://www.effective- Sarah could focus her night, and the year into seasons. parenting- eyes on me. I noticed that By age 7, Sarah’s intellectual capabilities tips.com/intellectual- Sarah could learn a thing would become more complex. By this development-1.html or two, so I showed her time, she could be increasingly able to the toy, such as rattles focus on more than one aspect of an mobiles. At that time she event or situation at the same time. For looked at those for example, at school-aged children she reaching of them. might appreciate that a tall, slender 15
  16. 16. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 container can hold the same amount of water as a short, broad one. Her mother can be angry at her but can still love her. Also, I predict that she will begin to have a longer attention span and concentrate for longer periods. I predict this because when she was a toddler she was able to stay on task. 16
  17. 17. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777Bibliography:Kail, Z., & Zolner, T. (2009). Children: A Chronological Approach. 2nd Can Ed.New Jersey: PearsonPimento, B., & Kernested, D. (2010). Healthy Foundation in Early ChildhoodSettings. 4th edition. Toronto: Nelsonhttp://www.merckmanuals.com/home/childrens_health_issues/preschool_and_school-aged_children/physical_development.html retrieved on November 04, 2011http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002017.htm. Page last updated:02 November 2011, retrieved on November 04, 2011http://urbanext.illinois.edu/babysitting/age-school.html. © 2011 University ofIllinois Board of Trustees, retrieved on November 04, 2011http://www.effective-parenting-tips.com/intellectual-development-1.htmlretrieved on November 04, 2011http://www.safekids.org/safety-basics/babies/on-the-way/ retrieved on November03, 2011 17
  18. 18. Nasim Khan Student ID#300621777 Self Evaluation I have done my research on my virtual child development up to 24 months. Itried to gather information about Sarah as much as I could. I tried to provide wide aclear idea about her physical, social/ emotional, and intellectual development. I believe my strength was to get into the depth in my research and to pull outthe information about Sarah’s development of each level of age. Also as a mother Iam experienced to rear up children. I applied my affection, devotion, andexperience to support developing Sarah’s physical, social/ emotional, andintellectual development. Through this program I learned more using the computer,citation and referencing adopting APA format, and paraphrasing documents. Icould upgrade my computer skills while doing this assignment. This research work was very much challenging for me too. The main reasonis that English is my second language; sometimes I faced difficulty to understandsome technical terms, descriptions and explanations. I had to work very hard to complete my research work. In order to submit itwithin deadline, I had to be more organized, time sensitive, and skilled in computerliteracy. I became more knowledgeable to rear up a baby, more informative abouttheir daily needs, their requirement for support by knowing their developmentmilestones at each age level. Finally, I strongly believe, this hands-on experience would help me to be asuccessful Early Childhood Educator. 18

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