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Rise of the ORCA's: Crime Fighting Machines or Pipe Dreams?

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Rise of the ORCA's: Crime Fighting Machines or Pipe Dreams?

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Rise of the ORCA's: Crime Fighting Machines or Pipe Dreams?

  1. 1. 6/28/2017 1 Rise of the ORCAs: Crime Fighting Machines or Pipe Dreams? Charles Anderson, Logistics, Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon and David Leinfelder, Senior Manager, Best Buy, President, Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association (TCORCA) The Rise of the ORCAs: CRIME FIGHTING MACHINES OR PIPE DREAMS?
  2. 2. 6/28/2017 2 Rise of the ORCAs Takeaways: • Implement best practices for an existing ORCA or the creation of a new ORCA; • Build and maintain a robust public/private partnership in the fight against organized retail crime; • Get and share insights on the future of ORCAs, and the cross coordination among existing ORCAs. Rise of the ORCAs • According to D&D, there are 48 ORCAs in the U.S. • No one ORCA is the same as the other – varying levels of organization, sophistication, and overall health/effectiveness. • What does a model ORCA look like?
  3. 3. 6/28/2017 3 Rise of the ORCAs Some ORCAs: • Have little/no funding • Are one-man bands • Are tied to lobbying groups/L.E. agencies • Exist in name only Rise of the ORCAs Some ORCAs: • Are healthy financially • Are independent of outside influence • Have organizational depth • Exercise influence internally and externally
  4. 4. 6/28/2017 4 Rise of the ORCAs Remember… “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” – Simon Sinek Rise of the ORCAs In other words, we believe that an ORCAs sense of purpose is directly correlated to its organizational effectiveness and success.
  5. 5. 6/28/2017 5 Rise of the ORCAs In our experience, ORCAs that are: • Independent • Customer-centric • Organized as a recognized non-profit are better positioned to lead a public/private partnership in combating ORC. Rise of the ORCAs While there are others doing it well, here’s how TCORCA was envisioned:
  6. 6. 6/28/2017 6 Rise of the ORCAs First, we must recognize SDORCA and CCROC for their mentorship and hospitality. Rise of the ORCAs • TCORCA grew organically, but is sustained intentionally. What is the VISION? • Registered as nonprofit with secretary of state • Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws • 501c3 vs 501c4 • Bank account
  7. 7. 6/28/2017 7 Rise of the ORCAs Initial start-up costs: • Insurance (D&O) • Logo (A picture is worth…) • Website/platform (Lexis/Atomic) • Funding sources with an eye to sustainability Rise of the ORCAs Board Organization* • Public sector leadership, continuity • Private sector as support role • Executive committee with defined roles, support function committees, non-voting liaisons, advisory committee
  8. 8. 6/28/2017 8 Rise of the ORCAs Mission and essential functions Who are your customers? Wants/needs? • SECURE website with alert/analytic capability • Regional quarterly intelligence and networking meetings • Annual training conference Rise of the ORCAs Mission and essential functions, cont. • Training seminars (CEUs/POST) • Multi-jurisdictional efforts (e.g. Op Blitz) • Public Policy forum • “Task force” vs facilitation/support model
  9. 9. 6/28/2017 9 Rise of the ORCAs Website • BAIR/ROCRAIDS • Lexis vs Netsential • Alerts and analytics • National platform Rise of the ORCAs Do not underestimate the ability of a well-run ORCA to build trust between public and private sector, increase inter- and extra-jurisdictional communication, and affect awareness and systematic change.
  10. 10. 6/28/2017 10 Rise of the ORCAs Crystal Ball: • Healthy ORCAs will thrive • Others will succumb to various ailments • Politics will hamper effective regional cooperation • National platform requires unification of platform, not a monopoly of ego Rise of the ORCAs • TCORCA, CCROC, FLORCA, MIROC, CO ORCA, and AZORCA are calling for an all ORCA leaders summit this fall/winter to strategize. • Mall of America meeting location • Date TBD
  11. 11. 6/28/2017 11 Rise of the ORCAs Recap: • ORCAs are most effective when run as a customer-centric non-profit business • People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it • National platform isn’t impossible if we get out of our own way Rise of the ORCAs Contact Information Charlie Anderson, Executive Director TCORCA chaandc@amazon.com 651.592.9449 Dave Leinfelder, President TCORCA David.Leinfelder@bestbuy.com 612.385.5006
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