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Article - Delivering A Learner-focused Experience

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Let's see our latest article in Inside Learning Technologies & Skills magazine!

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Article - Delivering A Learner-focused Experience

  1. 1. CUSTOM LEARNING PORTALS: DELIVERING A LEARNER-FOCUSED EXPERIENCE Case Example: New Hire On-boarding Portal By way of example , let's take a look at how a portal would address a common problem within organisations: new hire on-boarding. Every organisation is challenged with providing a smooth and organised on­ boarding process for new employees. These challenges include: 1. Making the employee feel ACME New Hire Onboarding Portal Your Courses Welcome to ACME Company CorporateCompliance Policy History ofACME Your Team Hi there!Welcome toACME!I think you'll be working on my team. Let meknow ifI canhelp with anything! Yeah,I think you'll like it hereI Let me know if you need helpsettingup your computer. Comment: , Resources & Forms EthicsPolicy ACME401k Plan Insurance Forms BenefitsForm IT Resources Network Computer SecurityPolicy W1-Fi Access Your Mentor John Smith HRDepartment 555-1212x1234 jsmith@acme.com welcome and connected to the organisation and his or her new department. 2. Distribution of materials: new employees need to receive information and forms from many different sources {HR, IT, Security. etc). 3.The need to communicate a clear understanding of what the employees' responsibilities are during the on­ boarding process. 4 . Providing a facility for answering employee questions. 58 Inside Learning Technologies & Skills June 2016 These items can easily be addressed with a portal specifically designed for new hire on­ boarding.This portal could address each of these challenges with specific features, designed to do the job. CUSTOM LEARNING PORTALS GET THE JOB DONE Sometimes simply making learning content and services available to employees won't solve your business problems. In such cases, we need to present the relevant tools and resources to our learners within the context of the business challenge and provide the important motivational components to get thejob done. A custom learning portal provides the key link that brings the learner and the resources together to achieve a real business solution. •