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2015 South By Southwest Sports: #SXSports Insights

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There were fantastic quotes, stats, and insights shared on the panels at the sports track at South By Southwest. These are what caught my eye, ranging from sponsorship and ticket sales to social media, virtual reality, venues, and more.
My website: http://www.dsmsports.net Twitter: @njh287

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2015 South By Southwest Sports: #SXSports Insights

  1. 1. . Jason Hensel 1:: ._-L F. E.| |.E. -.I. - I2-'15 . '.= -'11‘ IIIILS Sounders consciously decided. to appeal to "cool kids" which ended up bringing in families 31 not other way around fiiavm = s;-: '.sports
  2. 2. . Heil Horowit: “@annatauzin: First goal: find out who is in yenue (ticket, wifi data) 3. what they are doing. #e: ~:: sporte" Mobile le TI-IE key to this. #n1sporte
  3. 3. I‘ Amelia ‘I. r'ereIJ 1:: .1 pg. ..” Charles Elarkliey: "Analytics are just state. It's like if you're white you're a 'clnef, ' if you're black you're a 'coo| ~:. '" TJSXSWI eS}(sporte
  4. 4. r; rE E 7 I Heil Horowitz "@Ry| and. l1t| drich: "1 of the best ways to watch a soccer game is on Twitter. " @RolobHeineman #S){Sporte" Also notes all their advertising is SM
  5. 5. r «as? . Heil Horowitz "@880: Barkley: "Golf and See: only two things you can be bad at and still haye good time" #S}'(Sports" Quite the quote from Sir Charles.
  6. 6. L tiIeiI_l_-Iorowit: as ' “ Eiill-larder‘: . Petli: ‘lci1.fseSl‘Iow: "| see my Twitter as a Ty’ show. Eyery retweet is a commercial in someone else's show. " S. 'r'~ISi: ior‘i: s" srnejoorts
  7. 7. . ' tieil I-iorou-its H iZIIc'ts. gonuliL: hlFi_: ifiider generations ayorite players were pasted on performance. iyiillennials more drawn i: :q: a "p, ‘:lf' persohvaiities I-. r~. .sp»: rrts" sn‘isg: :crts
  8. 8. y Efflfifl H{I'j| ' flt Following _'. ;.':1:ei'«'. -y . E-Fal| onTonight produces content for show (not yiralityj but uses digital analytics when analyzing success. - fijgayinpurcell #E3XSWi
  9. 9. Risa lsar-cl 1:: .1 pg. ..” __ = 's. =_: --. -ssE: '.'. s "There's yery little incesntiye for sports to redefine masculinity, because it's at the core of what sport sells. " -@DonIyIcPherson #SXsports
  10. 10. .. vgrzs? - Heil Hor-owit: "@a| e:: -rhahn: BIII'ii. of NFL fans hold their phones in their hands while watching games #SXsports" Good stat yia @per| <insm. #srnsports #msports
  11. 11. Li 1711 Neil Horowitz its ‘ " II EhLIparltoi'1f: "flan NFL highlight clip on Faceboolt can get ii-E million yiews in a 3hr window, " - psrltinsrn Sfisports" That's a lot. smsports
  12. 12. _ Neil Hor-owita "@CJurand_SEiJ: ESPN Radio e; -rec Traug Keller: "There's a full court press" by ESPN to identify female ta| ent. . #s: n:sw" #sportsbiz oppodunmes?
  13. 13. . Neil Horowtt: "@CaIebRyan_Dayis: Pac 12's Marl-: Kramer: "The more things we can _put in front of fans, the more they'll watch" #S. 'i(sporte" Agreeidi. sagree?
  14. 14. NEII HDFDIWIII -; -njI~.1s. "- “@Aspen| nstSpods: Kids less actiye through sports. esxsports #ProjectPlay " Didn't know softball was hurting so much. HIDE AIIE LEIVIHE EPIJ HTS EIENIFICIA NT DECLINE lI"I FAFITIISIPATIDN AHIEINI3 o—‘I2 'I"EIfi. R EILDE BAEIIETEALL 5|l: lI': I'. '-‘Ell TEASE E BASEEAI. L FI: IIi: |'TE1II. I.I. 5I: IF'I'E. I.LL I. 'Fl'E'_-__l‘. I {F J__ I J). i _. =,. 1. . . EDEIE E-‘. '.: 'I-I 5.-E-I-I E-5-T-‘Hi 5.: -il--I I. EN I. H rm I‘-Ml I. DH 1:1 l mu ‘I. :lI-III on It LEM Jen-isr was -- lp. t'. a-glifig rfiere Jpar-rs atone put 5 gears.
  15. 15. Neil Horowitz I‘: -'njhEflTf “@scottleightn'Ian: What kids say is fun in sports: FunlTeam trumps winningiSpeciaIization #sxsw #s: rsports " Like this. I ' FI. ||II J: I1HE+fTH5uIItI‘r1F= E?: I1l-ilflfl nfiI'-E55 ‘"1 "*5 **'1“'1” fl I TIITIT-I '| "l: H.II-'5'-l-'1'! " (mg! [fiE; .1'1'_ til). r E‘! 'flII | II IF'§I""'tI'r n: rtIr-III: F'I. .l. IrI-'-I-tI- Mil pu. II-I. IIjII: I Ijl1=‘I. I. | -I. 'fli-I'TH'il'-‘ ‘"33 "5"" I-“:1 [gig ml. )-5. flflllq Irlfillljfl 'I'IuIIIHIIuII~I'I'. 'I I'~HlI'I; I'lII~I'EI -II-I-| I.'I iF| -'. i'1i- I-“W1 F'H"‘-FLI-‘u nI_~_: ,|I: I. ‘,. I._. I_- ‘-5‘uI' J | |.. l'. I-: I.| '. 'r. Il '| '|'| _.]| ' "nIl. III: I: r ‘Ir: -I| I"'| '|| J -' "E-| 'I"" " "-:1‘ _I"-'.3'“]' LI: '5‘. 'I- Fl-IH ‘I IYKIH '". '|'I'. |l| 'Il-‘"'lHI"- H in-glflqm-| -p. p;| .I. IjI1'I| .11.| :-[-I; -r. I.; !i Iltmfl-l[! II'5 II-I-Ill ". |J4II-Ii HF‘- ¢.1 uarruruu-Ittl-u.1-or: 1'IIHsII1-n-I. *.- : r1 :1'| .|. -sir, -ruii. tIt-III1IrII. J.| .'.1'-. 1-: hu- | |I fii1'Il'-our FrEiI. IF-I-. '.! !s fall! -I
  16. 16. "7 Russell Scibetti ill FcIIIoIIIIIing - '; rscibetti From @patatack, if you think you need to ask permission to send a particular tweet, it's probably one you shouldn't send #smsports #S)(sports
  17. 17. — —; s-T . Neil Horowitz "@GFide| zeid: lyleghan Ryan @RedSo: -r: 4 buckets of effectiye Slyl sports content: fun, news, sales, ability to show results. #s: :-tsports" #smsports
  18. 18. 1 -F 4 Neil Horowitz I‘*«ls: tsEiieg: Spring training is used to get great content “for the season Sitsportts msggyry" Repurposing. stretching content key in srnsports
  19. 19. I Neil Horowit: "@| aurentietjen: .@patatack "Talking to other teams is No. ‘I thing you can do at any leyel. " Great panel on gameday irsmsports #S. ‘x'. sports" H
  20. 20. qvztr . Neil Horowitz "@G-Fidelzeid: @FiedSo: .-1: Revenue, clicks, and referrals are the benchmarks to look for with posts. . #s: a:: sports" A good start, more to come.
  21. 21. H Melanie Nichols : I:t 1 F, ,.. ,,, ,, Bowman - ballpark experience being improyed wltechnology. ifleacons to improve parking, merch. order yia app to ayoid lines 31 witi 'f—f-S}-(sports
  22. 22. R Grace HEW‘ 1:: Follcmrinug Cing ESPN's Snapchat deal, "We buy a lot of rights and try to monetize them on seyeral platforms to stay releyant. " - Iylarie Elonoghue »1I'Si{sports
  23. 23. :'_r. EE. T . Neil Horowitz "@yu| imar: .@meggyry: we want to integrate spaces where fans can engage yia SM, but not take away from game. #S}-tsports" Key point. iimsports
  24. 24. " rang"elie: Set to know opponents ‘fans S utilise other teams‘ followers to create engagement opportunities- - ; :iatatsck S. '=t'. sports" smsporis tile El Horowitz
  25. 25. j rgivzs? . Neil Horowitz "@S| oaneKel| ey: .@m| bam starts with social media 3: works -b-ackwards to other platforms. #SXsports" Let #smsports inform content production.
  26. 26. 2 -. --227 I Neil Horowitz "@Phi| |ip_Tracy: @m| bam '"“i“our phone is your first screen. Reality is second. " - Bob Bowman #S. Ksports" Great guote. #digisport #smsports
  27. 27. 'rsrZ':7 I Neil Hor-owitz "@| aurafrofro: "Consumption will mirror play. Golf will be consumed in bits 3'. pieces. " -— @Ash| eyKli. ilayo #S}(sports #futureofgo| ‘f' Good remark.
  28. 28. I Nei| Horowitz "@rscibetti: 99% of Cowboys fans around the world will neyer experience a game at their stadium. . #S){sports" Can still monetize wi #smsporte
  29. 29. "' . ' rEE? _ HoilHoro1uIrit: “@GFido| zeid: Young males love sports 3: oo-mo-dy. Bringing the worfds io-gothor is a good fit for brands targeting them. #5xsports" #sport5biz
  30. 30. r+: &' . Hail Horowitz “@raoibetti: EECIM aoorta fans on FE! follow avg of 12 oga aaoh {B athiataa 5 taama and ‘I iaagua) #SXaporta" Good for ad targating. #5rnaporta
  31. 31. :'_-= ' E E 7 I Hail Horowitz “@DBrian_Kat: Avg ESPN oonaumar aoanoa E hourafwaak wt any oiatform -[TWwaofaopfaooio}. Avg ESPN fantasy | o|a3.rar- 13 hraiwaak #SX5por| :a” Wow.
  32. 32. L1 More Horowitz rsoil: :~si: ‘i: i: Psools wt traditional tu iriaoliground rnust transition to sooital uii: lao 3: 30s slips. ': »“{5§ZI+T. II'l'[i. :Ex; ": "Social uidso" a nsw oatsgory.
  33. 33. LT ti: tilsil Horowitz Va. Lid? ?? V W . ~r: iannssd says FE yidso still sarly in syolution ioroosss. Eisosrirnsnt'ting yyf nost- roll yiolso ads to ntonstisst ttsports nt ii. -‘iionasiEiFio: i'tsr
  34. 34. tilsii Horowitz srnsports ET potsrstringor: Easpi says oominsroial tarsal-= :s ars raai opportunity ldsoauss FEE usags spiltss during tlwoss 3|: lll‘EE“al*»’. E. E3}{siuoi“ts
  35. 35. L *9 Hail Horowitz H ' do ' ' v99" : daI'l: :i: son: Rstargsting psopis: who ohsol~: - in at garnss is a good way to oo: n1l:1at anon tioi-zst puysrs. Good strat ltoots. II*is§: +ori. s" sportslois
  36. 36. |' l! y L Tc-bit Fnrfitle H Follow Esst dusstion at : -t: >sXSir'y' so tar to Faospoolt: "For ths lows of God oan ws plsass gst multipis logins tor | nstagran'1?"_ fiu1'isn to tl'iat! l 15?>E}{E§. :Jorts
  37. 37. "*-: '_rr 2'27 I Hoii Horowitz “@JonEHa| |: '"i. i'snuss nioying from a spsotator oulturs to partioipan. t oulturs" @Erianiy'lira| -tian. Cipps for brand at-tpsrisnoss. #S}{sports" #srnsports
  38. 38. -goat? . Hsil Horowitz “@Kris| sighH: Ersnnsr says listsn. first, than partivoipats. Ws oan‘t oontrol sooial. #S}(SW #SXsports” From l‘~. |EA's EVP of Digitai. sismsports
  39. 39. - r--:2? I Hoii Horowitz “@pstsrl<12: "Thsrs's going to bs lass ssats and n1ors ways to oongrsgats" - on futurs stadiurris. @Erianl'ylirakian #83-fisports“ Int-srssting notion
  40. 40. D Laura Frosliolt t, ‘_': t Following . C. =.. r3'-'r: it; *:? Global aoosss to oontsnt rrisans you don't hays to root for a tsam bo your dad did and that's ail you oan rsad about, says Luorcnan #3}-{sports
  41. 41. ': '. ''ET I Hail Horowitz “@darbison: .@mbrannar "'y'inas of olips from fans irnpossi-bla to oontrol: @nba would partnar wt fans to mairia it battar. " #SXsports" #smsports
  42. 42. 'rr: s? . Hail Horowitz “@StaoayFurt: ‘ifirtual Raality a big part of growth for @l‘~lEA globally! #s1=tsp-orts" Th. ams at #SXSW #s: :tsports. . Taob is rsady, . but is oonsumar?
  43. 43. _ r_= rEE7 . Hail Horowitz “@Kris| aighH: Vidal says you hays to sarya looal? markats wt’ looal. oontant othanyisa it doasn't worlii: for @FC‘EayarnUE‘r. #5}-fisports" h #srnsports
  44. 44. L9 4' ' tilsil Horowitz lELll'E'i: i'iZ'i‘i: i'tI "Fantasy football is tliia world's graatast saoond soraan. " ~ EEPi‘~i's ryansgdoon El? -ii’. ports" Goo duota. srrisports sportsbiz
  45. 45. - Hail Horowitz - i-; -57 "@patarstringar: Gaorga arrios, @WWE "| f thara's a platforni wh. ara wa oan daliyar oontant. wa'ra on it 3: wa'ra nionatizing on it. "" aismsports
  46. 46. E Mail Horowitz "@RabFaf: "Clays on a Plans" #1 Graat Fyioniant in NEA lnstagram @Grantland33 Liya #8}-{sports " Aooass! i= srnsports @oshillz ii‘ . ;z--. -.. =-. z '.
  47. 47. I Hail Horowitz "@GinnyS'. @patataok: poking fun @ Cl-ii fansflayaraging oalabs driya big followar growth. #s: :-isports" Ralayant for iflyiarohlyladnass too. #srrisports
  48. 48. ‘ '7 r257 . Hail Horowitz "@C'-. -Fidalzaidz @maggyry: If a kid goas to basaball gama bafora aga E, odds go up 58% thay'i| go to mora gnis. #s: tsports" Good #sportsbiz stat!
  49. 49. ynraif . Hail Horowitz "@C. ornFadDuoli: F'rassura haips sall ssason tb-i. Don't roll out ST 3. wait for mini plans. Do all at onoa. #SXSports" lntarasting. #sportsbiz
  50. 50. E Mail Horowitz FF i3l‘r‘Ii"1'*: !E2!‘iE! Si{! I From posiano S}<Si. ~"'i! EUiE~ " Should ayary sports Er antartainmant yanua hays a satup lika this’? srrisports
  51. 51. & Matt Farrall 1:: 1-: Full“, "@soottiaightman: Hispanio family is not 2 parants and icids: it's oousi-ns, unolas, grandparants and Extended family. #si-tsports #S}{SW"
  52. 52. if" Pstsr Stringsr Earris: ifli| .most ii'3 of i, "¢§; iiir'iiiiiEi‘~! a‘twori; oonsumption is on tablat or mob ila day! oa. :? ..3S}{S'i. t'ii' ‘i? :—3S}{s'ports
  53. 53. “@danie| le| |iot: Youth who play for untrained coaches drop out at rate of 26%; 3% w/ trained coaches. #SXsports. " Parent coach a bad thing? Also participation rewards suck
  54. 54. “@CornFedDuck: Of new subscribers from @WWENetwork's free month in November, 70% were still subscribers in January. #SXSports” #sportsbiz
  55. 55. “@KrisleighH: We want people who are into sports, but who understand connecting w/ consumers socially, says Luckman. #SXsports” #sportsjobs
  56. 56. “@rscibetti: Nice insight from @patatack on how he uses their opponents in playoffs to tailor team's social strategy #sxsports" #smsports
  57. 57. “@GFidelzeid: @patatack @LAKings: native apps are huge in helping to get instant analytics that can prove impact. #sxsports" #smsports ROI
  58. 58. “@CornFedDuck: Pressure helps sell season tix. Don't roll out ST & wait for mini plans. Do all at once. #SXSports” Interesting. #sportsbiz