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  1. 1. 9fu,6n!+0 Opil*l4tf Qr" Trlophonc Nor. cPqeo6 I ?.?b!r, .. IVicc-Chcooalbr l rorolrccs I rrJ,rr*aD ) Ottioc , cgPalSar6 I Grrsrf i Regisrrr t S6urErnr$ I r.aloc,d l Bgrr*r I ean/Science ) FdeaotD ranglS*. Oar nd. lot odsl0 relrQo. - Yorn Rd. I,.r/.,,, .t l ff-t8tfl 08;E8301-' (ttrr Ur. ) {B - t8t02 6-EElOr oddreqdo SoOOggo' $ e''to0 Gurnp?mrl udlr?nt*eylcrb, 4f ntr&cn UNIYETSTTY OT PERADEI{TYA, SnI I.AT{XA addro({to €ugnph Fcn+drl Qoo I F.D I D.t , 08-88018,88693 Thi"s is to certify that 'i: L r_! c t. t a a aaa. r a a t a o a a a a t a a a a a t aaata a o a a a a. ta a o a S a Caa admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science having offered the follouing subjects at the Special Degree Examlnation in Science and reached the standard required for a
  2. 2. gdeod:sl q.zo 6BroonsGu6 @at, Telephone No. 6,e 4606 o-u Qat$Bri Vice-Chancellor ?occoSoeos a,rflurda.tth Off ice ogfOzocBac6 @swasr6fift Registrar pg:ooBzoc6 ecry&anari Bursar ) or-ru, u, oa-aasot-s J (five lines) )or-tt, o, )or-r, o, FrFrY YEAR, o,',3fi ;L?3rrY EDucArroN oeidco Q&* to$Ote^e6, 6 e"esroO Guqngcocurt urUmcocr)&aprft, gf OAmn UNIVERSITY OF PERADENIYA, SRI LANKA qod cc,loQo 1 aang @a, F Our Ref. ) 6DoO oooQO a-ag @a, I Your Ref. ) oeJdcoqeReo Gu6npnncur PeraileniYa Q-o 9"9 F Date J Student Services Branch, 10th June, 1993 TO WHO}I IT MAY CONCERN This is Lo certify that Mr.Nelson Leslie Reginald (Reg.No.PS/85/035) was presented Lhe following Scholarship and Prizes for his neritorious performances at Lhe ExaminaLions indicated under each award:- (I) rrNryERsrrv ICIIqLAEEHIP General Science Qualifying ExaminaLion in 1989 - For topping the Batch. (2) PROF.A W.I{OLFENDALE PRIZE FOR PIIYSICS Physics Special Degree Course (Special II) 91,/92 - For topp- ing uhe BaLch. (3) DR.C. A.}IEWAVITIHMNA MEMORIAL PRIUE FOR PIIYSICS Special Science Degree Examinati.on 1992 - For topping the BaLch The above information is being released at the request of Mr.Reginald. ,-] I /':-^ rl I h'.1 i --l (MG-P.K.Sirisena) Senior Assistant Registrar/Student Serrrices. / nnersrtan Ht/ -
  3. 3. IL MIO VOLER CERCARE OLTRE LA META CONSOMIO INTERUNIVERSITARIO PER LA FISICA SPAZIALE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF SPACE SCIENCE To whom it may concern We certify that dr. NELSON REGINALD attended the Course ,THE SUNAS SEEN FROM SPACE" of the International School of Space Science thnt was held in L'Aquila on September 3 - 12, 1997. L'Aquila, Sept. 199712, DIHETTORE -ffiY"-$Y