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Arizuma tradezone private limited

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Arizuma tradezone private limited

  1. 1. ARIZUMA TRADEZONE PRIVATE LIMITED Manufacturer and Trader
  2. 2. CONTENT • Honor • About Us • What are elevator shoes • Consumer group • Advantage • Why do you choose Arizuma • Shoes Design and samples • Cooperation mode • Investment & Return • Contact Information <><><><><><><>
  3. 3. ABOUT US Arizuma trade zone pvt. Ltd. Arizuma Shoes founded in 2003, is a professional manufacture specialized in Elevator shoes. Height increasing shoes over 20 years. Which including R&D, manufacturing, Marketing and after Service. Supreme quality and comfort, the basic tenet of us since beginning, Arizuma Shoes provides best service to our clients. With more than 20 years continuous and rapid development, Arizuma shoes has grown into a comprehensive company with more than 300 employees. Arizuma shoes adopt the newest Italian shoes production technology to increase our production capacity up to more than 300000 pairs per year with 4 professional assembly lines. Arizuma shoes are very popular all over the world, more than 300 exclusive stores in India and 50 agents around the world. Thanks to our best quality and craftsmanship, our elevator shoes are well sold in USA, UK , France , Spain Belgium , Middle east , Southeast Asia and others. OEM and ODM are highly welcomed.