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Indicators forMeasurement at each stage of Knowledge Translation: from research to impact

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Indicators currently under development by KBHN's KT Core that measure impact of research and training. The KT Core's services are mapped onto David Phipps' Co-Produced Pathway to Impact diagram for KTEE (Knowledge and Technology Exchange and Exploitation).

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Indicators forMeasurement at each stage of Knowledge Translation: from research to impact

  1. 1. www.kidsbrainhealth.ca Indicators for Measurement at each Stage of Knowledge Translation: from Research to Impact Anneliese Poetz, PhD – Manager, KT Core David Phipps, PhD, MBA – Lead, KT Core Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Conference Monday June 9, 3:30 – 4:00p (Room Cedar) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  2. 2. What is KBHN? • Federally funded • NCE • FASD, CP, ASD • NI, NE, KT • KTEE • HQP
  3. 3. KT Core “KT maximizes the impact of research and training in neurodevelopmental disorders” Services for researchers and trainees in KBHN 1. Knowledge Brokering 2. KT Events 3. KT Products 4. Evaluation 5. KT Planning
  4. 4. Role of Evaluation How are the KT Core services helping KBHN researchers & trainees? How have we made a difference for children with NDDs and their families, in Canada?
  5. 5. Evaluation Framework Phipps, D. (2013)
  6. 6. Why develop indicators?
  7. 7. What’s out there already?
  8. 8. Indicator Definitions Research Dissemination Uptake Implementation Impact
  9. 9. Anatomy of indicator Definition components 1) Name/title of indicator 2) Definition (including N/D if applicable) 3) Type 4) Rationale 5) Strengths/Limitations 6) Data Source(s) 7) Stage in CPPI 8) Date 9) Responsibility for collecting data Example 1) [CB] % increase in knowledge 2) Sum of scores/#attendees x 100 3) Impact 4) Measure knowledge gained 5) S: measures change/impact, L: bias & missing data 6) Pre-Post questionnaires 7) All 8) May 28, 2014 9) KT Core
  10. 10. So what’s it used for? Reporting (value/impact) of: • services, events, products, etc. Comparison – Across services, events, products, programs, etc. – Across NCEs (KTEE standards?) Inform decision-making Succession planning Future (finish defn’s, Access)
  11. 11. www.kidsbrainhealth.ca Questions? Anneliese Poetz, PhD Manager, Knowledge Translation Core KBHN apoetz@yorku.ca
  12. 12. Services Onto Framework
  13. 13. Services Onto Framework
  14. 14. Data Collection