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A Day In Our Lives Without Data

From modern transportation to monetary infrastructures, we depend on data to power global systems. Take a quick glimpse at what our lives would look like without data.

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A Day In Our Lives Without Data

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People awaiting packages in the mail can’t submit 58.3 million tracking information requests for UPS packages26 and 50 million for FedEx packages.27 The locations of 4 million phones, from Apple’s record number of first day pre-orders of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,28 would be un- known taking people from excitement to frustration. SHIPPING 16,320,000 cars worldwide can’t use their navigation devices.23 Google’s well-known self-driving car cannot integrate all the data from its sensing systems (1GB/second) to build a map of the car’s position.24 Without air traffic control, 87,000 flights are grounded.25 TRANSPORTATION SOCIAL MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT Worldwide, 903.3 million pay-TV subscribers would lose access.21 Pandora listeners don’t hear a total of 55.8 million hours of streaming music.22 Online networkers can’t share over 500 million tweets,15 70 million Instagram photos.16 864 million Facebook users17 can’t spend an average of 39 minutes on the network,18 sharing more than 4.75 billion posts (including status updates, photos, etc.) and sending more than 10 billion messages.19 YouTube users can’t enjoy more than 4 billion video views.20 The Ability to Instantly Access Online Data for Information Gathering and Communication Creates Opportunity 78% of office-based physicians12 and 59% of hospitals13 in the U.S. cannot access patients’ electronic health records. The majority of medical professionals are crediting the features of EHRs in preventing life-threatening medical errors!14 HEALTH The number of devices with cellular or satellite connectivity deployed in oil and gas applica- tions worldwide is estimated to be 1.12 mil- lion by 2018. Data from these devices would not help the vital hunt for hydrocarbons in remote and extreme environments.11 E-COMMERCE E-commerce retailers lose up to $2 billion in sales.9 This could affect the 244 million members on Amazon or over 149 million buyers on eBay around the world.10 ENERGY WEATHER FORECASTING Relationships made between historical weather patterns, current observational data, and long-range extreme temperature events would not be possible. To provide accurate weather forecasts, each day billions of calculations with hundreds of weather patterns are compiled from over 10,000 days of observations.7 FINANCE How we get money anywhere or anytime around the world might not happen. The average cost of a transaction using an online or mobile device is 56 cents, 59 cents at an ATM, compared to $3.97 with a bank teller.8 1.75 billion smartphone owners worldwide can no longer use their phones.1 The mobile phone is used for more than just calls or sending messages. For hundreds of millions of people in India, it’s sometimes the only piece of technology in their home.2 More than 1.5 million farmers use mobile phones for data on market prices, crop volumes, and weather forecasts.3 Email users worldwide can’t send and receive 182 billion messages.4 4.9 million Skype users5 are unable to spend 2 billion minutes using the IM and video calling app.6 A DAY IN OUR LIVES WITHOUT DATA Quick Glimpse: COMMUNICATION From modern transportation to monetary infrastructures, we depend on data to power global systems. Now more than ever, data needs to be carefully managed across different “boundaries,” without losing control. Considering how tightly integrated data is in our lives today, how did we ever get by without it? Imagine a day without data… EVERY INDUSTRY HAS A DATA FABRIC NetApp’s vision is to transform how organizations manage, secure, protect, and move their data, regardless of where it lives.