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Introduction to Managment - Week 12

Revision slides for the exam

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Introduction to Managment - Week 12

  1. 1. www.monash.edu.auMGF1010: Introduction to ManagementEverything you hopefullyknow by now (or at least willbefore the exam)
  2. 2. www.monash.edu.au2Exam• Worth 50%• Part A (Worth 40% of the exam)– 4 essay questions– You must answer 2• Part B (Worth 60% of the exam)– 10 short answer questions– You must answer 6
  3. 3. www.monash.edu.au3Exam – Part A• These are worth 20 marks each• Essay Questions– e.g. Discuss why Fredrick Taylor is considered to be one of thepioneers of management thought? How is his theory of scientificmanagement utilised by contemporary organisations? Discusswith examples• You need to have– Introduction– Paragraphs– Conclusion
  4. 4. www.monash.edu.au4Exam – Part A• Introduction– Context, What you will discuss• Paragraphs– Essay plan will always help– If there are two parts to the question make sure you have a leastone paragraph for both.– If you cant think of examples, make some up• Conclusion– Summate your arguments and the main points
  5. 5. www.monash.edu.au5Exam – Part B• They are worth 10 marks each• Work out where the 10 marks are located• Look at the lecture slides – the questions will come from there• e.g. Contrast the three approaches to the control system1.5 marks for identifying market control, 1.5 marks for explaining1.5 marks for identifying bureaucratic control, 1.5 marks for explaining1.5 marks for identifying clan control, 1.5 marks for explaining1 mark for the overall quality of the answer
  6. 6. www.monash.edu.au6Exam – Part B• Set it out clearly.• Double space your work• I will not have your exam so make it easy for the other tutor• Underline or put the ideas on a separate line• The classical view of social responsibility is xyz.• The socio economic view of social responsibility is xyz.• The easier it is for them to read, the easier it is for them to findyou marks
  7. 7. www.monash.edu.au7Exam• The exam is 2 hours (120 minutes)• There are 100 marks so….• 24 minutes per essay (max)• 12 minutes per short answer (max)• Have time at the end to re-read everything• If you leave early – don’t. Spend all the time writing anythingto help you get marks.• We don’t take away marks – we only add them
  8. 8. www.monash.edu.au8ExamNow the bit youhave all beenwaiting for
  9. 9. www.monash.edu.au9Week 2 – What Managers do• Planning, Leading, Organising and Controlling• Minzberg’s roles– Interpersonal, informational and decisional• Katz’s Skills– Conceptual, human and technical• There will be a short answer question on this week
  10. 10. www.monash.edu.au10Week 3 – History of Management Thought• Taylor’s 4 principles• Administrative theorists• Organisational Behaviour– Hawthorne Studies– McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y• Systems – open and closed• There will be a short answer question on this week
  11. 11. www.monash.edu.au11Week 4 – External Environment• Omnipotent view v Symbolic View• Specific Environment– Customers, Competitors, Suppliers and Public Pressure Groups• General Environment– Global, Economic, Political/Legal, Sociocultural, Demographics,Technological• There will be a long answer question on this week
  12. 12. www.monash.edu.au12Week 5 - Culture• This will be on groups – check the lecture slides and Loretta’scomments• There will be a long answer question on this week
  13. 13. www.monash.edu.au13Week 6 - Leadership• Trait and Behavioural theories• Managerial Grid and Situational Theory• Transformational and Transactional Leadership• Power– Legitimate, coercive, reward, expert and referent• There will be a long answer question on this week
  14. 14. www.monash.edu.au14Week 7 - Motivation• Content Theories:– Maslow, McGregor, Hertzberg and McClelland• Process Theories– Goal-setting, reinforcement, equity and expectancy• There will be a long answer question on this week
  15. 15. www.monash.edu.au15Week 8 – Planning and Decision Making• Planning– The benefits and how we plan and GOALS, MBO?• Rational and Intuition Decision making• 8 steps of the Decision Making Process• Decision making errors• There are two short answer questions on this week
  16. 16. www.monash.edu.au16Week 9 – Organising and Controlling• Elements of organising– Specialisation, departmentalisation, chain of command, span ofcontrol, de/centralisation & formalisation• Mechanic and Organic design structures• Controlling– Control process and the feedback process• There are two short answer questions on this week
  17. 17. www.monash.edu.au17Week 10 – Change• Forces for change– Internal and external• Calm water v rapid approaches to change• Changes in people, organisations and technology• Stimulating innovation– Structural, Cultural and Human Resources• Resistance to Change– Force-field analysis• There are two short answer questions on this week
  18. 18. www.monash.edu.au18Week 11 – Ethics• Socio-economic v classical view• Corporate Social Responsibility– Arguments for and against• Ethics– Managers and Employees• There are two short answer questions on this week
  19. 19. www.monash.edu.au19Exam• My thoughts…• Note I have not seen the exam I am just having a guess – Iwill be wrong on most of them!
  20. 20. www.monash.edu.au20Exam• Main thing: Don’t get too cocky• Go in and smash it• and……
  21. 21. www.monash.edu.au21Next Semester• Come visit me in MGF1100 Managerial Communication
  22. 22. www.monash.edu.au22SETU• Student Evaluation of Teaching and Unit• Telling Monash what is good and bad• 1-7 scale (but check – 6 used to be I haven’t been to classand 7 was not assessable)• More importantly you can say how much you love me• Or not love me if that is the case….• Helps me improve• Helps me get jobs =)
  23. 23. www.monash.edu.au23ExamGO WIN