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Case Studies-Learning and Talent Analytics

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- Major healthcare provider in the UK
- Global automative manufacturers

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Case Studies-Learning and Talent Analytics

  1. 1. Rory Stewart Consultancy Practice Leader Case studies
  2. 2. Analytics journey •  Export learning & competency data from LMS into Excel pivot tables •  Integrate raw data from the company’s incident logging system •  Process Excel files and create compliance & risk management reports •  Schedule report distribution to all levels in the organisation Lessons learned •  Start with existing data •  Start with tools you already know •  Demonstrate impact across the organisation Next steps •  Embrace more rigorous data standards & business intelligence platform •  Expand compliance & risk analytics both inside & outside the organisation (e.g. to regulatory bodies) •  Integrate data relating to patient outcomes & satisfaction Major healthcare provider in the UK
  3. 3. Global automotive manufacturer •  Regional and organisational KPIs linking back to training & talent data (e.g. by dealership or by country or by car model) •  Reliance on in-house data analyst Global automotive manufacturer •  Integrate talent & operational performance data such as sales revenue and customer satisfaction •  Integrate data across different business units and geographical regions Global automotive manufacturer •  Integrate talent, organisational & gamification data around training Global automotive manufacturers
  4. 4. Global bank from Europe •  Integrate training delivery and training cost data •  Focus on training efficacy metrics (e.g. Kirkpatrick model analysis) Financial eLearning provider in the US •  Make training analytics (metrics & reports) available to their own clients as a key differentiator •  Building in-house analytics expertise