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Netex Webinar | LTI, a world of learning opportunities! [EN]

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Webinar offered by Mike Byrne, Netex UK Country Manager, on June 16th 2016.

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Netex Webinar | LTI, a world of learning opportunities! [EN]

  1. 1. & Next Generation Learning Platforms
  2. 2. Mike Byrne Netex UK Country Manager AGENDA • Introductions • Review of the LMS market • learningCloud • Interoperability • LTI
  3. 3. LMS Trends 2016 API integration Big data applications Personalised Learning Wearable technology Responsive Design Geolocation Gamification Open Badges Cloud based From push to pull training Social learning Blended learning Sources: www.talentedlearning.com, www.actuasolutions.com, www.americalearningmedia.com
  5. 5. TV is the centre of entertainment We turn it on to watch movies, the news, sports, series, to play video games…
  6. 6. We want you to turn to learningCloud when you think of learning, courses, “serious games”, to watch videos, to ask experts
  7. 7. Modularity Choose the channels that you need Do you need to add a channel to our offer? • The client doens’t have to take big implantation costs, only pays for what they need. • Integration costs with third party tools are low if they follow the standards.
  8. 8.  Choose the channels that you need  From any device  Do you need to add a new channel to your offer?
  9. 9. YOUR TRAINING: All courses in which you are enrolled, with online and offline access. CATALOGUE: All courses available, your learning a la carte. MY CHANNEL: Your video channel a la carte with a powerful set of recommendations. PLAY: All your tools and all your gamified content. MAKER: Create your own content, compatible with all standards and all devices. SOCIAL: Your social learning communities Microblogging, blogs, forums, content repository. CURATOR: Create your own stories, you are the expert. Get your fans to connect to your story. JEOPARDY: Learn playing, challenge your colleagues, customise your game.
  11. 11. Interoperability “The ability for multiple systems to share information and make use of it.”  Reduces integration costs.  Provides intelligent monitoring data.  Resources do not have to reside on the platform.  No need to enter credentials constantly.
  12. 12. Web Services Interoperability| Standards
  13. 13. Active Directory LMS SAML 2.0 LRS Content portals BigData (analysis, prediction) HR Software (SAP-Meta4) Interoperability| Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  14. 14. Interoperability| Adding a new channel to your learningCloud is very easy
  15. 15. Interoperability| LTI Providers
  16. 16. Useful Links i-lovelearning.com Netex blog site and useful resource for information around interoperability Blog with links to 3rd party LTI tools List of all 3rd party LTI apps